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31 May 2017, 6:25 pm

As raptor would say, "look who is butt hurt now." ... to-save-it


"Which brings us to an interesting point: a sense among some Russians that Putin’s performance at Versailles was so conspicuously poor—that he seemed so far off his game—that his image might suffer heading into next year’s presidential elections.
The Putin at Monday’s 40-minute-long press conference was not the same man Russians are used to seeing at public appearances. At 64, he’s a quarter century older than Macron, 39, and he looked lost and frustrated next to the outspoken French president, who has only been in office a little over two weeks. Many in Moscow were trying to figure out what exactly went wrong. Some compared the press conference to a boxing match, as if Putin were punch drunk.
The encounter was “very different from the ones we’ve been used to for a long time,” Moscow’s popular Snob magazine said in the title of its lead article on Monday, concluding that Putin was “unloved” in Paris.
The article listed the attacks on Putin by the French leader, including Macron’s opening statement that “pointed out” to Putin what France expected from the Russian President in regard to a cessation of violent attacks on LGBT people in Chechnya.
“I might be mistaken but nobody has given any orders to Putin before,” wrote the article’s author, Ilya Milshtein.
Putin’s face expressed his frustration, almost sadness, when Macron made it clear that France would bomb Syria on its own if Bashar Assad used chemical weapons again. And during Macron’s riff about RT and Sputnik, Putin looked like he wanted to be just about anywhere but there in the Hall of Battles at Versailles." ... 352967001/


""My handshake with [President Trump] was not innocent, not the alpha and the omega of a policy, but a moment of truth," Macron told the Journal du Dimanche. "We must show that we will not make small concessions, even symbolic ones.""


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31 May 2017, 10:39 pm

Maybe he really is getting tired of the job. I know that there are many Russians tired of him, so maybe he should begin plans to quit while he is ahead, and not wait for someone else to push him aside. He, like any leader worthy of the title, should put his country's interests first, and know when it's "time up". (I've heard that A. Merkel is seeking a FOURTH term in office, even though many Germans are fed up with her as well. She should go too, she's done enough damage to Europe already).