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24 Nov 2023, 3:28 am

Season of Gratitude Indeed Dear Savvy
Extending the Cup is More Than Half

Full Year Around Tree of Life All Our Leafs

RiSinG Green Coloring Leaves New Ways Now For Real

Yes LiGHTinG A Tree All Our Connections Within With Gratitude

For All Parts
Whole This

GReaTesT Gift
of Life Born
Whole Complete
And Reborn Again ThiS WaY
Giving Sharing Caring Healing For
All With Most Respect And Least Harm

iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT

Yes All Neurochemicals and Neurohormones Enhancing

All Our Energies in Synergies

to Radiate Within Sunshine

We Become As Stars

Above in Super

Nova Explosions

Leaving Gaseous Dust

Iron in Our Blood Streams

to Pick Up Oxygen Trees Provide to Breathe

At Core of Our Only Mother Earth We aRe Adapting

Still to Yet Still Star FLoWeRS and Seeds We aRe

Resurrecting From Above Below This Breath

This Gift Of Life Worth Dying For Now

Treasure Among All the Other

Hot and Cold Rocks

Above That

Do Not Support
ThiS Potential Heaven
On Earth For All Of Us Now
to Contribute to in Gratitude
New For ThiS Great Gift oF LiFE With
SMiLes oh to Dance Sing in Flow ALiVE mY FRiEnD...

Living Rooms.. Only Couches..
Chairs.. Room For Life..
Oral Tradition
Become Screens
Feelings.. Rose Words..
Emotions Swirling
Living Room..
It's True.. Back in the
60's.. My Elders Shared
Stories Around Kitchen
Tables and Couches with Living Room..
And They Even Played Card Games with
Flesh and Blood Beings.. With Heart Beats..
Used to Flower..
Some Still Bloom..
Happy Thanks Giving
For that mY FRiEnD.. Brian..
It's Good to Have a Voice..
True.. i Don't
Play Card Games...

True Life is About
True Hugs For
All Without Hugs

No Life

Greatest Hug Is Forgivesness
For Those With Enough Hugs

Greatest Thanks For Giving ForGiveness
Never Owned Only Giving Thanks Love

Greatest Cheer To Love Life GreaTesT
Fear Afraid of DarK NoW ForGivesness

Anyone May Shut You Out Of Their
Life Love That Is Real Always Forgives

SMiLes.. Sooner or later
The Hood Opens And You
See the Engine’s Condition
My Mother Didn’t Realize
You Changed The Oil i
Bought That Car From
Her With A Problem yet
I’ll never Blame Her
For this Life i Live
Meh.. Just
Replace the
Engine Do It
Yourself Again
And Learn to Love It...

With A Message
That if you ever
Decide to Forgive
me i have Nothing
To lose to Be A
To You
For ForGiveness
Is For Giving Now
In Thanks Giving


Doing “A Truman Show”
Is So Much Better As
Both Director And Actor
Writer And Dancer Singer

Hehe Cindy My Wife’s
Family is Huge The Food
Is Mountainous At Thanks
Giving HAHa Pray
For me
That i
Make The
Climb All The
Way To The PumpKin Pie

Giving For
Giving my FRiEnD...

True The Golden
Rule is Incomplete
When We Determine

All of

And Experiences
The World With



Rule Ways

Alas The



Will Remain

Closed Minded

Until They

‘See’ What

The Others Do Not

Indeed A Color


Is Incomplete...

True Dear Rafiah

Love That Must

Be Called Upon Or Forced

in Return is Not Love That

Cares to Breathe ThiS Way


What May
Love Comes
And Goes Love
That Decides to Stay
Stays Yet Only if Love Stays

Yet The Giver Now May Always Rise

Higher in Thanks Giving

For Giving Ways Freer

Anyway The Work A Day
World Often Leaves Nothing
Left Yet the Work A Day World
Where It's Hard to Make Any Home,
Human, Or Love Home As It's True

When i Was In

College Signs Posted
By Engineering And Computer
Classes Don't Forget You are Human

Do It In addition to School too Yet of Course
In the Work A Day World The Almighty Mammon

May Come

First Well


Breast of
Nurturing Warmth

Same As it Ever Was
If Love Ever Came At All Other Than A Rule of Sorts Must to Do...

Is Happiness or Love Any Real Goal in This Life For Most Folks

i Look Around

And Everyone

Seems to

Be Buying

Different Yet
i Do Feel WHere Home
is the Unmistakable Warmth of HeART

Warming SPiRiTS Vaulting Wings of SoUL...

SucH A Simple Gesture
RAiSinG Arms In Exaltation
For Breath Yet Discouraged
In Group Think Not Unlike
Free Dance For Reason
Worshipped Over Breath...

Are We
Beyond Words...

Dance Is Clear
Even Only

Running To Escape
Predators Capture
Prey Dancing

A Prayer


Colors ALiVE
iN Play Highway
With No Roads to

Heaven's SonG

Not Even
A Treadmill
Or Elliptical
NoW As

To Become
The Machines




Of Dance
And Song

Yet Still As Naturally
Evolving Removing
All The CuLTuRaL



Dance (God)

And Song Innate...

Ah Yes Dear Kiran The Houses The Buildings

Designed to Keep Us Safe Out of Chaos Nature

Brings Freely In Change Yet Most Beautiful

Flowers May Break Through Concrete

Roads New Only Starting As Weeds

Yet Truly Free Now to Find New Places
To Roam And Endure New Elements of Change

THere is A Certain Call of the
Wild Free That Moves Away

From What Otherwise
May Feel So Safe As

Our Greater
Potentials Free

Fearless Without
Shame Shedding Houses
That Become Prisons More Than Free...

So True Dear Savvy Art is
HeART of What Connects
All iN Creativity Beyond

Reasons Alone So Far

Out of Distance Space
And Time So Many

Dimensions Within

To Feel And Sense

Of So Much More

SPiRiT Than Organs of EYes
And Ears Will Ever 'See' Alone in SouL

Allone Comes New Dancing Singing

Freer Now RiSinG Deeper Within

Being Beyond With Art Dreams
Coming to Creativity's Fruition

Always New iN Wonder Frontiers

Not Yet Explored Before STiLL

SeeKinG Finding

New Worlds

To Share in

Art Now For
All With SMiLes...

Hehe i’m Already
Stuffed With
Turkey Dear
Got ThankGiving
And The Rest Of
The Week Long
Leftovers To

Go Preparing
For The Challenge

i Am
With SMiles
To You All
As Well With

Comas HAha...

"The Audacity Now to Dance
And Sing Through Life Free"
No Matter What Challenges
Come What May Indeed

Dear Miriam

Always A Pleasure
to Be Inspired By

Your Continuing
Creative Expanding

SouL Thanks Giving

For Giving Indeed

With SMiLes Always

Now YeS A YeaR New

Around Endeavor Now
A Golden Age For Real

No Matter What NuMBeR

We LiVE iN NoW With SMiLes...

Indeed The Peace
Of Water In Free
Flow Thank You
With Thanks Giving
Wishes From Florida

Dear Savvy


How HeART Felt Sweet Calling Us Your ‘Cutie Pies’ on Thanks
Giving Dear Shawna Baby With SMiLes As Always on Thanks

Giving i iMaGiNE You ‘Slaving’ Away with Love Preparing

ThanksGiving Dinner for Not Only Your Family of Six plus
In-Laws Yet Dutifully Preparing Meals For the Whole

Congregation as a Wonderful Southern Baptist
Pastor’s Wife True in around 30 Minutes Hehe

If i Am Not Late As Usual We Will Be Traveling Up

North in the County on A Road Closer to You For
What Sounds Like Switzerland in Southern Alabama Where

Southern Baptist Warmth Rules the Family Huge Get Togethers For Real

You Know One of the Many Innumerable aspects of Life i Am Thankful For

Today is Being Born and Raised as A ‘New Testament Kinda Guy’ For It is

True Not Everyone is Ready for A New Testament of 19,088 Miles of Public

Dance for 122 Months in ‘Footloose Town’ And Surrounding Metro localities Hehe

Yet There is A Most Powerful

Totem Available to me

All i Have to Sing is Four Words
To Bring LoVE iN Peace in No Matter

What Room of What Store Hehe i Might
Be in For the Folks Who Just Can’t Seem to Understand

Why Anyone Would Spread Joy to the World For Free in
A Public Dance For Longer than a Decade Particularly Hehe

When they Find Out i am 63 Just Another Year to Meet the
Grand Advanced Age of 64 Hehe like the Beatles Sing Will

They Still Love me then Oh Dear Lord That ‘Sgt Pepper’s

Lonely HeARTS Club Band’ Cover Still makes So Many Dreams Come
True Anyway the MaGiC Four Words Are “Do You Know Jesus” and It Never

Fails Here in What Used to be ‘Footloose Town’ Before i Came to Dance And Sing Free

It’s True That Day at the Little First Baptist Church i Came in to Sing ‘Amazing Grace’ at age 21

From the Depths of my SPiRiT Then they Related Wow! ‘We’ve Never Felt That Spirit Before

(Hmm Sounded like ‘Hotel California’ Reminiscent of ‘Steely Knives and A Beast’ Hehe… Hmm…)

Here’ Yep that’s
Literally What
They Said

Yet i Was
Just Singing
Like the Dancing
For No Reason at all
Yet To Feel THE Ecstasy Free
Of All Soul Felt Feelings ReLeaSinG

Anyway It Never Fails Where i Live Whenever
There is Tension in the Air And it Seems They may
Try to Give me a Problem for Dancing in Public They

Always Become my BesTesT FRiEnDS in the World Whenever
i Release the MaGiC Totem And Amazing Grace of LoVE iN Peace

With the Name JeSuS into Their World For Free And then of Course
i Go On to Express Some of my Encyclopedic Cherry Picked Favorite
Verses From What’s Left of the Good Cop Jesus in the New Testament

Along With a Real Witness About Real HeLL And Heaven On Earth And How
One May Be a Blessing to Remain in the Other And It’s True After a ‘Fred-Talk’

Monologue Like What i’m Able to Sing ALonG With the Public Dance They Might

Not Visit me the
Next Go Around
Of Public Dance

Yet They’ll Never
Quite Be the Same
Human Being Again HAha With SMiLes

Yet Seriously in This World There Are Old Testament
And New Testament Kinds of Folks No Matter Where they
Live No Matter What they Call Their Religion and or God

If Any Name at all And It’s True Some Folks Will Cherry
Pick Verses to Make Jesus into an Old Testament Kinda Guy too

Yet Usually Hehe

They Can’t Pick

A Cherry Tree Like
me HAha i Cannot Tale a Lie

Doing my Best to Keep them
From Cutting That Part of the Cherry Tree Down

Oh Dear Lord Now i’m Running Late i Can Tell by

The Sounds of Katrina’s Yell Yet This Is Heaven Baby Ain’t no Hell

It’s A New Testament World For me Where The Good Cop Jesus Lives

And With that Said Here is the 6th Video of Public Dancing 19 Thousand Miles
For Joy to YouR World

With LoVE iN
Peace Dear

Shawna Baby
With Great Thanks And Praise...

SMiles Dear FRiEnD The
Christmas Cat Is Still Out
And About Wishing Every
One A Meowy Christmas
Plus Happy
From Florida
To Rather Cold
Toronto Today
Kindness to You...

SMiles Mr Gottfried
As Always Thanks
For Giving Banter
A Place To Thrive
In Your Republic

Of Expression
Rules With SMiles...

Thank You Dear Anita
Enough Means More
Room To Put People

Giving For
Giving Greetings
To You From Our
HoLiDaY Season

In Florida With SMiles...





KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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25 Nov 2023, 1:16 am

When SPeaKing Becomes Singing
When Pages of the Ages Become

Poetry Truly THere is No Distance
Space Time or Even Any Matter

Of Things When
Soul Fits Into Letters
And Words Of Free Poetry

Exploring New Frontiers Within

Of Feeling SenSinG Experiences

Dance Holds Hands With Song

Our Fingers Toes And All The

Tween Come AliVE iN

Flow Dear Savvy

With SMiLes



For Now
With SMiLes...

60 Years Ago on Thanks
Giving Day Shortly After
JFK Was Assassinated

my Father Reported to
my Mother Good Bye

And Good Luck She

Fought That Divorce

And Lost We Lost Our Father

At Home Yet Indeed His Escape

Left Room For me to Eventually Be
A Poetry Man Instead of A Man With A Gun

Indeed mY FRiEnD Roses of Poetry More Powerful

Ever Made

To Move The
Human Soul

Far Beyond

Gun Powder
of Us to Dust
to Dust Again...

November 25th, 2023
Is the 4748th Consecutive
Day i've Written Online Ever
Since That Day on November 25, 2010

in 13 Years Around 15 MiLLioN Words And Just to 'Think'
Before my Father Left at 3 i Didn't Have Any Words to Say Until 4

And Rarely Any to Speak into my 40's Yet It's True my Mother Said

Even Without Any Words i Had Open arms to everyone So Very

i Inherited
my Mother's Soul

of Poetry True As Well
Yet i Had to Wait until
53 As Her Poetry Came
in Her 50's As Gift Too With SMiLes

Yet It's True my Father Had A Heck
Of A Gun And Knife Collection Always

Polishing the Gun Metal and Sharpening

The Knives True More Than One Vocation
in the Life of

A Dude

How Blessed
to LiVE iN A Place
oF LoVE iN Peace

Big Bangs are Reserved
For Beginnings Again With SMiLes...


