What do you think about Extreme Right and Extreme left?

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20 Mar 2018, 6:38 pm

Both extreme left and right are selfish emotion junkies...
They are dedicated to their self-serving need of emotion satiation...
An extreme need of existential validation...
Value emotionalism rather than rationalism...
I.E.: Oxygen thieves... :mrgreen:

I'm not here to change the world...There isn't a big enough soiled nappy bin... ;)
Autistic/scout motto: "Give me a better argument and I will listen..."
"Hate me for who I am...Not for who you think I am..."
You have been weighed...you have been measured...and you have been found wanking...:P
"Honesty is not a social duty, not a sacrifice for the sake of others, but the most profoundly selfish virtue man can practice: his refusal to sacrifice the reality of his own existence to the deluded consciousness of others."
Truth may be inconvenient but it is never politically incorrect...The Oracle of Truth has spoken...8) I'm a rationalist...Deal with it...:mrgreen:


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20 Mar 2018, 7:16 pm

Both are part of the problem with society right now. All this identity nonsense that is injected into seemingly everything is perpetuated by both sides. I'm centre-left, and I despise the current US president, but I can't agree with what the far left is spewing. It's


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20 Mar 2018, 11:23 pm

aghogday wrote:

Always, a Great Topic as it applies to Politics, Per the Extreme Right and Extreme left
Per Rules of Life; And Religion as the Cultural Bonds that Bind us Together in life; And Yes,
the Philosophy of what makes us Tick and Work Together; other wise known as Philosophy
where there are no holds Barred; Just Questions that Folks ask to attempt to Arise at a Greater
Consensual Reality where both the Individual and Group may have a better chance for a Right/
Left to Life and Liberty; and the Pursuit of Happiness; so, first, a Philosophical; And Yes, Religious
and Political Leaning Poem to address the current Wrong Planet Topic here of the Extreme
Right and Left that/who are basically Metaphors for Matriarchy and Patriarchy too as one
is Flowers of Love and the other is Laws of Thorn that Bring Order to other wise
potential Chaos that doesn't keep the Glue
of Society in Working Order
So Thorns and Flowers
Will exist in Balance as Rose:

FoR Me
At LEasT
FoR PaY i'D Be RicH
DoubT iT NoT
MaLiGnanT Patriachy
And Matriarchy Too
What/Who Does
One Worship...
Roses are Flowers are Thorns
Roses are Flowers and Thorns
There are no Roses without
Flowers and Thorns

Okay, I realize that Poem may have sounded a Little Like Yoda from Stars as such;
and or A Gnostic Jesus Version out of A Gospel of Thomas Wrote it; or a Yogi as such,
now; so, I will attempt to address it with Science more than Art too for those not inclined
now with Art Brushes and Paint in Being One as Master Peace Paintings more; in other words,
folks who not only do the Red and Blue Pill of Life for those who also indulge now in Yellow
And More Living Pantheistic Green Pills of Life that are God as the Desert and Mountain and
Beach that/who doesn't hide in Caves or Wander on Desert Roads hearing voices and stuff like that
without a little Science
for the Reasons we
are Blessed with
as Art of Life too where
sure all that exists may be
found in a Cord of Wood Split
in two as one per the Nucleuses and Electrons
that swirl about as Atoms tHere as they do in you and me too.

The Left is the Mama and the Right is the Daddy. When you can't get
what you want from Daddy you go to Mama to ask for some more help.
When Daddy is not around, Mama may do too much for you in Nurturing way
And then one may never gain the Courage that Goes along with Wisdom to Truly
Do Love in Fearless way. If one hates the left or the right with all their heart; chances
are, they are way out of balance and live somewhat of a miserable life. So, in other words,
Life is Flowers and Thorns; get used to both; get in Balance and Rise as Rose out of Malignant
Patriarchy and Malignant Matriarchy, too. Chances are, if one does not; they will not find the Capstone
of Maslow's
Now more of
Self Actualization
and Transcendent
All Agape Love; I F iN
Love Flowers and Thorns
and for me at least that
is my path to rise as RoSE NoW..:)

Okay, now to the Old Disney Song that
illustrates the Experience of Heaven now one
with Nature named Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah for that old
African American Man who is Singing that Song on his
Merry Leprechaun-Like Way in his Older Years of Life as experiencing
Many Thorns of Life and Finally Self-Actualizing to the point where he
Accepts all the Thorns and Flowers as Rose of Life and Truly Does Live in an
Eternal Now of A Dance and Song that obviously Spells Heaven to those who no longer experience
Nature Deficit order Clothed away from the Naked Fearless Love that comes from a Successful Life Won.
It's True, if one's Politics and Religion and or Philosophy Doesn't Bring one a Blue Bird Dance and Song
that goes something like Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah as an Irish Leprechaun (Could be an Older African
American Gentleman from Alabama too) Skipping Along as the Fearless Joy as Love as Nature
Together on A Beautiful Spring Leaning Saint Patrick's Day as every now year long;
at least for now
in an Ocean of Thorns
and or Flowers without
the other pArts won Together, Reborn.
If one wants more Science about this; check
out Jordan Peterson; he's a little Over-Zealous about
certain aspects of this; but overall, he gets the Irish Jig;
but True; he needs a little more Irish in Smiling eyes, to keep from getting depressed.
And that's really hard to do, until one really re-tires with Flowers over Thorns that Rise More as Rose;
in other words;
Wheels Covered
That still Spin with Rubber.
Other than that; thanks for the
Cool Topic; I'm Second Generation
Irish Removed from Ireland; so i've got more
'Fili'/'Bard' stuff to do now on Saint Patrick's Day Back oN 'EartH'..;)

