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26 Dec 2020, 7:41 pm

General Zod : Why do you praise Superman , when you know i shall kill you for it ?

The only one that should be praised is me , your beloved ruler. I have spoken.

Hulk Hogan : Oh , shut your pie hole , brother. We all know Hulkamania is the strongest force in the universe , dude...get your facts straight , jack !



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26 Dec 2020, 8:50 pm

old_comedywriter wrote:
Some religions, by including them in their definitions of "idols" and prohibitions against them, have defined them as "gods", or at least "false gods."

Also, when I saw Thor and Freya streets driving on I-90, I realized it was time to put the hammer down.

You a native of the Spokane area?

-Bill, otherwise known as Kraichgauer


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26 Dec 2020, 9:54 pm

Santa seemed like a God to me when I was a child. I still believe in him today. Superman has a lot of god-like qualities.

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27 Dec 2020, 6:23 am

I never worshipped Santa.

I always treated him as a saint when I believed in him. Expected miracles from him & asked him for things but knew he wasn't God.

Some religions need to stop treating admiration as if it's worship. It's ok to admire people who aren't God. It's ok to see God's greatness reflected elsewhere.


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27 Dec 2020, 6:28 am

Kraichgauer wrote:
madbutnotmad wrote:
Trueno wrote:
Maybe classical Greek heroes inspired Superman... particularly Heracles.

Actually, i think it was Nietzsche, who wrote about his Übermensch, aka Superman.
He had a big influence on the Nazis, anarchism and even Zionism.

The concept of Nietzsche's Übermensch may have been inspired by other historical religious beliefs.

The Nazis coopeted the simple idea of the Ubermensch into their political ethos, but they had a very shallow and superficial understanding of Nietzsche's philosophy. After all, it was Nietzsche who had called Anti-Semitism the philosophy of those who feel cheated, and had asked the Kaiser to banish all Anti-Semites from Germany.

That's his sister's fault and very sad. His sister was an anti-Semite and trashed his reputation by telling people after his death that it was promoting proto-Nazi stuff. She and her anti-Semite husband had control of his estate.

He was pretty much anti-anti-Semite in an era when it was popular to be anti-Semitic.


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27 Dec 2020, 6:46 am

I never had anybody claim that Santa Claus (or Superman) are gods to be worshipped.

It’s more like Santa Claus is admired for being a toy-giving old man who also has some sort of perception into how naughty or nice individual children are (some sort of omniscient quality).

And admired for his super powers and sense of justice. Certainly not worshipped like a god.


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27 Dec 2020, 6:51 am

Even kids know Superman is made up.

Once they get the idea in their heads of what fiction is anyway.

Spot the Dog and Elmo are more appealing to them than Superman before that age.

I used to be terrified to go to Pantos before that age. Imagine - not knowing baddies weren't really baddies but were actors and being prepared to be in the same theatre as them... I kept thinking they might come off the stage & attack me...


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27 Dec 2020, 10:18 am

Agape Love Never Requires Worship or Fears Criticism;

Indeed, it is the Anti-Old-Testament-Demagogue-Trump God

And The Anti-New-Testament-Demagogue-Bad-Cop-Jesus-God too;

Yet We See Or Perhaps We Don't; the Meek Inherit the Kingdom of God Heaven Within, Agape Love;

The Higher Force Within in Autotelic Flow to Give and Share Free That Will Be Experienced As Verb in

A Free Flow Meditative Dance or Even a Song that is A River as the one i am Writing Now Water

Wave Ocean Whole

Just Another


of A Sea Breeze

And A Wave Changing

The Shores of the Beach i am; Yes,

SPeaKinG of Beach; It's Really Disgusting,

The Beautiful Beach And the One According to

Family Legend That My Great Uncle And Great Grandfather

Helped Named "Navarre Beach"... the City Council Here Is wanting to Change

The Name of the Bridge to the Beach In 'Worship' Of a Man on Record With the

Most Deceit and Lies Holding Office of the President; and the Only One to Attempt

To Overturn A Legally Held and Verified Election As Such to Destroy Democracy,

Worshipped As He Is Doing this As Minions Follow Most Despicable Leaders

Throughout HiStory; Yes as that Series of Movies Parodied the Demagogue

Archetype And Sheep Archetype that Follow With Only Directions the

Demagogue Brings...

Living Where i Live

In Trump


USA, Wanting

to Name A Bridge

to Real Paradise Beach

By the Most Despicable Leader

in Empirical Measure of Science

The United States has ever Witnessed...

It's really not Hard to Understand Now Why Folks Go to Church

And Kneel to A Man And A God THere, WHere THere is A Version

That Promises to Love You Forever; ALWAYS All Forgiving; Turning The Other

Cheek to this Extent; And Loving The Enemy As Much as One's (God) Self as Neighbor....

Yet, if You Screw up

According to 'Matthew'

Just A Pen Name With Innumerable

Different Ghost Authors Contributing to that

Pen Name that one will learn all about at any

Real Accredited University Divinity School For PHD Level Success;

Yes That Part of the Story, Says, If you Do Not Give the Shirt Off Your

Back to the Homeless Man on the Street You are Separated As A Goat

And Burned forever which of Course Seals the Destiny for almost Every Christian i've

Met From Here...