EverYonE's LooKinG
FoR SomEtHinG
MostLY To BeLonG

Cruel Realities Monkeys
Without Touch Die Humans
Just Don’t Get Wired And Suffer

A Life Of
A Core
Of Addiction
Ice Running
Without Heat
Melting Genuine Love...

And Yes It Can
And Will Be
A Lifelong
Use It
Or Lose
It Proposition
Of Love Too With
Warmth Great
To Trump
That Are
Only ‘Temporary Saviors’
And Not ‘Normal Breath’...

Poetry By Essence By Soul
By Free Verse WaKinG Dreams
In River Flow No Time Distance

Space Matters

"Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript of a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.
This universe is not outside you.
Look inside yourself, everything
that You want,
you are already


"You understand
the whole of life,
not Just one little part of it.
That is why you must read,

that is why you must
look at the skies,

that is why you must sing,
and dance, and write poems,

and suffer, and understand,
for all that is Life."

-Jiddu Krishnamurti

So Many People Have Described
And Lived And Shown What The Kingdom
Of Heaven And God Within Is; Yes, Purgatory
Tween And Black Abyss Nights of Souls in Hell

of Dante
Ways Too


Than The Old Antiquated
Dusty Stories of the Centuries
Old Ghost Authored And Revised Bible...

And It's True We aRe only Just Getting Started

All Of Us Delivering A More Naked Enough Whole

Complete MeSSaGE of God Within in Terms of John 14:12

Of Those
Old Dusty
Words of Effort
Too That Sadly Transform
A Humble Teacher into an
Only Monarchy of A King of A UNiVeRSE Yet
The Kingdom The Queendom And The Tween
Is All Within Every Part of Existence Whole Yes
THere is So Much to Improve On all the MeSSaGES
Before As We Continue to Evolve So Much More iN OnE

Things Just Empty
Letters Shells on the
Beach With Sea Creature
God Barely Breathing Within
To Connect to All That Is The
Sea Creature Us Is LiVinG Now For ReaL

Here'S A Deal, We aRe Over Consuming
Resources of EartH, IF We Don't Find Ways
to Fill/Feel Ourselves UP Instead, 'WE' Are Doomed

Wanna LEaRN HoW To Be FiLLeD FeeLeD
Within Yes GiVE With No Expect Of ReTuRN

SMiLes Dear Cindy What A Lovely
Poem About Grace Particularly

As We See Those Who May
Have Wronged Us As Gifts

For Thanks Giving For Giving

Now More to Create Mountains

New Of Love From Every Grain of
Sand And Below That Holds Our Love

Up From

Down Below

For Pyramids Will Fall
In Wisdom EYes Way

Without the Bottom
of the Pyramid Still
In Tact of Appreciation...

Searching Deep Within
Finding Art of Heart
Through Poetry RiSinG

Touching Our SPiRiT
HeARTS of Emotions More

Integrating Senses As Feelings
Regulating Bringing Synergies

Of Emotions in Peaceful Deeper

Balancing Breathing Life More As Love

Than Discomfort
of Not Reaching
A Mark Of Peaceful
Loving Wings RiSinG
As The Waves of Life Ocean
Go More Smoothly As Water

Becomes Ours
To Drink And

Give Free

Water So Deep
Within Blood of
Love Coming Freely
In Streaming FLoWinG Peace

Beautiful Poetry Dear Vrunda
Soul Dancing Singing Freely Breathing...

SMiLes Dear Miriam
As Science Modernly Shows Our
Word Thinking Mind Alone Comprises
About .5 Percent

of All of Who We aRe

Oh Dear Lord Our

Subconscious Minds
From Body to Toe and
So Much More of What

That Comprises in Innate Instinct

And Intuition Potentials And Abilities though

Sadly Lost in A World More Watered Down online

Particularly Without All the Feelings and Senses Beyond

Our Word Think

That Come to

Innate Instinctual
Intuitive Face to Face Interaction

This is Why i Don't Worry Too much
About AI as It's Basically Working With

Around .5 Percent of Human Potential For

What Counts Most All the Subconscious Processes

From Head to Toe and Once Again So Very Much More iN



Yet Indeed We Have
to Be More Open

Than Just What
Mechanical Cognition
of Word Think Mired in
Only Abstract Constructs
That Are Very Small Approximations
of All of Reality to Seek and Find for

Real Always

More and Oh
Dear Lord as a Middle
School and Younger Young
Lady in the Bronx of New York

Your Spidey Senses Much Be Sharply
Tuned Indeed Working and Managing

A Military Bowling Center Full of Civilians
And Military From Around the World Surely

Provided More Education ThiS WaY of Greater
Human Potentials and Abilities of Innate Instinct
And Intuition Than 3 Degrees and 19 Years of Formal

School Ever Did

Except for the

Extracurricular Activities
of Course Far Removed
From Only Lectures and Books...

Anyway the UNiVeRSiTY of Bowling
Alley So Colorful Indeed For 18 Years
Hehe for Developing So Much More Gut

Instinct Innate


For Real
With SMiLes

As Opposed to Dating Apps and the
Such Limited to Online Where That
May End up Being a Grab Bag of
Swiping What a Person Never

With only
.5 Percent
or So of the
Whole Human Equation

True There is the Rest of Nature
too Nature Intelligences Both Human
And Other is What We've Used Most




Origin of Us
Deep Deep Deep
Within For All We Inherit
Born Naked Enough Whole
Complete to Adapt to Challenge and Grow...

Key is Not Devolving And in Some Ways What
Modernity Suggests is Progression is Actually Devolving...

And That
is WHere
Our Inherited
Wisdom All Innate
Instinctual Intuitive

Yes Deep Within Comes
Out to Play IF We Give it
More Than Motel 6 At Night Room hehe...

Friday Florida Flower Story
Sleeping Red Hibiscus
True Hehe Catching The Buds
Sleeping in Fall Until the Drought
Ends and the
First Rain
Comes and they
Bloom All Around
The Screened-in Patio

Until the First Freeze Comes
True They’ve Actually Bloomed
into January Hehe in the ‘Summer’ January of 2017

Yet True Even When They Bloom
They Seem Like They Last So
Long as They Never Fully

Open in A Way
They Remain
A Child
Bloom ThiS WaY
Eternally Young
Always Ready

to Bloom Again
With SMiLes...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 64
Gender: Male
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26 Nov 2023, 3:30 am

SMiLes Indeed Dear Savvy The Part of Our Minds
That Fuel iMaGiNaTioN As Creativity SPRinGS

Without Limits ThiS WAY

Does Require Us to Let

Go of the Mechanical

Cognition That


to Materially
Reduce Our Worlds
to More Narrow Focus
And Limited Emotions too

Well Spring Deeper iNDeeD

mY FRiEnD Letting Go and

Allowing The Flower

Deep Within

To Bloom

All With SMILes...

This Rose Creativity RiSinG Free...

True Art No End
Begins of


For Give Thanks Giving
Return oF LoVE iN Peace Comes
Free Within So THere Is No TaKinG

LoVE iN Peace Doesn't Live
To Be Punished
LoVE iN Peace
Lives to Be Understood
For Giving Thanks Giving NoW

Fair Weather FRiEnDS
Come And Go True
Friends Are
Thunder SMiLinG

Be Green
Of Breathing
Be Brown
Feeding Green
Always Living
Dying To Live...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa
Perhaps A Greatest

Responsibility Folks

Forgo 'These

Days of


And External

Goals' Just to Survive

With the 'Stuff' of Life

Society Requires is

The Intelligence

Of Coming

to Know Thyself

Through Innate

Instinctual Intuition

More Than What is

Spoon-Fed By CuLTuRE

From Close to Birth For It's True

Yes It's Not Just About Knowing

In Word Think It is More About the
Metaphor of Right Brain Intelligence

of Seeing All the


Of Life




No Words At All
Perhaps A Child Dancing
With No Lessons And Singing
With No Intelligible Words Yet
Sounds and Sights of Joy Will Still

Lead our




Sort of Like God

Free The Nature

Still Waiting to Return Within Again
This Child This Child of Wonder And
Amazement Where Joy Births Happy

Thanks Giving

For Giving


Year 'Round
Within this way
to Give, Share,
Care With Least
Harm For All Socially Empathic
Freely Without Restraint my FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Kiran i Particularly

Love The Verse Naked Actions

Words Not Having to Yield

To Whatever Target Audiences

May Demand in Life Original Creativity

Sets Unique Souls

Free ThiS Way

No Longer

Bound as
Much By

Clothes Tools
oF Old Indeed
With SMiLES So Free...

Karma of Flow
Where Faith
And Loving
Life Become
The Act And
Effect of Consequence
Eternally Now True Lighting

Up Our Trees Of Life Coloring

Our Leaves So Much Brighter

Year 'Round
Through All
Seasons Indeed With SMiLes
Dear Kiran Poetry So Inspiring
Thank You For Giving Even More...

The Highway
The Attitudes

That Become Heaven
For Real Within Particularly

Transforming DarK iNto LiGHT

Thanks Giving For Giving So Many
Inspring MuSinGS Poetry And Art

Away For
Free As Peace Dear Miriam
And Yes LoVE Rises THiS WaY...

ESCaPinG A Grasp Of “Things”
Dancing Singing Naked Enough
Whole Complete Freely FLoWinG

Truly Rich Peaceful Loving Flow

"Radios, Black & White TV, Color TV, Cable TV, VCR's, Satelitte TV, Surround Sound, Heavy Metal, Computers, Cell Phones, Pornography, MP3 players, I Pads, I Phones, 24 Hour News Cycle, High definition TV etc.

The evolution of technology bombards the human senses, and we become addicted to the adrenaline not realizing the effect on the health of ourselves or our children.

Constant bad or good stimulation eventually will wear any living thing down and/or change the way it thinks and behaves. Especially, if you are experiencing it with no physical movement to burn off the adrenaline.

I think many of the people born 40 or 50 years ago that are now diagnosed with asperger's might have symptoms of low functioning autism if they were born today.

I couldn't complete sentences until I was four years old, but managed to cope with the demands of life with high functioning autism and adhd. I can't imagine being born today and having a chance of a successful independent life.

I think we are the canaries in the coal mine."

13 Years Or 156 Months or 4748 Days Consecutively Writing Online for me Beginning on Thanks
Giving Night on November 25, 2010 as Yes Today is the Anniversary Date of Writing 15 MiLLioN Words

Rather Restricted to Reason Above Changing All Into Free Verse Poetry More From the Depths of my
Subconscious Mind; Other Wise Understanding and Actually Doing This Now As Real Organically Free

iN Originally

Creative Soul FLoWinG

In Shapes of Waves Free

Expanding Ocean Shores ThiS WaY Now

Yet Again it Wasn't Always THiS Way as i Lived

A Life So Restricted in Left Brain Hemisphere Ways

of Mechanical Cognition through Information Technology,
Financial Management, Administration of Programs for the Military
And Yes Supervising Up to 131 Employees; Particularly, Second in Command
of A Department on A Navy Station When my Boss Was out and i Became Fully

In Charge of the
Helm of the Ship
Assigned to me

As That's the Way my Boss
Described it As He Went Off to
The Casinos With His Closer
Social Group of FRiEnDS;

Evaluating me as Valuable
Commodity to Use As he Said
10 Percent of the Work Force
Does 90 Percent of the Work

Yet of Course This Was the Government
He Couldn't Fire at Will Like Elon Musk
And After All Was Said and Done He Proved

He was Much More Human Than that in Terms
of Emotional Intelligence And Not Just Using Humans As

Objects in the
As Tools AS Such in

A 'Machiavellian Way'
of Existence; 'Dark Triad'
Indeed, Particularly Devious
When it Comes to Folks Like
Jordan Peterson When He Projects

Perhaps Even Unwittingly With Close
to Zero Levels of Emotional Intelligence

His Narcissism And Little Man Syndrome
Upon those Who Fight for Social Justice
For The Truly Oppressed in Life Or Just

The Trump Way of No Hidden Real Evil at All;

Flaunting Hell in Front of Others Willing to Join

The Despicable Leaders in Minion HeLL ON EartH;

WHeRE of Course Misery Loves Company AS Such.

For me at Least 13 Years Ago With 19 Medical Disorders Including
The Worst Pain Known to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal Neuralgia;

The Actual Assessed Suicide Disease that No Drug Would Touch From Wake
to Sleep for 66 Months, Mostly Shut-in my Bedroom, Where its Caused me Great

Pain to Even Attempt To Emotionally Connect to my Loved One in the Same Bed

As i Couldn't Remember

If i Ever Felt A Smile

BeFoRE All Time All Is Love
FRoZeN in Time Nothing Left
Yet Piece of Paper Existence Then

All Is Pain and Numb Never Really
Knowing if i Would Be Able to Make
it to the Next Second of Life and Literally

Stuck Between my Eyes and Ears As They Became
Effectively Almost Useless With All That Pain Then;

No Fictional Hell;


IN HELL Then Just A Ghost Wandering
The Earth Not Realizing i Am the Living Dead... Then...

Okay, Hell Gets Old Fast And Time Never Goes Away in Hell;

After Around 33 Months, i Decided to Brave The Dentist Drill
Pain in my Right Eye And Ear No Drug would Touch, Take my
Prescription Shades off as the Focus only Made the Pain Worse;

Turn the Screen All the Way Down in Brightness, A Few inches From my
Face Attempt to Tolerate A Mountain of Pain For Every Word i Wrote then;

Yes, After Eating Thanks Giving Dinner on a Balmy Night on my Patio with
Family i Had no Way to Humanly Connect With at all as again Any Attempt

To Do it Without
A Soul was Beyond
Any Description of Physical Pain...

