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28 Oct 2017, 3:32 am

This is something I am beginning to wonder about now but could Lyndon Johnson have killed JFK. The thought is looking less ludicrous by the minute. It could explain why Trump is witholding the files.

Here are some reasons as to why:

Johnson isn't afraid to break the rules and be dishonorable: I found it interesting reading that the first leak on the Cuban Missile crisis came from the VP. Essentially he phoned senator, Richard Russel of Georgia informing him of how missiles were being stationed in Cuba. In addition later into his presidency he wiretapped political opponents and is estimated to have discounted opposing ballots to his advantage during his successful campaign for the Senate.

Ambitions: Johnson is well known to have wanted the Presidency. He challenged JFK for the nomination and fought desperately to the end to get it.

He hated the Vice Presidency: Johnson was marginalized. Johnson hated by Vice President and regarded it as being a pointless job. He always referred to it as being like a castrated bull, and during occasions would visit his friend, Speaker Rayburn in tears about how he found the job. He would often wander around the White House, desperately seeking a role to have. When Cabinet meetings took place Johnson would mumble, and say very little, as a sign of subservience and being worn out. Therefore I don't think it is far fetched for him to want to kill JFK, it provides something of an escape from a job he hated.

Texan connections: Johnson is well known to have had links to many shady people in his home state. It could be that he utilized this to his advantage and sought to use this to get Kennedy killed.


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28 Oct 2017, 8:58 am

Shahunshah wrote:
I found it interesting reading that the first leak on the Cuban Missile crisis came from the VP...

With Kennedy's blockade announcement having been made just six days after the missiles had been discovered, what "leak" would that have been?

In any case, and as much as I despise most of the political attitudes and actions of the Viet Nam era, I cannot see Johnson as someone who would try to have a president murdered or assassinated and neither can I see him as someone who would have hired someone such as Oswald to do the deed.

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29 Oct 2017, 12:17 am

I think most people on WP know I entertain Kennedy conspiracy theories, but the "Johnson did it" hypothesis is full of assumptions and speculation rather than facts. The Anti-Castro fanatics Oswald had been involved with in New Orleans, who would fit as the best suspects, had no connection to Johnson that we know of. As a matter of fact, as soon as Cuba was brought up after LBJ became President, he in no uncertain terms said, "I don't want to hear anymore about Goddamn Cuba!" Not exactly the best way to pay off the very people who had carried out the assassination.
Now, is it possible that Johnson might have learned what had actually gone down in Dallas? Of course it is. His mistress later claimed when she had asked him if he had been involved, she said he threw a tantrum, then emotionally deflated told her it had been "the CIA and the oil people." Maybe he knew something, but that hardly means he had been behind the assassination. Also, we only have her word that this admission had even occurred.
Later, after his term ended, Johnson had given an interview in which he had been asked about what he thought was the truth behind the JFK assassination. The answer he gave he soon afterward insisted be stricken from the interview, but the archival tape still does exist with his answer. Johnson spoke of the "Goddamn Murder Incorporated we were running in the Caribbean." This was a reference to the infamous CIA-Mafia plots, in which the CIA had made a secret alliance with leading organized crime figures in assassination plots to murder Fidel Castro and others. The CIA often hired mafia hit men and Anti-Castro fanatics as contract employees and contacts in what amounted to a secret war against communist Cuba beyond the Bay of Pigs disaster, carried out from the CIA sponsored Anti-Castro undergrounds, in New Orleans, Miami, and Dallas. This at the very least shows that LBJ at least had his suspicions.

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