Election 2019 Political Violence in Australia

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20 May 2019, 5:53 am


"Sadly our recent federal election has seen some acts of political violence that are very unusually for Australia. Can you guess which side the violence is coming from?"

"Isn't it amazing how the left call for tolerance all the time but act like they are above the law when you don't agree with their ideologies."

"We are starting to turn into Amerika."

"A conservative truck set alight."

"Conservative worker was bashed and called a white dog because he asked a man to stop wrecking signage."

"This is not normal for Australia."

"This is all coming from the left, guys."

"You have people who don't want to engage in dialogue so they resort to violence."

"A core screw attack by the left."

"A book with feces being 'dumped' outside of Abbott's office."

"This is unacceptable in Australia."

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