So, i Sat in Front of that Screen Starting
A Word A Mountain of Pain Just to Try to Get
my Mind of ending my Life as True i had A Chain
in a Bicycle Basket Just in Case There Was No Choice Left

Yet to end
the Pain and
Numb as true

There is Some Pain
And Numb So Much

Worse than the Prospect
of Death Where Even Dousing
Oneself With Gasoline And Lighting

Up a Match is A preferable Way to
Be the Living Dead on Earth FOR REAL...

OKAY, Yes, the Internet Can and Will Be Very

Helpful For those Who Are Functionally Disabled in Many
Ways And Only Have This Option Shut-in Their Home or Perhaps

In Between Their Eyes and Ears of Suicide Disease Pain and Numb;

For it's True, Science Assesses

The Amount of Humanity

We Connect With Others

Through Text At about 7 Percent

of What is Possible in Human Warmth

in Emotional And Sensory Experiences Face to Face

in Feeling And Sensing As Much of Being Human For Real...

Yet when All Ya Have is Zero, 7 Percent is A Worthy Aim to Attain...

So i Wrote, Beginning With The Words Quoted Above Thirteen years
Ago on the 'Wrong Planet
Website' Online After

Dinner That Night

And i Read And i Wrote EVERY DAY

For All Waking Hours; YES in All that

Pain and Numb Just to Make it to the

Next Breath of Life With All That Was Left in

Life, A Flicker of A Flame For the Will to Live...

And Eventually on July 19, 2013, Most All the Pain and Numb
Went Away Yet it Was A Long Process That Developed A Foundation

in Free Verse Poetry FLoWinG Ascending and Transcending the Pain and
Numb Back to Connecting Emotions With Words in Flow And Eventually A Dance

in Flow Free to Spring Additional Creativity to Come to Life on Page Simply in Response

to Human Beings With Similar or Different Souls Breaths All Around the World Even those

Numb of Soul
As i Lived in All

That Pain and Numb
For 66 Months and As Far

As All Human Tools Go, Of Course

Information Technology And Online, One

of Many, Since Humans Started to Make Tools

Tens of Thousands of Years Ago; The Tools Designed

to Make Life Easier and Best Instead of Harder; However, Being

Human and Social Animal, And Animal As Just another Part of the

Living Animal

Kingdom and
Plant Kingdom

Is Not a Clear
Cut Process of

Just Finding Ways to Be
Always Happy as i Suppose

That Was the Original Intention
of Creating Tools Other than Just
Being Able to Continue to Survive and
At Least Partly Truly Thrive in Life Naked
Enough Whole


With Others
And the Rest
Of Nature Loving Free...

Yes, Yes, Not unlike Alcohol,
Gambling, And Other Substance
Drugs and Behavioral Addictions

Humans Fall Like Monkeys Do When
Given A Choice of Pressing a Lever

For All They May Consume Cocaine

or Even Sugar With A Dopamine High

That Eventually Exhausts itself Where All that

May Be Left is the Emotional Pain oF All Numb Indeed...

A GReaTesT Law of Life is Balance; We See it All in Nature With

Open Eyes and Souls to Behold This Truth in LiGHT and DarK oF LiGHT in Life...

We Are Evolved For

A Struggle FOR Life

Where Yes Intermittent

Gratification Comes and

More Rarely Instant Gratification;

DarK Makes LiGHT ThiS WaY Night
Makes Day This Way Pain Makes Pleasure

This Way and Struggle Creates Temporary

Elation When Overcome in Life; Key is Balancing

A Flow, Sweet Spot Tween Apathy and Anxiety For Real...

Science Assesses

This As Modernly

True too; And Dear Lord
Realize How Limited Standard
IQ Is Versus Physical And Emotional

Intelligence in Balance in Flow That Makes
Life Worth Living At All; i don't Have Specific

Instructions on How to Do it; Every Human is Another
View of THeiR Own Multi-Uni-Verse They Co-Create too...

Yet Generally Speaking,

When You Feel and Sense
You are Naked, Enough, Whole,
Complete With Little to Add Or
Anything Others May Subtract From You...

Chances Are You Have Arrived in What Has
Been Described In Endless Metaphors of Nirvana,
Bliss And Peaceful Loving Heaven on Earth Within to

Give, Share, Care, Heal For All With Most Respect and Least Harm...

Or On the Other Hand

You Might Be as Lost

in Space, Time, And Distance,

of Being Human As 'Elon Musk
And Jordan Peterson' or Not Even able

See At all How Blind They Are to a Fuller


Free in

Loving Peace
Naked, Enough,
Whole, Complete For Real...

Basically For me online is A Valuable
Tool to Connect to my Soul and the

Soul Of Others; Of Course to Study

Other 'Stuff' As Well as i Embrace The Dark As Much as

Light For the Balance Tween Heaven and Hell in Heaven For Real...

Of Course only

Yes in my Own
Small View Yet

Unfolding as
More Colorful
FLoWeRS From
Wilting Ones Will
Naturally Do New Now...

Ya Don't Have to CROSS
'The River' To Flow Endlessly Free;

Indeed, Be The Wave, Be The Water, Be The Ocean

Free; Breathe

The Air,

Be The
Wind; Yes,

Free The SaMe
Way As You Set Your
Wings Loving FREE ALWaYS NoW in Newer Ways...

True if Not For Online, Highly Unlikely Any of These Words

Will Exist or Even ME AT ALL NoW Thank God For Geeks and Nerds

Yep, Hehe

Including Elon Musk
And Jordan Peterson too

And Sure Even TRumP For
BRinGinG DarK into the World
For Others to 'See' to Get Inspired

to Generate


BLacK Hole
Suns Do Seem
To Serve A Purpose too, Hehe
As Creativity Springs From LiGHT oF DarK

Wisdom Will Most Faithfully Sleep And Wake

Peacefully Loving All DarK Thru LiGHT For Real;

Indeed, Nothing
Left Or Right to
Subtract Or Add; Naked,

Enough, Whole, Complete All That is...

CaLL iT All God or a 'Blue Turtle;' It is What iT ALL iS...

"Nataraja The Lord of Dance, represents
the never ending cycle of evolution and dissolution.

The Master who has conquered the five elements,
dancing to his tunes.

An Alphabetical tribute to the The Divine Dancer
condensing the essence of cosmic energy in his form in action.

Nataraja – The Cosmic Dancer

Absolute and ultimate dance of
‘Being in the Now’, where
Celestial Creation & Destruction
Dance hand in hand in
Energetic, enigmatic endless flow.
Formless blending into The Form.
Gift to Cosmos. Unfathomed
Happiness undermines the
In-depth, concealed caring of
Justice to prevail, in the
Knowing of the Unknown all.
Lasya ( dance of creation) and thandava
(dance of destruction) both
Merging in and emerging from
Nataraja,The Cosmic Dancer.
Oneness personified in essence.
Purity and Power as its source.
Quietude emerging in the motion.
Rare culmination of creative
Subtlety of concealed infinity.
‘Thath thwam asi,’ , that’s the Truth.
Unknown, Unsaid and Unseen
Visions of Ultimate Reality.
Worlds far and beyond knowledge
Xceeds the human excellence.
Yearning _’To be with IT ‘ is
all one can wish with the
Zeal of unwavering Faith"


Thank You
Dear Savvy
For Sharing
Your Mother’s
Wise Words in

i Soulfully
Relate To
Every Word
Your Mother
Describes As
The Experience
Of “Natajara
The Lord Of
Dance” For It
Seems At Essence
God Is FLoWeR Unfolding


Of Dance
We Continue
To Dance Sing Free

Thru LiGHT
With SMiles
Sunshine Stars
Radiating Within

Giving Sharing
Carrying Healing

For All With
Most Respect

And Least
Harm In
Sunshine Indeed...

A Vast Ocean of Distractions
my FRiEnD Yaksh True Yes A

Life Away From Laser Focus

Too Yet A Conundrum too As

Original Creativity Won't Come

To Flow if We Attempt to Take the

World Apart in Too Many Details Oh No

Grasping too Much Control Not Allowing

Our Subconscious Mind To Rise Out of the

Other Wise

Only Half a Percent
of Reality our Word
Thinking Conscious
Minds Are of Our Human
Being For Real As Even
Science is Smart Enough

To Show Now Again Not Losing
Sight of the Horizon When Seeking Prey For Lunch

In This Case the Horizon of Beauty That May Be

Lost in A Life
Only Grasping
A "Matter With Things"

True Never Let anyone Convince
You That Beauty Wisdom Love Courage Free in

Peace in Original Creativity is Non-Sense Indeed

For It's true Where i Am From They Will Do Their

Best to Put You IN A Box and Never Allow You to Escape

To Even
Being A 'Real'
Human New Now

Free With Wings
Hehe True i Don't
Push the Button on the
Elevator When i Start to
Rise i Just Put on my Wings

And Allow

my Soul to Fly...

Dear FRiEnD Sohair
May LiGHT Always
Gift Your DarK
With LiGHT
Of Kind SMiles...

Hehe SMiLes Dear Savvy When i Am 12 Life is So Stressful And Lonely

Hehe SMiles Dear Savvy When i Am 25 Life is Better Yet i Am Worried

i Am A Quarter of a Century Old And i Am Getting Very Old hehe

Hmm... When i Am 42 i Am Just too Stressed to Worry About it

Just Surviving Every Moment That's All

Oh Goodness When i Am 47 it Feels

Like Hell Forever Will i Ever Escape

Hmm... When i Am 16 Walking Beaches

In Loving Peace i Watch My Father Snoozing

Watching Cars Race around and around and around

A Track Thinking On No i Never Wanna Be 44 Years-Old

Now i Truly Understand the

Value of Making This the

One and Only Best Now

Evolving of All And Truly

Most Every Moment Feels This

Way As Long as i Am Still Evolving

AS Human Being in Someway Although

i Never Expected it Still to Be in Every Way

at 62 Years Old as Most Everyone i Knew At that

Age Before Seemed Like They Were Always Looking

To the Past For Some Glory Day Besides today mY FRiEnD

This is the Best Moment

of mY Life As i Create Every

Move of Dance Holy Every Word
of Song Sacred Flavored With Love

And Peace For Everyone i Greet in Life

Finding the Truth Of Reality Is

Peace and Love Now New to

Be i am Is Beyond All Distance

Space And Time And A 'Matter

With Things' A SPiRiT FRiEnDS

With GRaViTY of HeART and SoUL

Neither Falls or Rises LiveS ETernally

Now Free Just to be i Am

Love Free

It iS A VEry Good Year

A Very Good Day A Very

God Present This Gift of New Now Best...

Oh Dear Lord my Only Fear in Life These Days
Heights so i Guess i'll Skip the Part of the Old

"July Andrews Song" That Suggests

Climb Every Mountain Yet

Dancing With Wind

Becoming Wind and

Waves Tracing Shorelines

With Feet of Dance Naked

Enough Whole Complete

Free as A Beach of Sugar White
Sands Emerald Green Waves Sea Oats

Swaying the Breeze Sea Gull Wings

Around Sun

Yes that i Will Do
Dear Miriam Now
Just to Take FLiGHT
On Terrestrial Earth
As Any Calm Eye of

A Hurricane Will Naturally Do...

With SMiLes Now For An Afternoon DeLiGHT Nap...

"22 Life Lessons at 22" Truly Worth
Reiterating Dear Isha

Yes Finding Whatever
Therapy Works for Anxiety

Keeping Spirit Life Connecting Soul

Developing Plans Yet Okay if They Don't
Work Out Always Room For A Different Direction

Making Outer and Inner Self Equally Strong to Adapt

Avoiding Social Comparisons on Social Media Platforms

Yes! Mind And Body Balancing Healing Naturally Comes in Peace

Fear Leads to Anger Leads to Hate Leads to Self and Other
Destructions Yes And Mind And Body Balancing Does Help

Hehe If You Feel Down Yes Stand Up Straight and Even

Raise Your Arms to the Heaven's In A 'Rocky Pose' For

More Confidence

True We Must
Accept That
Not Everyone
Will Accept What
We Are to Give to Them

Make the Effort For You to Give

Ah Yes Keep The Divine Inner Child
Alive Feel the Breath of God Free Within

Yes You Will Be Your BesTesT of FRiEnDS

As Yes Every Move May Become Holy Every
Word May Become Sacred Every Inhale
Of Breath Peace Every Exhale of Breath Love

It is the Smallest
Parts of Life We

Do That Add up
to the Whole of Divine

In All of Life's Dance Song

Bring Yourself Up if other
Folks Can't Keep Up Let them
Do What They Do as You Continue to Rise Freer

We aRe Best Suited to Live With Our Own Weight for Now

Ah Yes Keep Moving Forward With What You Do For Example
Today is my 4748th Consecutive Day Writing Online Oh Lord
i Was So Busy Doing Other Stuff Then i Saw Your Post to make

The 4748th
Day Reality
As Usual Now
Continuing to Flow
on This 13th Year
Anniversary of Writing
Everyday Online Today

SMiLes Finding Value in
Others is a Best Way to find Value in Us

Tears Comfort Bring Calm Soothing Smiles

All Of Life is a Journey of Exploration Now is Always

A Best
To Explore
THE NeW in Life
We View Or Co-Create Now...

