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20 Oct 2018, 6:42 pm

I'm travelling internationally and didn't see this until now:

Piobaire wrote:
In America today, a woman has a 1 in 4 chance of being assaulted, and a 1 in 6 chance of being raped.

This is thoroughly debunked BS. It's based on a non-random survey sample in which the definition of assault was so loose that any act that a woman felt badly about later would count.

The study was so egregious that even my male-feminist paypig father gets incensed by it.

Women earn about 20% less than men, are 3% more likely to be poor than men, and in old age are more than twice as likely to live in poverty as men.

This is more BS. When you account for career choices, the difference vanishes almost entirely. If you account for the capital gains that women acquire tax-free through marriage, it's likely that they already earn more than men on average. (There's no reporting of that income in the US. That by itself is a very pro-female policy that shields billions of dollars from political debate and taxes every year.)

With Kavanaugh's appointment forming a solid 5:4 Fascist majority on the Supreme Court, it is likely that Roe v. Wade will be overturned in the near future, banning abortion and quite possibly most forms of birth control, too.

Even if you're right, feminists have an easy way to regain their reproductive freedom: Share it with men.

Give men financial abortions, and women will have the votes to secure their freedom without relying on a bunch of dead male supreme court justices.

Please tell me again how “women have the same civil rights as men”.

You've been told over and over again, and you won't listen.