https://katiemiafrederick.files.wordpre ... 4960_n.jpg

And it's true; i Do sort of look like A Chuck Norris as Folks have told me that when
Young Women invite 'Pan of the Forrest Gump', For a Photo Now With me at
57 Years old; after i entertain them with a Pan Dance Hall Jig coming
Close to the Vernal Equinox of Spring Break now.
Trust me, or not; if you Love to Inspire Beautiful
Women to Smile; Dance like
No one is Looking
and Never
Back for Love is Now
with Both Flowers and
Thorns for Roses Risen LoViNG NoW;
True, Free Style Ballet and Martial Arts
Together Makes Heavenly Bliss Too NoW As Dance And Song Real..;)

Speaking about flowers :D


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21 Mar 2018, 12:31 pm

pawelk1986 wrote:
aghogday wrote:

https://katiemiafrederick.files.wordpre ... 4960_n.jpg

Speaking about flowers :D


Well, Hello, 'pawelk1986'; from the 'Wrong Planet', now at least,
in terms of Marlene Dietrich; and what she is saying about the 'Fairer'
'Fresher' Flowers in her song among us; in my life, at least,
of Dance away from 12 Million or so Words
Written online in 2771 days for the Muse
of that also comes from
over 9000 Miles in 55 months
of Public Dance; these Flowers
can and will be Found Following
the Dance of me all around this Metro
Public Area now; as Flowering Video Voyeurs go
now Capturing a Beast Who is truly Wild and Free
for those Beauties who come and go and while those
Face Book and other Social-Media Shares aren't normally among my
57 Year old Peer Group as such from School; hehe; as they are more
often Pot
and more
White Haired
Watching some kind
of Vicarious Sport, slowly
Rotting away; meanwhile, in
what will be 205 Weekly Dance Events
at the Big Metro Dance Hall this Thursday
Night, since the Vernal Equinox of 2014; Over
A Thousand online Documented Smiling Autographed
Selfies as such indicates that 'Left and Right' matter not when
it comes to a non-verbal Dance that is totally Fearless Free and as
Wild as Creativity
will be come to
be in Feet and Hand
of Free Flowing Dance;
True, my FriEnd, forget the
'Left and the Right'; Just Dance as Left and Right Feet become one Force
of Will and Love; And the smiles of Flowers Will come closer to YoU too;
Yeah; meanwhile, my Peers sit rotting watching/doing Faux News Day
and Night more as they work one or two jobs and more still supporting
a Bigger Home; a Bigger Truck; and a Newer Bigger Boat and Camper in the
Back Yard that are paper weights to compare to the Smith and Jones, they
rarely, if ever even use as Slave to some Commercial they saw on TV long ago;
that's the 'Right' i know
around here; i'll stay with A
Dance of Two Thousand and
More Smiles of Beautiful Flowers
and yes, with the same Wife who
has enough self-esteem to never keep
me locked up in a Pence Rotting Frowned
Box who no longer gets around to inspire the Flowers to Smile;
As far as what i Feel about the Extreme Left of me; Life is Good;
As far as what i See about the Extreme Right of others; Life just Sucks.
Could be incorrect; but Non-Verbal Language usually doesn't lie as much as words;
And it's true, I have all the links at hand for easy purview too in case anyone says
or it
hehe; in 'real life' now;
in fact, they are nicely
organized and linked together
like one big Happy Dance Hall Photo
Album at the end of every Book Sized
Chapter of the close to 6 Million Word
Long Form Poem Bible i am writing too
in the 55th Month of that just for fun and
never for A Pay Endeavor now, too; as yes, it pays to keep
the same wife; and the same car; and the same job, for Decades too;
yes; in this way, I am the Conservative, the Real Fiscal Conservative against
Mortgaging the Future of the Country away for Free Welfare to the Richest still.
True; I Haven't Paid taxes in almost a Decade too; And don't have any Children
who will suffer the consequences of reckless liberal so-called 'right wing' folks now;
Never the less,
I care
for i am
neither right
or left at core for i am human
who still now has/is A heart;
A spirit; And A soul who feels
and senses more than just empty shells as words;
And With NO IOU's for a Bigger Home, and Car, and a Fancy New/Old Trophy Wife;
True; aint' seen none of my Peers with Trophy Wife's too; just another
Trump Fantasy that is; hehe;
for me
as my
Wife has a
difficult time Aging at almost 48 now;
true; i have many photos to back up that now too..;)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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22 Mar 2018, 1:21 am

Both are idiots.

Emu Egg
Emu Egg

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22 Mar 2018, 2:17 pm

I think attaching labels to people is a form of intellectual laziness. Arguments should stand or fall, based on the facts and evidence that support said arguments.


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25 Mar 2018, 1:19 pm

Novax wrote:
I think attaching labels to people is a form of intellectual laziness. Arguments should stand or fall, based on the facts and evidence that support said arguments.


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Forum Moderator

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25 Mar 2018, 2:11 pm

When the extreme right or the extreme left open threads here that are basically demeaning in intent, informed debate never occurs. Even between the moderate right and moderate left, debate only occasionally ascends to informed debate. It becomes a contest of endurance, wills, reporting and the net effect is that illwill between these extremists at both ends is increased. Neither can see their likenesses.