Catholic Mass Readings From The Wee Hours of
November 26, 2023 as "Nether Land Bible" Turns
90 Months Old at 10 MiLLioN Words And "FB Profile Pic Bible" Turns

78 Months Old at 8.4 MiLLioN Words And 19,093 Miles of Public Dancing

Turns 123 Months All Efforts Subchapters of "SonG oF mY SouL in 123 Months

of 12.3 MiLLioN Words It Would Really Be Hard to Do This With Many Mechanical

Cognition Distractions Hehe Like Today Doing What its Takes to Get a New

Smart Phone After Almost 5 Years Preparing A Way to Finally Be Able

To See My Blog Posts on a Smart Phone as 4 MB RAM wasn't Enough

And iPhone 15 Pro Max has 8 MB RAM And A Bigger Screen and

Longer Lasting Battery True Fitting All of What i Do Back

In As Moore's Technology Rule Catches Back up to

my Creativity Anyway the Mass Readings

Speak to A Matthew Chapter Where

The once Love the Enemy

Turn the Other Cheek

Dude is Changed

Back into the Old Testament

God Punishing Parts of Nature

in Torture Without Respite For this Finite Life

And Of Course It's All About Black and White

Right Side and Right Hand Stuff Blind of What Is Left


LoVE iN Peace
For All NO Exceptions

Gotta Stop This Eye And Many
More Scale Eyes for an Eye If

This Human Species is Gonna
Survive With Less Flawed

Ways of Holy And

Sacred Texts

For A Better
Way that Doesn't
Contradict the Essence
of LoVE iN Peace in the Same Chapter...

Anyway the Nice iPhone Sales Person
At Walmart Remarked my Driver's License
Picture Still Existing From 2012 in the Dead

Zone Yes She Said That Couldn't Possibly be me

And i Said True i Was the Living Dead Then

Just Another Zombie A Ghost

Wandering the Earth

Not Realizing

They Are Dead

Yet in This Case

i Fully Realized That

Hell Was Real Within and
Now the Other Place SMiLes...

If Only We Will Lift Each Other
Up Instead of Tearing Each Other Down...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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Age: 64
Gender: Male
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27 Nov 2023, 4:30 am

Drift Wood Bliss

Coming on Shore

Holding Hands

Back to the

Benches of

Life Where
Humanity Sits
Together in BLiSS AGAiN

SMiLes Dear Xenia

Alone We

Never Are



The Beaver Full Moon

Makes Its Presence

Felt and Sensed

As Dams


Tides Ebb
And Flow
More Fully Alive...

Forest Bathing No Matter

What Part of Nature

We the Leaves

RiSinG And

Falling Up

With New Life

Springing From FRoZeN

SOiLS and


Lost Souls...

iNDeed No Lost Humanity

When Benches House

More Than


Face to Face
For Real With SMiLes...

Hehe Even if 'The Nurse' is 'Reading
A Magazine' While 'Forrest Gump'

Reveals Every
Day Miracles

oF All
Our Existence
Yet No Fiction
Real mY FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Xenia Tomorrow The Sun
Returns With Brisk Cooler Temperatures

With Elations

of Azure Blue

Above Below

Within mY FRiEnD
With SMiLeS AGAiN...

A Whale And Turtle's

Dream Come Real

Always Now Dear

Savvy One With

Ocean Whole Waves

High And Low Just

Keeping the Flow on Go


Oh Dear Lord Dear Hawaii FRiEnD

Those North Shore Waves Are
Absolutely Bombastic to

Ride in Balance Yet

Your FRiEnDS

Still Do With SMiles
Delicious Food Happy
Cat And Bird Pets What

Else Might We Ask For
Except to Enjoy the

Beaver Full Moon

Tomorrow With

Even More Skies

Bright of Midnight True...

Ah Yes Dear Miriam DecembeR EPiToMe Of Shortened Days
And Longest Nights too As We Humans Will Turn The NiGHT

iNto Days

With All

Our Celebrations
Hehe in WhoVille Now

Yet As They Say No Need
to Fear the Orange Reaper

Just Get Out And Vote

For You Instead

of Us And

Them With SMiLeS AGAiN...

Ah Yes Memories You Bring Back Of

Odorous Life Indeed Mr Gottfried

Oh Dear That Spring of 2017 When

Just A Common Cold Before Covid-19

Took my Smell and Taste Away Yet i Already

Had Lost All Memories
of the Feeling of A Smile
Fortunately Although
Memories are Tied in
Strongly With Smell

Ah Yes Many More Senses
in Synergy Emotions make True

Oh my GoD And Then There was the
Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017

And What i Named As the
Doomsday Smell Then as

Everything About Existence
Basically Smelled Like Rotting Flesh
Tastes Not too Far Off From That Too YucK

True That is A Real Disorder When Lost Smell
And Taste Comes Back And Enough of A Problem
For it to Literally Be a Suicide Disease For Some Folks too

Yet Again i Had
the Perspective
of No Emotions
At All Piece of Paper
Existence for 66 Months then
Truly FroZeN HeLL ON EartH WiTHiN

So What if Everything Smells Dead Just
Curl my Lip up a Bit And Still SMiLe Though
'Gehenna' Again



The SMiLe
Still Fully Worked

i Was Used to a Challenge
By Then for Damned Sure Already

With SMiLes too...

Just Another Raging
Wave of Life To Surf And Not Drown...

Hehe Dear Isha Seeking Customer Support
Reliable Updating Several New Technology

Devices After Years of Waiting For The Technology
Of iPhones to Finally Graduate with 8 MB RAM Enough
to Open Up Massive Bi-Monthly 60 Thousand Word or So Novel

Size Free Verse EPiC Long Form Poems So Tired Last Night
i Identified the New iPhone As Having 8 MB Instead of GB

of RAM
Updating the
iPhone Left my
Apple Watch 3 Behind
No Longer Connecting
to the New iPhone So Sure
Hehe Buy a New one of those

Too And Even More Tech Glitches
Keeping me Up Past Midnight Before

The Writing of the Day is Close to Finishing Now

Ah Yes Patience With Often Ill-Informed Tech Support

Having to Figure

It on my Own
Just Like Work

Life Best Part of
All It's Still All For Play

Patience Will Have it No
Other Way Now As Tomorrow
Will Be A Day Contacting Apple Care

Hehe Like they Really Care With SMiLes

Yet i Understand the Grind of IT Support

From the
Old Working
Days of Way
Before Even


Came into
Being Then For Real

It's True We Used to Have
14.4K Modems Indeed We
Developed A Whole Lot of
Patience on the Wait That Way...

And We Had Computers Running
DOS With No Graphic User Interface
Then Just Text Based And Code to Know...

Easing Myself Gently Back Down into the Waters
of Free Verse Poetry Again the Antithesis of Tech Support

Indeed Hehe...

No Blessing
Greater Than
Mother’s Love
This Color
LovE ReaL

Of Love to
All You Love
Ever Springing

Moon Chasing
Drives Through
Winter From
Fall Springing
Summer Snowflakes
Stars In Fall Space
Sky Erasing Tears
Racing Our
All Pain And Numb
Snow Storm of Joy
And Free...

Every Canvas
Empty till
We Paint
Into Colors

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
i BeCAmE Nothing
To Do More
Some How
This Resonates
A Story of

As Deep
As Nothing
More As Is
All ah Such
A Beautiful
Phrase Now
That Doesn’t
Get Trapped
A Tongue
On A
Roof of Mouth

Tongue Relaxing
Verb Breathing
All ah So Beautiful
iN Deed SMiLes

Ever Will With SMiLes

In Short Breath Is In Love The Gratitude Long Continuing Now

Deeper Stories Continuing to GRoW Evolving/Devolving

As Usual God Yes Shows Go On NoW Eternally

Breathing Drowning Or Suffocating We Breathe

The Work Or Play We Slave

Or Direct Now Yes For Real

Hope Is the Balloon that
Lifts Fear is the one that

Ever CoLoRinG
SPRinG Green to:
From: Falling Leaves...

Descends For Giving
Thanks Giving Is
The Nature of
RiSinG Beyond
THorns as
Beautiful Sublime Potential God Yes
Roses RiSinG CoLoRinG MoRE NoW
DaNCinG LoVinG Life Eternally
NoW God Yes Change Exists
Yet We Are the Navigators
For FLight Or Descent NoW
Thanks FRiEnDS iNSPiRinG
In Rise Of Rose ReaSon oF Art
As Any Piper Will Play Even More

It's True Dear Rue From The Mountain
Top Below There Are No Swords
Or Any



To Stay

Yet to Lift

The Rest oF All the

Others Up However

For me at Least Hehe

my Achilles Heel is

My Head As

No My Mother
Did Not Lift me

Out of the 'River Styx'

With One Foot Making my

Heel WeaK iNstead i Fell

Out of the Grocery Buggy

Onto my


And She Always
Wondered if that
Might Have Made

me Special Like Forrest Gump...

Anyway, Nope, i'm Not Complaining...
These Are Still The Very Best Days to me now...

SMiLES iN A World of So

Much Competition

Dear Rue


It's Nice Just
to Inhale Peace
Exhale Love Now

Ascending Transcending
Up to the All In All Naked
Enough Whole Complete

As It's True THere is No Competition

In All IN All Naked Enough Whole Complete

Yet to


More mY FRiEnD
iN Cooperation oF Wings Breathing...

SMiLes Dear Ruchi We Only Live
And Die Alive to Be Reborn As

Love And Peace So Warm to
Give Share Care Heal For

Free With Most Respect
And Least Harm December

Is the New Hope Sadly Youthful Spring

For Many Has Become the Loneliest Place

(As We Become More Tools We Use Than Human)

oF all With Depth of Human Warmth that True Time

And Age Need Not Erase in Summer Colors For It's True When i Am Ice Cold

Then Now And 47 My Great Aunt Jettie Who Could Barely Walk Bent Over With

Walker at 94 IS SPiRiT of Warmth

Within And SMiLes With No

Age True No NuMBeRS of

Living Death Not Nearly

As FRoZeN As me at 47

A Spirit With Barely A Breath

Of Emotions to Complete Even
A Sentence of Warmth to Give and
Share And Care And Yes Heal With

Most Respect and Least Harm as Dear

Old Aunt Jettie Fully Able to Do at 94

She Just Could Hardly Walk With the Help of
A Walker Then Yet She Developed The Ability

to Feel Her Back Pain Away True More than Word Think

The Meditation of Soul Feeling Sensing Healing Deep Within

All i Was Then
Just Pain and Numb
From Head to Toe All
The Warmth of Love and
Peace No WHere to Be Found
Within to Give Share Care Heal
With Most Respect and Least Harm

Like Dear Old Ever Youthful Wings of
Soul Dear Old Aunt Jettie Who Could Sing

In Poetic Tones of Memories in A Life Well Spent

For Hours


So Warm to
Give Away For Free

Yet i With Barely the
Breath of one Word

Valuable Lessons my FRiEnD
Indeed to Look Forward One Day

to Getting Old in Numbers And Perhaps

Human Again Enough to Inhale Peace
Exhale LoVE iN JoY


With A Twinkle

Even in An Eye

Barely Able to See

Yet Depths of ALL
Soul of Peace and Love

RiSinG to Warm Coldest oF FRoZeN SoULS

It's all Relative my FRiEnD SMiLes As Long As i Smile



i Am Only
Afraid of Living Dead Again

In Feeling i am Not Afraid at All for i SMile New Now...

In 'Real Life' i Will And Do Warm People Without Even
Words Without Even Dance and Song Indeed There is LiGHT

ALL Measure
to Give Share
Care Heal For All
With Most Respect

And Least Harm
Dancing First Always
Starting A New Song
Works Best for



What may...

Indeed 'Prayer' Far Beyond
Words And Only Human Form For Real...

Science Will Never Measure God at Least
When God Is
Real mY



LoVE iN Peace
As We Become Leaves
Yes Living Trees Forest
Whole Waves Dancing
Singing Ocean Complete Water

Falling From SKeYeS Upon All Souls Alive...

SMiLes Dear Vrunda No Greater Pain
i Understand Than Being Loved Without

The Ability to Receive or Return the Same

For It's True What Remedy is There When

You Already Have it All

And No Way

to 'See' Through
The Opaque Window

of Soul That Will Not Reach the
Other Side of Heaven From the

Distance Of Hell Within No Measure

Yes Only Endless Time of Darkness

True What i Named "Aghogday" Then

Just Another "Bill Murray Ground Hog

Day" Never any Forecast of Either Spring or

Winter Only Dust of Hell That No One Is Able

To Sweep Away

Yet Deep Within

in all Time Somehow When

Soul Comes Back to Breathe

SMiLes my FRiEnD Dear Vrunda

Loss oF All Emotions is Rare And
Often More Common in Folks With
Extremely Systemizing Analytical Minds

That Through Nature Like Autism is Born This
Way or Through Environment Like Becoming the
Tools We Use More Than Being Human Is Nurtured

in Darkness
of Mechanical
Cognition As Even
Science Shows A Life
Spent in Mechanical Cognition

Like Mostly Attached to Screens
And the Such As That All Hours
of the Day and Night May Take Us

Away From Another Entire Realm of
Being in Social-Empathic-Artistic-Real
Emotional Sensory Spiritual Ways of Being

Where Our Soul Is Deeper Within Our Subconscious
And More Right Hemisphere Minds As Even Moving
Meditation Will Fire Up Our Cerebellums to connect

More to Social Empathic
Ways of Warm Connections
With Others indeed A Dance
Free And Song Free of Poetry

Are Two Ways In Oldest Ancestral
Human And Social Animal Ways Yes

In General To Bring Back the Warmth
oF LiGHT That Reaches Out and Touches

Flames to Kindle Souls Alive Within to Give
Share Care and Heal With Most Respect And
Least Harm for All We May Meet and Greet in

Life From
to The
Rest of Nature
Moving Connecting
Co-Creating Warmth
of Peace iN JoY oF LiGHT

Being in the BLacK Abyss for
66 Months i Surely Don't Wanna
See Anyone Go Where i've Been

And i Surely Will Move Mountains in HeLL And
in Heaven to Do my Best to Assist With A Breath

of Love
and Peace

Up Out of the
DarK Abyss mY FRiEnD

No Drugs Then Would Help
me They Assessed me as
The Worst Case Ever No
Choice Yet for my Physician
Soul to Breathe and Come Back to Life Again Thank God Yes

For me at least A Free Dance And Song Free Brings that Back

And Keeps me alive in SMiLes As Practice of Peaceful Loving Life...

