Can conspiracy theorists, sometimes be too stubborn?

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30 May 2020, 11:07 pm

ironpony wrote:
Oh okay thanks for all the info, this is all very insightful.

Could it also be that some people just really hate government and hate authority, so this makes conspiracy theories much more easier for them to believe, as a result?

Another example is my sister, who believes that fluoride doesn't do any good for your teeth and that it's all a hoax. But her kids have had a lot of cavities over the years now, probably cause she doesn't get them to brush with fluoride. The dentist even advised her to give her kids fluoride toothpaste if she wants their teeth to improve, but she won't do it, and doesn't believe it.

I didn't say this to her, but I felt like asking "what did a dentist do to you that was so abusive, that it caused you to conjure up this delusion?". Or maybe it's just distrust of government?

You aren't dismissing the possibility of there being valid conspiracies, are you?

Could you give your definition of a "Conspiracy Theory"?

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31 May 2020, 2:57 am

Oh my definition would be a theory where a group of people have conspired a secret plot, and then tried to make it look like something else, if that makes sense.

No I am not dismissing valid ones, I don't think. I mean there is watergate for example, which is a valid one. I just think that the moonlanding, and OJ Simpson and 9/11 are far-fetched and do not get why some people believe in them so highly, unless it's just paranoia of government, or something of that sort?