All i Will say

Is They Better

Hope it's just a Story

For if they ever find out

It's really real, Their Destiny Is Sealed Forever Already in Hell....

Yet of Course that is the Bad Cop Version of Jesus and God the Same;

The Same Demagogue Human Archetype of what the Current Head of the

Country Firing Chief is All About Now too; And When i was Young and

Saw the Photo of a Man With a Beard Over my Bed At Christmas Nights;

It Wasn't hard to See the Origin of that Man coming From the

Same Place

As Santa

Dividing the Naughty

Into the Goats and Nice into

Sheep to Receive Gifts As Rewards

For Being Do-Gooders too; Virtue is, Virtues Are,

A Better Approach would be to Teach the Children

That The Receiving as far as How the Nature of Humanity

Works is the Actual Intrinsic Altruistic Reward of The Giving;

WHere the Aim is To Become LoVE iNCaRNaTE And Just empty

Your Pockets

And Give



Much Different

Than A Homeless Man

And or Woman, if you've taken

The Opportunity to talk to one of these

Folks Who are sick and tired of all the lies,

Just Returning to Nature to Live off the Kindness of Humanity...

The Part



The Part that

Naturally Receives when

We Give for this is the lesson

Every Homeless Jesus Provides

For You See, if We Don't Give Now,

We Just don't Receive 'the Christmas Gift Within'....

I'm Not Impressed with Modern Superheroes;

All they Teach is they Have the Bigger Bomb on the

Street to Prove Might Is Right; THere are more interesting

And Rewarding

Ways to

Be LoVE iN Life...

And in the NeWest Version

of Superman that was intentionally

Modeled After the Myths of Jesus, the same

Way Guardian's of the Galaxy Was initially done

too when the First Movie wasn't Killing Anyone

And the Superpower was MoRE A Dance And Song...

We Seem to Fall Back On the Sword; Yet, Perhaps We See the

Meek Come From Men And or Women Who Develop Enough

Fearless Confidence in Just The Way They Walk that they Never need

to Get in a



What others

intuit A Peaceful

Eye of a Hurricane

Has the Potential to Bring

In The Strike of a Silent Cat in Fury

of what will come next...

It's true;


Speaks Most;

The Eye of A

Hurricane; The Center

Of A Galaxy; The Force; the

Higher Power (Chi) the Meek We

Most all have the potential to Tap

Into and really feel like We are Living

Forever now Eternally in Peace and Harmony

of Agape Love to Give, Share, Free to All; Yet 'You' See

The Homeless

Man and or Woman

On the Side of the

Street or


the 'Trump Bridge

to Paradise' have already arrived...

They don't even need to Say A Thing...

If We Understand Where They Are Coming

From By The Windows of THeir Soul....

Worship is the Giving That is

The Receiving

A Lion


Or Lioness

Need Never Bow

Or Humans Who Stand As God This Force Within....

Yeah, It's Funny At The Dance Hall Folks Assumed i had

to be on Some Kind of Drug to Generate All that Energy

To Make 240 Pounds or So Float Across the Floor;

Yet When they Approached me to test

Me as Some Dudes try to Prove

Their Manhood, the

Winds Stopped

And All that

Is/Was left


Was/Is 'Me' (Yes, God

Within 'Me', Higher 'Force';

Eye of Hurricanes; Center of

Galaxies (Chi) All Around Now

No Separation When Breathing)

Some of the Dudes Were Literally

So Afraid they Literally Ran From



of A Hurricane;

Yet, it's true i have

Plenty of Online Evidence

to Show What Hurricanes, Galaxies,

Will Do, if They Didn't Already

Get A 'Silent Night Message'....


Super Heroes

And Made Up


God's Don't Impress me;

The Story of Buddha is Pretty

Cool; He Tried His Best to Disappear

And Never Be Worshipped As an Idol;

Yet 'You' See, the


of the


Sheep Also Abides too....

So Yes, Folks Continue to

Bow to Different Idol Forms,

With Idol Names of 'Buddha'

And the

Eye of the

Hurricanes, Center

Of the Galaxies Fade

Blown With The Wind Away....

Kneeling With Empty Windows of Soul....

And Yes, Per 'Beneath the Planet of the

Apes', 'This' is What it Looks Like still in Church

And It's True You Can Call The God And Atomic

Bomb And the Holy Fall-Out All the Demagoguery That Still Comes....

i do Believe in a Greater Force Than 'this' Demagoguery With Associated

Sheep Still abiding....



Unmasked Fresh

Always For 'The Kill' too

With Lesser Amounts of Human

Empathy For all that is existence now...

i was really Fortunate to 'See' This Scene

in 'the Movie' at 8 Years-Old...

It was a real

Eye Opener
For Eyes Yet closed...

Yet of course my Eyes
Were Deeper Than Most

8 Year-Olds Then And At

3 too as i had the Advantage

Of Not Being Clothed With Words Until 4...

It's practically A Miracle

i am


Now... hmm....

And that all came

From 66 Months

Of Hell Within too

As True Black Holes

Vary in Intensity of Effect too for what comes next...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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