SMiLes Dear Kiran
i Know/Feel/Sense
A WHoLE Lot of People

Who Can't Or Won't or
Don't Give me True Love

Yet i Never

Give Up on them

Cause i Can

And Will Give
Them True Love With SMiLes

It's Really Cool as i Used to Not
Be Able to Do This At All i've Been

Practicing All mY Life and MaKinG

IT A BesTesT Art to Do YES! BRing on the DarK

(i Go to Some of the Most Challenging Places in the 'UniVerse
Online' to Hone in My Skills Greater in Practice, Practice, Practice

True Your Place is More Like A RestStop for Kindness YES!
to Re-Charge my Batteries of Peace and Love Even More! True!

Rarely Do i Find RestStops Online i Appreciate Your Home)

Hehe and i Will Flood Them With LiGHT Head to Toe

And if my LiGHT is too

BRiGHT i Will Do my

Best to Turn it
Down at Least
A Little bit with SMiLes...

Hehe, i Don't
Exactly Own 'GoD';

The Rest of Nature

Doesn't Have to Talk at All...

Karma Will Surely Do the Trick

Alone Without Any Humans

At All



And Effect

That is Real
Nature God Now;

Of Course More than

You and me Know; Yes,

Feel, Sense, And Beyond

Words, We Will Even Come to Imagine Now...

Other Than That for me at Least, These Are The
Best of Days Now...

And as Usual

i Carry All the
Evidence Loving Free...

Happy SuNDaY A
Day Before Your
With A Sunset
Gift Over Barnes
And Noble Making
A Cross in The Sky
Yet Not Human
Real With SMiles...

"Nether Land Bible 10 MiLLioN WordS Old"

Coming In Directly After "19,000 Miles oF Public

Dancing" As That Was the 1000th MacroVerse

EPiC Long Form Poem of "SonG oF mY SoUL"

At 12.3 MiLLioN Words Yet of Course Not Unlike

The Early Spirals Of A Nautilus Milky Way Galaxy

Ours too And of Course

Hurricane Arms too

The First Few are

Not Nearly As Large As the

Last Ones Come Broader And Longer

As They Dance Sing Above So Below

Within Inside Outside All Around Surely

The UNiVeRSE SPiRaLS Our Minds And

Expressions of Existence We Co-Create As Art True

God Yes Hehe This "Nether Land Bible 10 MiLLioN WordS Old"

Stuff is Rather Poetically Free And Deep Yet True As The Ocean

is THere
is SHallow
True too Yet

Hehe Not For me for Now
As i've Pretty Much Covered
The Tale of the Tape Already
Public Dancing Reaches 19,109

Miles And of Course "Depth of The
Story" Yes 3.3 MiLLioN Words in a Solo
Thread too on the Wrong Planet Website
in the 82nd Page in 39 Months of Effort
With Over 192 Thousand Views Just From
The Registered Members There Plus All the

Other Places Free Verse Poetry in Song and

Moves That come Freely in Holy And Sacred Ways

of Dance Free Verse True too Spiraling About

As Pyramids Make

Ratios of Waves

Ocean Whole

Water True too
Particles Waves
Yep Fields of All Dreams
of Nether Lands Coming True Now too

As This Completes This Particular Tree
of LiFE "Nether Land Bible 10 MiLLioN WordS Old"
Going On Longer Than Usual Just Trying to Catch
Up With All the Other Stuff Coming and Going What May

True Close to 70,000 Words ThiS Go Around With So Much
Multi-Media to Catch up to Electronically Publish By Blog Way

True too Yes the Writing Part Concluding Now at 3:16 AM on

November 27th, 2023...

Rain Ending Colder

Crisp Azure Blue Sky

Weather BLoWinG iN HeaR True too...

MaKinG Room For the Next MacroVerse

"SeeKinG LoVE iN Peace NoW" And

Oh Dear Lord "Grand Cross Bible

2023" The 13th Subchapter

EPiC LonG Form Bible

Poem on Average

Each Longer

Than That Old
King James Effort

All Children of "SonG oF mY SoUL
Including the Grand Parent and Parents

As Generations of EPiC Long Form Poems Continue to Spring Free

Just Gotta Keep Believing And Dream's Fruition Continues to Really Come



They Do STiLL Return...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 64
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,666

28 Nov 2023, 1:54 am

SeeKinG LoVE iN Peace NoW Dear

Savvy iNHaLinG Peace Exhaling

LoVE For All With Most Respect

Least Harm Understanding

That This Endeavor is

An Art and Never

Science Alone as

Every Breath We Humans Take
As Gift Changing New Creations
We aRe Every NoW iN Deed With SMiLes

At Best With
Mercy and

For the Challenges

We May Not Always

Meet As Stewards of
Each Other and the Rest of Nature Real

What Makes Us Equal is We aRe Born We Die

What Makes Us LoVE iN Peace NoW Is When We Really Do It


“Born to live
In such a way
That as we find our truths
We realise our life is enough
For each of us.
To breathe in peace
Without wars
Without hate
Sensing the synergy
Healing in the harmony
Acknowledging the equanimity
And flow along …”

-Savvy Raj

Lovely Verse
Dear Savvy

Thank You
With SMiles...

SMiLes Dear Miriam in the First Real Cold of the Year And Deer Season

Too How Joyful to See Them Roaming in Neighborhoods

Escaping Scopes of Hunters

How Dear Nature is

Indeed At Best

of Course in

Balance Like
The Rest Of Our
Animal Kingdom Including Us

Oh to Roam Wild and Free

'Jack London's Tears'

For A Half

Dog and

Wolf Still Grins...

Sure Footed
Ram Relaxing
Mountain Peak
No Sheep Supporting Free...

SMiles THere Is surely
Lots of Emptiness
in the World
Covered by
So Many
Fed From
Birth Away From
Foraging Dance And
Song Hand-iN-Hand

Village of Warmth

'The Child' Yes

Yoda Ultimate
Thrift Store of Clothes
WHere Naked Joy Just Gets Lost...

Thanks For The
i Surely
Relate to
The Ram
Opposed to
Just Another


Of The

Sheep Crowd

Blind in Servitude



We Paint
New Blooms
To Thrive With SMiLes
It’s Also
That If
We Ever
Lose The
Ability to
A Tear
Sad May
Bring A Cold
Dead Soul Back
To Life
In Cold
Of Tears Relived...

SMiLes For me
At Least Play
So No one
Ever Sees
It Strike
Out With
To Say
NO Loud
To All
Fall With



Creating Dance
Breathes Song SMiLes

It's So Very True How We May

Come to Understand When

The HeART Goes Numb

When the SPiRiT

No Longer

Our SoUL
Grows Dead
What It Means
To Even Live at
All When Nothing
Really Matters At All
In A World Dead So Plastic
And Numb Nothing Really Matters
At All Yet It is True Love Is All We Need
Everything We Give Or Do Not Returns
To Sunshine
Or New
All to Please
to Warm A THaWeD

Place ReNeWinG Spring
Colors of FLoWeRS More Now
Summer Breathing Fall Leaves
Fertilizing Winter Sprouts Spring
TEars of EYes Yes Colors Return
Sunset Ever More Beautiful
In Newer Pastel Colors
Never Noticed
Before As Paint
Becomes The Flame
Within We Color Same
Entirely New Coming Out
of Life's Cave Dungeon ReLEaSinG NoW
WHere Again Everything All Matters Beauty

Soul Stirring
Milky Ways
Coming New
Out of Black Whole
Dear Savvy
Spiraling Free

Nights Hold
New Moons
Making Full Ones

Shine Sunshine
Merry Day
To Shine On All
Where Everything
And Even Nothing
Really Matters As Love...

Every Change DarK Thru LiGHT

An Opportunity To Find A New

Doorway For A Lesson to Live

Love And Appreciate

The Gift
Present Dear
Kiran With SMiLes
As Long As We Are Breathing
An Potential to Color Life New...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Even in Pop Culture

Modernly Prophecies
Warning Humans Not

To Become More The
Tools We Use Than


True Choice Human
Or Machine as Free Art
iN 'The Terminator, Matrix,
And Avatar Movies' Yes Bring
to the 'Big Screen' Will Those of

Us With the Perspective of Before
The Human Machine Age Be Able

To Bring Machine Humans Back to

Life Reflecting an Age Where NDD Nature
Deficit Disorder Both Human And the Rest of Nature

Is Not So Deficient

In All that Makes
A Human HeART
Beat With SPiRiT
RiSinG SoULS Moving
Connecting Co-Creating ToGeTHeR Freely

Dancing And Singing ThiS WaY True Ironically

At Least THere iS A World Hive to Give it A Shot

As i Surely Can't Afford to Literally Travel All Over

The World Hehe True Fitting my 245 American Pounds

Through These Fiber Optic Cables in A Place With No

Sun or Moon or Stars or Even Distance, Space, Time

And A 'Matter With Things' At Speed And Essence of Peace
iN LoVE At Best Newly NoW As i Get to Upload mY SPiRiT
HeART And SoUL As IT Continues to BREaTHE AVaTaR LiFE

While i Sleep

And Even When

i Pass Away Yes i Suppose

A Benefit of Online is Beethoven

Practically Lives Forevernow on YouTube

Where We May Listen to the MuSiC of HiS SoUL

And So Many Others As A Breath of Art continues ThiS WaY

With No Need to Put Human Initials on Pyramids or Golden
Edifice Towers

to Take Up
Space From
Nature Breathing

And Additionally A
Way to Survive into the
Future With Potentially Much
Deadlier Pandemics and the
Such Still to Come With Every

Cloud With Every Sunshine

Shadow and LiGHT
Plays A Role

In Balancing

What Comes to Be Next

It's Hard to Say What Deficit
Next Will Save the Entire Human

Species or Perhaps Diverting an Asteroid

Hitting the Earth With Nuclear Bombs That

Once Killed Human Beings Instead of Saving Nature As is

Adventure It Is Dear FRiEnD Savvy DarK Thru LiGHT With SMiLes

Hehe at Least i'm

Not Killing A Forest

Of Trees With 15 MiLLioN
Words Without Missing A
Day in the Last 13 Years Online

Pros and Cons Always Potentially
Visible DarK Thru LiGHT in Balance

Once Invisible Before Yet Change

Yes STiLL New Coming into View

With SMiLes Key Master the Tool

And Do Not Be Mastered By It

Balance All That is FRiEnDS

With Gravity Best We

Can And Will

Come What May With SMiLes...

It's So Very True How We May

Come to Understand When

The HeART Goes Numb

When the SPiRiT

No Longer



Our SoUL

Grows Dead

What It Means
To Even Live at

All When Nothing

Really Matters At All

In A World Dead So Plastic

And Numb Nothing Really Matters

At All Yet It is True Love Is All We Need

Everything We Give Or Do Not Returns

To Sunshine

Or New



All to Please

to Warm A THaWeD

Place ReNeWinG Spring

Colors of FLoWeRS More Now

Summer Breathing Fall Leaves New

Fertilizing Winter Sprouts Spring

TEars of EYes Yes Colors Return

Sunset Ever More Beautiful

In Newer Pastel Colors

Never Noticed

Before As Paint

Becomes The Flame

Within We Color Same

Entirely New Coming Out

of Life's Cave Dungeon ReLEaSinG NoW...

WHere Again Everything All Matters Beauty




Life is Forever
Now When
We Are Full
Of Joy
And Word
Holy Sacred
Dance And Song
Of Life FRiEnDS
With Gravity
Joy Giving
Sharing Freely
Caring Healing
My Blog is one
Long Free Verse
Poem A Collection
Of Copy And
Paste Literally
A Word Count
Of 12.3 MiLLioN
Words inspired
By Beautiful Souls
Like You Around
The Globe
Souls From
India In
You Are
Appreciated Much...

WHere Every Wild Flower Comes From

Yes A Weed Mr Gottfried Not You Of Course

Hehe me as One of the Employees i Supervised

Who Sort of Loved me and Hated me Said Fred

It Doesn't Matter How Much

You Fall Into "IT" Damn It

You Always Come Up Smelling
Like Roses Never the Less Weeds

GRoWinG iN Manure Do Make Much

More Beautiful Wild Flowers Like One Morning

my Wife Listening to One of Her Favorite Songs "Mary Did You Know"

True She Listens to the Same Song Year Round All i Can Do to Stop The

Boredom is SinG ALong the Tune And Oh No Small Enclosed Spaces Like

A Car And My Voice Do Not Please my Wife As She Remarked Please Stop

As i Was Hurting Her Left Ear Yes She's on the Right And i'm Aways Driving
on the Left

Yes Driving

'Miss Daisy'
She Does Not Drive
That May Explain Why
We've Been Together 34 Years Hehe...

Anyway Just Stepping in iT AGain After

Getting That Wafer of Bread For Communion

The Lovely Young Woman in Front of me With Her

Family Turned Around And Said Her Children Were Staring

At me For The Beauty of My Singing Voice From the Very Back

Pew Row in Fact They Could Hear me Going All The Way Up to the

Front of the Church

As the Wafer of Bread

Was Delivered to me on

The Very Last Lyric of the

Church Song i Belted Out to the Whole Damn Place Hehe

Anyway i do the Best i Can And Will to Please And Do Tend to

Rise Out


Hope You
Are Having A Lovely
Day Across the Pond
Perhaps a Little Closer to
The Equator i Have FRiEnDS
Indeed All Around the World

At Least

i Dream

i Do With SMiLes...


It's What We Weedy Wild Flowers
Do Yes BReaKinG Through Concrete

Barriers to Color All Roads Spring

Perhaps More Aptly Put Asphalt...

Ah Yes Dear Kiran What A Relief Belief is As

Even Science Shows A Power Of Belief Associated With

The Placebo Effect And Whatever Form Sugar Pills Come Next

Is A Real Healing Medicine of Belief For Real As That So-Called

Placebo Effect

of Belief With

Even Potentially

Putting So-Called
Incurable Disease into Remission Does Happen

Yet At Essence 'Voodoo' is Real too Per 'Nocebo'

So Pull Out the Old 'Indian Evil Eye' to Protect

As When Folks Start To Believe in Negative Stuff

Actions Negative Do Naturally Go Along With Negative

Beliefs as True A Person May Wish Their Life Away in An

Early Demise

With the Power

of DarK in Belief

Yet Conversely LiGHT

When Belief Is Colored With

All Essence Love And Peace For Real...

A Greatest Innate Instinctual Intuitive

Fear is No Longer Bonding and Binding

With 'The Group Think in Belief and Do'

As True Ancestrally Becoming Excluded

And Outcast From The Culture/ Religion/
Philosophy/ Politics At Hand Then Without

Our Excess Technologies Means Potential

Dear Savvy

Without the
Help of the
Group Think
Again At Hand then

Yet On the Other Hands

We Do Have What is Basically

Required For Survival Hehe Yes

Walmart At Least Where i Am From

in Heaven
For Real
Within With SMiLes...

Hehe my Wife is Currently Most
Always in A Rush Perhaps One
Day She Will Arrive And Enjoy
Staycation With SMiLes...

Hehe Just
Wish Word
Press Would
Be More Customer


GRoWinG More Distant

Will Do What It Takes

Dear Cindy...

Oh Dear Lord i Just Don't Know How You Do It All Dear Cindy

Hehe First World Problems This Week With Holidays And Wife

With Back Pain And Moving to A New iPhone and Apple Watch

With All the Natural
SNAFU's When You've

Been Using Legacy Devices
Too Long Have Been Enough

First World Problems to Delay
my Blog Efforts too Yet The Dance

And Song Continues With Word Press
Pushing in the Block Editor to The Comments

Section of Blogs Today Dear Lord With No Warnings

to the Customers

Who Pay Their

Way As So-called
Happiness Engineers

Dear Lord Why Can't We Just
Keep What Already Works So Well

Yet Hey! There is Always The Reader
Work Around As It is Simply A Free

Page to Write on And Let the

Flow Take Care of

All the Formatting

Deep From Within as
Hey Jack Kerouac Taped Pages
Together to Keep Typing on His
Manual Typewriter Back in the Day

To Enjoy Real Bliss of Stream of Conscious
Writing That only requires an Open Canvas of Page

The Work
Around is This
Where There is Will
There is Way Just Like
Fixing All the New Devices
With All the SNAFU's too

Do Rest Easy Dear Cindy

Finding the Flow Tween

Anxiety and Apathy a Sweet Spot Dear...

SMiLes Dear Anita All Helpful Directions to Move Toward Happiness

And Of Course How We Meet the Challenges of Life in Change

Bouncing Back Out of Complications of Darker Hours

Returning SeeKinG LoVE iN Peace Now For

A Better Way of Creating Balance in Life

New Out of Disarray That Often

Comes in Life Challenges And

Of Course What's Great About Being
Human Together is Our iMaGiNaTioNS
And Co-Creative Potentials As We Move

And Connect
For A Better
Day Next Now

With Even More SMiLes
GRoWinG iN LiGHT Out of DarK...

SMiLes Dear Aleesha

Oh Dear What in the World is WordPress Doing in the
Comments Section Darn i Have to Shift to Create The Next
Line as to Not Break the Flow of my Words in This One


Why Can't Word
Press Leave Well Enough Alone
However It is Kind of Nice That
i Can Center my Words in Reply


Perhaps my Fingers Need
A Shift Return Rest After
Every Single Line With SMiLes

Yes Indeed i Miss Your Creativity on Word
Press Dear Aleesha How The Mechanical Cognitions
That Are the Grind Of Modernity Take Away Our Creativities
So Free With Wings
For Those Who Love
to Sing Their Words
Dance Their Moves
A Way of Art Life
Becomes ThiS WaY

SeeKinG LoVE iN Peace NoW
For All With Most Respect Least
Harm Doing the Best We Can And Will New
With the Tools At Hand Adapting to All Challenges

Hehe As
This is the First
Day i've Seen This
Change to Commenting
On Word Press Yet Again it is
Kinda Nice to See The Shapes
Automatically Coming to
Centering ThiS Way
to More Fully
Art FLoWinG From SoUL
So Nice to See You on Word Press Again...

And Of Course it Still Didn't Format Correctly
In The Comments Section Ode
To Leaving Well Enough Alone...
Just One Big Blog of Words All

Running into Each Other Hehe...

Finally Upgrading to iPhone 15
Pro Max after spending 5 Years
With ‘XS’ Oh Dear Lord What

Pics of The
Night Skies

It Brings

Every Star

Truly Lighting
Up The Night With MaGiC...

SeeKinG LoVE iN Peace
Wishing You Much of
This on A Happiest
Joy Filled 32nd
Birthday Dear
FRiEnD With SMiles
Oh Dear Lord i Surely

Try Hehe to Stay
Off Santa’s Naughty List


Oh Yes And Happy
Beaver Full Moon
Day Indeed
A MaGiC Day

For A Birthday...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 64
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,666

29 Nov 2023, 3:02 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy Kindness Wears Wings of Love

That Carry Peace Wherever THere Is Most Respect

And Least Harm

Indeed Kindness ALiVE


All THE ARTS oF LoVE iN Peace

We Do is What Carries Humanity

Higher in Healing Each Other With

Warmth ThiS Way Generating

Sunshine in All Who

Cross Our


Of Kindness

MoRE ALL the Words

All the Dances and Songs

All the Moves That Warm




Ever More

No Mirage This

Kindness Wears Wings...

Hehe Dear Miriam "Hortible Human Beings"
Excellent Unintended Word Play Indeed

Yes From Fried Brains of Course too
Ah Yes Pet Peeves i Suppose i've Had

A Few of Those too True Including
"Hortible Human Beings" God Yes

And True Even God's Proclaimed STiLL

As All Loving The Enemy Merciful Entities
With A Promise of Torturing Folks Who Don't

Believe in Them Forever and Ever With a Big Amen

Yet Then i Remember The Human Condition The One i've

Studied For 63 Years

And Just Remember

It's The Condition

of the Condition There

Are No Cures For The Stories We Tale

Except For Creating Better Stories For Ourselves

So Much Easier to Do Not Working For Anyone Else Yet

Playing Life

And It's True

my Absence of

Making New Money is
A Pet Peeve of Others too

Hehe Yet The Old Money Will Do...

i Rarely Stay Irritated For Long As Taylor

Swift Suggests i Just "Shake It Off" With A Free
Dance And Song and the Irritations Become only A Mirage

As i Create
And Do the
Next Page of

The Story TruLY NewLY NoW...

A Very Good Morning to You As Well Dear "Peace And Truth"

So Nice to Hear From You Again In the Morning of Australia

That is Now Midnight in Florida With SMiLes And As Always

Kind to Refer

to Us as

Twin Souls

True Hehe i Guess

We Get Along Well Enough

To Still Be Together With

100 Percent Faith Honesty

Trust and Love That is Truly

Never Ending We Orchestrate For Real

Ah Yes Dear FRiEnD No Mirage This Is

And True You Seem Like A Real Person too

They Surely May Be A Challenge to Find in a Trifecta

Of Honesty Faith and Love With of Course Peace in Kindness

For All As Well

With SMiLes

Of Most Respect

And Least Harm Over

All Fears Angers That

End Up in Hate and Never

Ending Wars Where Stuff Like Religion

Becomes More Important Than Putting All

Folks First With Faces of God No Less Or More...

Anyway We May All LiVE iN This Place of LoVE iN Peace

NoW SeeKinG


To Share Together

For Real Again With SMiLEs...

SeeKiNG LoVE iN Peace NoW

FoR NeW AGAiN With SMiLes

All That Sets Ablaze A Soul
Fires Love Within As Whole
Nice to See You Around Victoria...

i Dance She Doesn't Dance at All...

i Sing too Loud in Church She Says...

The Elderly Ladies Say My Song's on Fire...

The Young Ladies
Video Tape

Never the
Less my Wife
Is The Fairest of Them All...

She Cooks...

Hi FRiEnD...

Beauty of SunSets



Living and Dying.. Joy and Sorrow..
Love and Hate.. Fear and Hope..
As LonG As THere

Is Art THere Is FiRE

To See Beauty
Any Beauty
Is A Greatest
Sunrise Sunset


oN FiRE NoW...

Emotional And
Physical Intelligences



Humans Fail...

Now With Some 'Desert Rose'
For Muse And 'Sting' Of Fire..
Back to A dVerse Online Poetry

Prompt On Fire

For Another Day

Communal Fire
iN Gratitude
Makes Us Human

Fire of Give or Take

Reach Out...

Prayers for
Who Die
For Nothing Fired

True Unexpected Fires...
So Hard to Put Out
So Easy to Keep

Rivers of the Heart
Tributaries on Fire
Hidden Streams Flood...

WiNKS... i Don't Know
How to Write Poetry..
i Fired Form With Free...

Side Note: i'M Putting
Out the Fire Of mY Poetry...

And Etc...

Fire Dances
Life Within
And Without...

Strings Keys
Piano Souls Alive...

Poetry Pens

Fire Below

Trust me or not You Will
Manage Fire With Poetry...
Side Note: Ends For Now...

Phoenix Emotions...
All Colors We SoaR...New
Ocean Whole Waves Fire..
AShe's Left Dust oF BookS Old...

'Tween Above
Shadows Light Love
Balancing Force Around...

WordS AFiRE!! !...

Fire of Nightmares
Fire of Dreams
Fire of Love Is Wide Awake..
Blinding All the Darker Days...

Fires Want

Songs Love...

Reflections Forest Pan
Naked With Wings Dancing
Singing Free Not Peter Or Paul
Or Mary Only


SeeKinG LoVE iN Peace


FLoWinG True
Ocean Desert
Spirit Winds We
We See
BE Each
Of Sand
Ocean Frees
BeacH NoW WiTHiN...

SMiLes Sohair How Blessed Are We
Of Peaceful Harmony Freely Loving

Not Every

One Is


Way Yet

'They' Are For 'Those'

Capable of Loving iN Peace More...

Language Divides, THere is No

Doubt As Language is Culture

And Culture is Tradition

And By Very Nature

Tradition, Culture,

And Langauge

Excludes That Which

Does Not Fit And What

Is Seen Alien to Language,

Culture, Tradition; Yes, Religions,
Philosophies, And Politics The Same

my FRiEnD

And True

The Part of Our Mind

That Understands The

Whole the Most Without

Separation Is the Part

That Does Not


In Words At All;

The Part That Is Whole

Indeed, Not Separated So Much

By Language, Culture, And Tradition

That Inherently Excludes, Divides, And Separates...

Anyway, Thanks For
Including the Tao

As i Surely Left

Out A Very Influential

Human Icon, Lao Tzu,

For Whatever Ghost Authors

May Have Contributed What

We See of Words Attributed to
that 'Name' as Well...


My FRiEnD,

It's Much Easier

For Folks to At Least

Feel and Sense What i Relate

Here With No Words At All; Just

A Flow Of Oneness in Ecstatic

Autotelic Meditating Contemplating Free Dance...

Of Course i am An Only One Who Dances By my Finger



As Words

i Leave Behind

As Footprints of

The "SonG oF mY SoUL"; Yes,

This Is me, i Make No Excuses

For my Existence And as the Naysayers

May Come and Go And Understandably So

Those Who Have Problems Understanding

The Depth of the "SonG oF mY SoUL" As that
Relates My Unique Leaf Feeding The Tree And Seed

That is me

i Simply


With Falling Leaves

As That Comes Still Feeding

my Tree And Seed Naked, Enough, Whole Complete...

However, If i Were To Stay Static And Not Grow For
the Benefit of Other Leaves Refusing Growth; What An


to Nature

i Will Surely Be...

Reducing The Size
of The Entire Living Loving Tree...

And No, i for one, Have No Problems Understanding You...

Yet of Course, One Will Expect Someone Soon Perhaps

Identifying Your Words Similar to Mine As 'Word Salad'

And That's Okay For In Their World They Don't 'See' What i or You Do...

There Are Many

Kinds of

Color Blindness

Indeed as i Surely

No Longer Will be

Limited to What 'They' Breathe...

For Again That is Precisely What

Language, Culture, And Tradition Does

Limiting the

Size of


LiVinG Entire Tree

Nameless iNdeed my FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

i Dance A Positive


Free And

Then the

Song Naturally

Flows From Loving Free...

"So in your Bible how many hells are there?"

Hehe Dear Mr. Gottfried That's Like Asking A Fish
In A School of 100 In An Aquarium How Many Aquariums

There Are Well Of Course There Are 100 Aquariums as

Each Fish Has A Unique

God i (EYeS) View SaMe As

Humans Now Which Means

Yes THeRE is Only 1 Hell Then
And 1 Heaven NoW in my Bible Yes!

And i Am An Only Son of God THiS WAY

As Far As VieWinG my Multi-UNi-Verse

Uniquely Just Like the Rest of Sentient

And Other Creation Carrying SMiLes or Not

Now Which Means THere Are Around 8 BiLLioN

Or So Only Sons And or Daughters oF And As God

In Human Form And Unique Essence on Earth... Hmm...

What Else, Yes! Even if "They" Pull the Plug on the Internet
All The Word Seeds i Write LiVE oN as True They Are Uniquely

Planted Among Souls All Around the World That Comprise Yes All

15 MiLLioN Words in Poetic and Other Response to Folks All Around

The Globe in the Last 13 Years Online Since Thanks Giving Day 2010

On November 25th, That Day Yes SoWinG The Seeds of Peace and Love

And What Not Too Yes All These Avatar Words in Response to Folks All Around

The Globe the

Butterfly Effect

mY FRiEnD Like my

19,109 Miles of Public
Dance in 123 Months Now
Too i Didn't Have to Say A 'Thing'

i Didn't Even Have to Ask the Metro Area

of Around 600,000 Folks And Areas Far Away in The
Gulf Coast Deep TRuMP States South USA As Far
Away As Biloxi And

Tallahassee To Pick Up

A Tool of Smart Phone

And Share my Ministry of

Public Moving Meditation Dance in Flow



GOD Yes Sharing Innumerable Voyeur Video

Presentations of my Ministry of Public Dance

Far And Wide For Free Without me AsKinG Them

For Any Help At All True This All Seems to Be Fitting


Just Left
And Right

As it Seems

It Should Free

With Butterfly

Wings in Heaven Newly Now...

Other than that This Have a Wonderful
Day/Evening Warmly Closer to The Equator
Yes Even Than Florida FLoWeRS in Sunshine

mY FRiEnD...

-Under Dog

~Captain Under
Pants and Less Hehe...

It's Good to KNoW REAL God
Never Gets Lonely THiS WaY
True Yes if ONE is too Lonely

In Darkness

'They' May

Big Bang
Life And Create Some LiGHT

Out of DarK Dancing Singing Free As All Body
Parts Become One Bread of Life BaLaNCinG All

Thru LiGHT...

Indeed Loving Best Present
Being Loved Greatest Honor

Greatest Gift And Present New

Now We Have Potentials to Give This

Present to Everyone We Meet

And Greet in Life

With or Without

Loving Returns

We Become Essence
LoVE iNCaRNaTE Giving
Sharing Caring Healing All
With Most Respect And Least

Harm For Real Dear FRiEnD
Kiran Source of JoY oF LiGHT Within

We Become
Stars More Brilliant on EartH
With SMiles of COurSE Rays oF LiGHT...

SMiLes Dear Isha Typically An Overabundance

of Stress Hormones Accumulating in Our

Bloodstreams May Lead to Anxiety

Attacks Depending on

Stressful Triggers That

Come True Indeed Hard

to Escape When Stressful Events

And Processes in Life Continue to Come


Take Care As

Well As You Can And
Will With SMiLes i Suppose
It's What We All Come to Do...

And Better Yet Come to Do in Peaceful Loving Ease...

Moving Meditation in Both Dance And Song Works For
me Yet Of Course i Rarely Have Any Real External Stresses in Life

i Do Know Feel and
Sense Still Now Back
in the Distant Stressful
Days Then i Couldn't Find

Anything That Worked
Until i Eventually Left

With No Other Choice As
Yes Too Much Stress May
Make Life Debilitating For Real...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Yaksh

The Janitor Becomes CEO of the

Company As He Focuses on Being
His Best Janitor Doing That Job

And A Greatest

Lover of Peace
And Peace Lover

Verily Does the Same
Excellence is Giving Every
Breath Inhaling Peace Exhaling

Love For All We Do in Peace With SMiLes

Respect in And
All We Do


Flows ThiS Way
As the Pot of Gold
Becomes All the Colors
of the Rainbow More We
Actually Do/Paint New Now For Real...

True “Size Matters
Not” Attributing
To Humming
Bird Wings
To Coast
Yes SPiRiT
Of Humming
Bird Radios
Finely Tuning
Wings of Dance

Long Distance
Underdogs Indeed
Winning With SMiles...

A Real
Flash Dance...

Good News Mr. Gottfried
When The Emoji's Come
Usually my Story is Finally

(At Least
Hehe) As


Do Tend to
Replace Words
These Days Everywhere

We Don't Go in 'FlesH And Blood


First Dance
And Song the
Underdog And

Then Walk And Talk

Now Sitting Glued to
A Screen Where Emoji's Replace


Old For New

After 'The Apple' Again...

How Sweet Dear Kiran

Your Advice For Memorable

Relationships of Truly Caring

Genuine is The

Gift We Never

Wanna Give

Away With SMiLes

Treasure of Truth

Wisdom of Love When Real...

'Flash Dance' Dear Miriam
Dreaming Singing Free iN

Fruition New True Never

Ever Worrying Now About

Making IT into Fancy School

Only SMiLes Spreading

Free Nothing

To Subtract

Or Add DeLiVeRinG

Free Health Care New
Now Again And Again Cost Free
HAha Free Health Care to Copy And Paste at Least...

Marrying Night
Merrying Day

Life Naturally

Dear Savvy

Even Creating

Challenge When Life
Becomes too Easy Yes

More Than A Feeling That

May Be Easily Put Into Words

BLiSSinGS of Reaching Mountain Peaks

Truer BleSSinGS

Finding Only


With Higher
Ever Mountains to Climb

True Just 'Three Feet' Will Do
Even in A Check-Out Line Shopping

One May Never Perfect FRiEnDS With

GRaViTY iN More Room To Balance BLiSSinGS
As BLeSSinGS Even in An Almost Imperceptibly

Slow Free Dance to See Yet Forever Exists

Within Now

Greater New
And Greater
FRiEnDS With
Gravity A Balancing
Dance And Song DeLiVeRS Free

Dark Rooms With Doors Always
Potentially Leading to More Colorful Rooms oF LiGHT
Particularly When We Strike Flames of Free Dance And Song

Just to Give
Share Care
Heal Away

Generating Free SMiLes...

Lots Of Love to You
As Well Dear Aleesha
Hope to See
Back Soon
On Word Press
The Good News
Is The Reader
Hehe in Other
Words it Works

With SMiles...

And With That Said the
WordPress Comments Bug
Worked Itself Out Disappeared

And Is No Longer Bugging Folks

Let's Believe The Tangerine God

May Just Move Out to Greener Pastures too...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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Age: 64
Gender: Male
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30 Nov 2023, 3:13 am

Every Leaf on Every Tree Every Petal on Every Flower

Every Leaf of Grass The Hope of Fall Leaves Petals

To Fertilize Spring Green Through Winter Frozen

Soils of Saving

Life For Spring

As Indeed Leaves

Of Grass Make Food

For Roots of New Trees Too

As The Wisdom Elders Share With

Youth For Ever Accumulating Wisdom

For Generations

of Leaves

of Grass

To Spring
Again With
SMiLes Dear Savvy

Hehe if We Can Convince
Folks to Look Up From Their
Smart Phones for A Free Dance
And Song in the Three Dimensional
And More Living Tree World too With SMiLes...

Yet It's True Amazing What We May Do on Screens too...

It's What We Humans Do Best We Adapt to Change Create Evolve

Yet Most Important

To Continue to

Reach Out Touching
Mind And Body Whole
SoULS HeArTS SPiRiTS Together Free...

Change Dear Kiran Indeed What Never

Changes The One Constant of Change

Oh To Let Change

Come and Go

Even Greater

To Embrace Change

Continuing to Be a New

Creation Whether We Realize

We Do This as We Come And Go

With Every Breath of Life We Take

As The River Flows Tides High and Low

As Trees That Withstand Winds Grow Stronger

At Core Surviving Droughts With Deeper Roots

Ah Yes to Go With
The Flow of Come

And Go And Hehe

Nice to See You

Too Returning

On WordPress Today
With SMiLes Dear Kiran...

Key as Always to Change

Balance FRiEnDS With GravitY iN Flow...

Oh Dear Lord Dear Miriam The

True GOldeN Age The Gift of

Putting People First That

Comes Naturally With

Taking As Many Naps

As You Need Hehe Particularly

Before Visiting the Military Gym

As if i Don't Take a Nap Within the

Next 5 Minutes my Legs May Feel Like

Lead After a Leading Dance At Walmart

All Last Night

Oh Dear Lord

Until Covid-19 Shut the
Huge Metro 'Cheers' Themed
Dance Hall Bar Down i Would Have

Never iMaGiNeD in my 40's to Spend
The Last 6 Years Until i Reached 60

(298 Dance Nights till 3.12.2020)

Dancing On College Night Including
Spring Break Folks From All Around

The Country And Even Further Still

Oh to Extend the Connections When
Generations Cultures and All Differences

Blend Together in a Dance And Song Allone

And For Folks to Be Filled Yes FeeLeD With

Wonder What Kind of Drug i Was Taking

iN FLiGHT on Terrestrial Dance

Floors Just Wings Oh Dear

Lord from 11 PM until 3 AM

Arriving Home Each Wee Friday

Morning To A Breakfast Prepared by
my Wife Looking Rather Moving Like
'Fred Sanford' Getting Out of my Little Honda Civic

Or Shall i say Crawling Out of that Little Blue Thing

Indeed Civic i Became Spreading Joy of Dance And
Song Everywhere i Go Still the Golden Age Indeed

of Putting

People and
The Rest of


First Every
Where LoVE iN Peace
Breathes the Waves and
Wings of Free so Very Deep Within

Yes so
With SMiLes

Oh to Leave All the Caterpillar
Stumbling Legs Behind the Musty

Cocoon And Become Butterfly So

Naturally High to Return to Best NectarS AGAiN...

Trivia Note: 'Red Foxx' 'Fred' From 'Sanford And Son'

Started That Show at Age 50 and Finished at age 55


i Ain't Giving
"IT" Up Yet Hehe...

Oops Five Minutes Behind on that Nap...

SMiLes mY FRiEnD
May You WalK iN
A Home
oF LoVE iN Peace

Acorn Builds 'This'
With Roots of

Yes My FRiEnD Keeping
‘The Child’ ALiVE NoW
Within is
That Doesn’t
Go Out A Hug
On God’s Face
Gift of
NoW iN
Free Your
Way of Play
Singing New
With SMiLes...

It’s ‘Really’ ‘This Simple’
WaLKinG On A Naked
Beach WeaRinG
In Prints
Below Wings
Above Little



So Small

To Move



To Fly





Black and
White Print

A Naked



Yet We Hoard
Our Remains



Life Forward...

A Cardinal Chirping

Red And Proud

Never BoWinG

On Our


Sill Each

Sun FLoWeR

Seed We Feed

The Birds




God For me

Feeding Wings

Of Sky



Living Trees

Beach Breathes

This Gull Wings


Of Souls Lost
From Nature’s



As Religions
Continue To
Send Themselves
To Hell Quintessentially


In All




Trump Yuck

Ways More...


All Stuff

Painted Church

To Dictate Again

To Regurgitate

Naked Truth








Is Now



Wings Free Now

God Wings Flow

Water Wave Ocean

Whole Flying Remains...

Love is
More Love With
For Understanding
Both A Remedy
For Flowers
To Keep
Converting Roses
RiSinG CoLoRinG
iN Peace
LoVE Now
For Real...

God Center
U N i T Y
Point All
Just Being
Story Freely
iN Balance
DarK Thru LiGHT...

i Looked For God EVeRYWHeRE
Then Not Unlike 'Forrest Gump'
His Feather Randomly
iN Wind
i Am
As Forrest
Gump i Had
to See the Shape
oF A Living Tree
iN A Dead Leaf
To See


in the Wind

Feather Light

Fertilizing Spring Green

Dust in The Wind

Star Dust


Super Nova

Crucible Fire



Gaseous Dust

Resurrecting Iron in

Blood Stream EartH

Home Core SaMe

Star FLoWeRS




Trees in Dead Leaves

Nothing to Fear or BE

Cynical oF LiGHT LIFE JusT DusT in the

Wind Breathing FLoWinG iN Ease Seeing Now





Circle Spiraling

Galaxy Human Acts iN Play...

SMiLes Dear Samreen Magic of Free Spirits
Your Poetry Truly Captures Those Wings
Here For As Open A Soul Sees Still
Room For GRoWinG
And Flying Even
Higher Story
of 'Jonathan Livingston
Seagull' Indeed although
True All the Divisions of Tribalism in
Honestly, Now When WE Discard All
The Words; All The Icons, Bread, And
Wine; A Real LoVE iN Peace Meal iN

HuMaN Communion Is Real to Create Free

Culture Makes Does Make it Difficult Now
For A Free
Bird to
Spread New for
More Living Potential
iN Peace Flying Higher Where even
Space Time Distance and Matter is No Limit

A Beautiful Wednesday iT is Pouring SunShine
With SMiLes As Wings of Dance And Song

Make the Season Within No Matter What

The Weather

Or the


Of The Years

Are Soul Beyond Limits

Happy Week to You Dear FRiEnD

Us ReTiRinG Folks Truly Are Free

to Tread Our Own Tires of Life And

Take it All for a Free Spin And Spiral with SMiLes...

SMiLes As A Young Man... the Book
"Jonathan Livingston Seagull"
Really Influenced me too as i've Never
Been Interested in Competing
Against Others or even
Doing What they
Are Doing which
Naturally Means
One is Going Against
The Grain of Social Requirements
For Group Think As i do Live in an
Area Super Trump Influenced Well before
He came around this Far Deep South as Where
i Live once Holding the Most So-called Christian
Churches Per Square Mile And Also assessed
By Social Sciences as the Most Difficult Area
to Live in for those Who
Vary From the
Norm of the
That Does
Its Best Always
To Hold Hands With
State In Tandem to Dictate
A State And Celestial Monarchy
Where The Empire is Truly A Dark
Force that Harms particularly those
Who Act and Look Different From the
Or Dare
to Riff Off of
the Choir Sheets of Life..
True though i Find it fascinating
to Study and Often act as a Participant
Anthropology Observer and Rabble Rouse
A Bit Too when the Group Think Becomes
Dangerous Like Believing everything
As Horrible A Person Like Trump
Says or Does Truly
Real Evil
The Church
Has With Trump
And His Brand
Of Demagogue
State The Catholic
Church And State
Political News With Propaganda
in All the 'Fringe Benefits' of that which
Truly Ruined the Love My Mother Had
For All Peoples and i'm Watching the
Devil's Place Slowly Burn Down From
The Back Pew Now After Church Supporting
Molesting of Little Children and Supporting
A Newest Dictator as the Church did Last
of the Same
Boil in Hot Water still...

Where Up is Down and Down Is

Up In Most all that Will Be Described

As Real Love For All what's

Really Sad Is they

Have a Pretty

Good Teacher

And Mentor It's Just
That in Action His Teachings
of Love For All Are Rotting in the Temple
Now As Trump Smells of Stink Stank Stunk Just Junk....

Anyway i haven't

Stopped Flying

Higher Dancing

And Singing on

This Tight Rope

And i’m Still Moving Up With SMiles...

SMiLes My FRiEnD
Blessing it is to
Find Treasures
Of Your Poems
And Pleasure
It Is Always to
Come Across
Kind Warm
Souls Before
i Started
To Have
To Wear
Folks said
i pierced
Of Their
Soul And
True in
One Skill
You Gain
As i Do
In The
Words Folks
Seed And


As i just

Return the
Seed as We
All FLoWeR
Bliss to
Me Dear
FRiEnD Samreen

With SMiLes of


SMiles Free From

All Except

LoVE iN Peace Sadly
What Ambitions

To Be Free

True too

Glad i Stayed
Close to Family
While my Peers


Far And
Returned “Spent”...

Of Course As A Woman
In A Patriarchal Country

Like India


Be No
Other Choice
To Become



Daughters too...

All "Wonderful Quotes"

Relating Challenges

Associated With


Dear Chaymaa And

It Reminds me of Course

of My Father's High School Senior

Quote, "Dont Do Today What You Can

Put off Until Tomorrow," And Interestingly,

His Identical Twin Theodore, As My Father's Name

Was Frederick Like me; Well, Ted's Senior Quote Was

More Like
A Real



As it Was Taken

Straight Out of


"Macbeth" With:

"I dare do all that may become a man;
Who dares do more is none." Hehe

And This Just Goes to Show

How Much oF A Role

Human Neuroplasticity

And Epigenetic

Effects From


Challenge And Adaptation

Impacts The Unpacking of

Our Greater Human Potentials

In Our DNA Or Not; And Hehe i Will
Say i've Experienced Both Sides of that

Coin of All Or Nothing Doing Life And True
As Amusing Superstitious Human Endeavors

Go Like the Art of Numerology, i Once Entered
my Full Name And Birthdate into one of those
Online Numerology Counters And it Returned

With A First Life Challenge of 0 That Indicates

Free Will to Do Nothing or Everything in Life

And the Next Three Life Challenges of 1, to

Only Affirm What i Want to Do in Life

All Or




Hehe, i Didn't
Even Start my

Public Dancer Vocation
And Poetry Endeavor All
For Free Until i Became Financially

Independent And Escaped Hell on
Earth After 66 Months so Ill As A Shut-in
in my Bedroom With the Worst Pain Known
to Humankind the Suicide Disease Type
Two Trigeminal Neuralgia And 18 Other
Medical Disorders in Synergy of Life Threat

And Honestly overall, i Didn't Even Start Really Living Until age 53
And The Difference Now is i Make Every Move A Holy Dance
And Every Word A Sacred Song in Gratitude Moving Human
Potential And Loving All As Loving Life All the Way For All Becoming

More like

My Uncle's

Quote for Life;

It's True, Use it or

Lose it Does Apply
To all Stuff Existence my FRiEnD...

SMiLes Dear Akshita As Far As The God

Of Money And Stuff And The Allegiance

For That Way of Life of If You

Don't Have

A Reason

For Doing
Life Except For

MaKinG Money

Ya Just Don't Fit in Hehe

It's True i am Anti-Social

In This Way as i Shed All those

Clothes And Now i Am Literally

Naked, Enough, Whole, Complete

And While Some Folks

Can't Understand

That Metaphor

And Reality

too i Stand

By Nature

The Same Way

Nature Has Always

Been Until Human

Came Along, Doing The
Best to Survive and Thrive
In Balance Come What May my FRiEnD

Problem is When We Wear So Many Layers of Clothes

Yes Metaphor of CuLTuRE Now, WHere We No Longer

Feel And Touch The Rest of Nature Or Even Ourselves

Deep Where

The Wind

is Spirit

That Flies

Us Higher

Than True

Earth Bound Misfits...

Hehe, my Wife Katrina is Constantly

Reminding Me (EVERY SINGLE

i FAiL At Paying Attention

(i Put Stuff off too
And She's Such
A Wonderful
Alarm Clock
When i'm
Late for

Important Dates
As THere is No
Time Within me
For Real hehe)

SucH A Dismal

Failure i

Seem to Be

The Thing is Marry

Someone You Love

Where You Will Love This

Kind of Attention And Only

Smile With Loving Eyes When

You Get It And Return With Yes

Dear For All Their Suggestions to
Do it Better

Next Go



Again to Save

The Day to Receive




DAY FOR 34 YEars Now For Listening

Long Enough To Always Exclaim Yes Dear With A SMiLe...

It's True

'Nice Guys'

Do Finish First

As Long As We Stay That Way...
SMiLes Dear Annabel Hope You

Are Behaving Yourself Today too And
Always FAiling Up Like me With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Savvy

Each Day (Unless
i Have a Waking

Poetry Dream)

i Wake Up Having

No Idea What to Dance/

Sing Next And Gosh Yes

iMaGiNaTioN Most
Definitely Inspired
By Others Most

Takes Care

of the

Rest of the
Daily Flood
For What Comes
Next With SMiLes Always as
Creativity FLoWeRS ThiS WaY iN Flow...

i Have No Problem Admitting For 53 Years,

i Lived A Life More Restricted to Left Brain
Processes as Described by Iain McGilchrist

In His Books That Describe The Different
Processes Between Left And Right Hemisphere

Ways of Processing The Environment And World Within.

Left Brain Restricted, Is A Very Limited World View, Indeed, Comparable

to Watching 3 Channels of Black And White TV Versus Yes, Actually Being

Alive; Yes, Over 1500 Pages in Hardback Form, His Current Book "The Matter

With Things" and Around 140 Bucks or So to Buy It Online in Hard Cover Version;

And Around 40 Bucks to It Buy in E-Book Style; I'll Probably Read it For Free in
Barnes And Noble When it Becomes Available in That Store, Where i Usually
Finish A Book In Around An Hour, While Dancing A Meditative Public Dance,

And Listening to Meditative Music, Really Operating in Peak Flow of Human Potential.

Anyway, Some Folks Stay
Restricted More in A Left
Brain Process Way,


Missing Out on

More Than Half

of Their Human Potentials;

Particularly, the Blissful Parts that Stay
And Are Truly Mastered By Regulating
Emotions and Integrating Senses Far

Beyond the 'Word
Talk' of "Left



Behavioral Therapy Versus Activity

More Attuned to Meditative Arts;
Both Sitting Still And Moving to
Ascend And Transcend A More Black

And White Limited 3 Channel TV Way of Life;

A Good Metaphor is Living Life on the Other
Side of An Opaque Window And One Day Finally

Seeing Thru The Other Side of the Continent of Mind

And Saying Wow, i Really Feel Alive, Naked, Enough,

Whole Complete;

Really It's hard
to Feel that

Way Operating

With '8 of 12
Cylinders' Not Working...


Such A Beautiful Day Eternally Is Will; Yes The
Sun Is Practically Shining Within For Free Now

Stay Kind Dear
FRiEnD And You’ll
ALWaYS Win Best

What’s Real
Within (Love)
With SMiles For All

Do God...

SMiLes Dear FRiEnD Yaksh
The MeSSaGE of Humanity
Most For All Our Survival

Through All the Ages is Loving
Giving Sharing Caring Healing For

All With Most Respect And Least Harm

So What Happened to that Message in a World

of Many Likes Follows And Shares Yet Not Much

Warm Human

Contact in Moving
Connecting Co-Creating

Ways That Really Garden

to Give Share Care and Heal Even More

True Text only Provides About 7 Percent
on Average of That Human Warmth According

To Science Yet It's Worth Remembering No Science

Tools Have Empirical Measures

For the Depth of The Story
RiSinG in Arts From Human

Free Once Again Freely To Give
Share Care Heal With Most Respect
And Least Harm For All So i Dance And

Sing Free Everywhere

i Go The Only Rewards

Spreading LiGHT of SMiLes

And Perhaps Deeper Rivers of
SoUL STiLL STiRRinG RiSinG Dancing Waves

Of Wisdom Expanding Shores of Human Kindness

For Real

Yes For ALL

So Much More
Than Like, Follow,
And Share Life mY FRiEnD


What Breathes
So Much Deeper Within

my Wife Takes Care of Distributing
Free Groceries to Those In Need at Church

And Really Huge Tips to Waitresses Struggling
Pay-Check to Pay-Check Raising Children as

Single Mothers as my Divorced Mother Did

And in the Struggle of Pay-Check to Pay-
Check my Wife and me Did Starting From

Close to Minimum Wage With Only

me Working From the Beginning at
a Most Menial Job Serving Customers
Too For Decades True After 3 College

Degrees i Decided to Make People
My Special Interests Then instead of
Money And Things From the Beginning

To the Great Chagrin of my Father’s Side
of the Family Counting on me Becoming
Rich and Famous That Basically Happened

Anyway Hehe Through Giving Assistance to Others

In Ways of 'Technical Expertise' And Dance and Song

Continually Free With Wings on Terrestrial Land

i Shed Myself oF All Concerns With Money
Almost 16 Years Ago Hehe my Wife Insisted
On Inheriting All That "Headache" to Take Care of

i Only
Do Soul
Now With
SPiRiT and
HeART Set Free
Still Visiting


And God Yes

Sunshine SaMe...

SMiLes Don't Let 'the World'
Take Away Your Child of Giving
Within True it Will Try it's Darnedest to... Yet...

LoVE iN Peace is Greatest Strength And Will to Give
When IS Real...


Instead of MarshMallow

True Even if That Was A Mistake

Brilliant in Word PLAY to Describe

The Pitfalls of Instant Gratification

IN ONE Word MarshMellow


It's The World
We LiVE iN DaY iN
DaY Out That Will Even

Make You Feel You Must
Get To Every Blog And Every Comment

You See And Like it Even if You Don't Read it

to Measure Up to What Some SHORT Commercial

on TV or Commercial Human Beings Say You Must

Be to Be

A Real

Being Enough
For THEM Yes


Indeed Through Our Ancestry

Naked Enough Whole Complete

Then For the Human Connecting
Moving And Co-Creating Real For

Surviving And Thriving Yes Enough For Them Then...

So How Advanced Are Humans Today Living Pay-Check
to Pay-Check At Science Measured Rates of 52 Percent of Folks
MaKinG 150,000 to 200,000 Dollars in the United States And Harvard

Studied College Age 'Brilliant'

Students With Depression in
Day-to-Day Functioning Limiting
At Rates of 40 Percent And Even
Worse With Anxiety Limiting Life

Functions at
60 Percent too

True This is What
Instant Gratification

Does Spoon Fed From Birth to Death

We never Even Learn to Master Our Own Souls

As they Were Sold Long Ago to A Marshmallow

God Indeed...

Stay Mellow
As You Can And
Will Life is Long
Enough to Truly LiVE
NoW Naked Enough Whole

Complete Yet Honestly Where

You Come From You May Have to
Become Homeless of CuLTuRE to Do So

i Was Fortunate Shut-in With the Worst Pain
Known to Humankind for 66 Months and
18 Other Mostly Work Stress Related

Life Threats in Synergy of Disorders

i Could No Longer Effectively Use

my Eyes or Ears

to Even See and
Hear CuLTuRE

Any More Best Gift Then

Ever to Finally Seek and
Find Naked Enough Whole
Complete Heaven for Real Within

No Longer SeeKinG Marshmallows For Real
Although Hehe i Literally Did Just Ask my
Wife Where the Marshmallows Are for

The Cup of Hot Chocolate She Just Brought

to me by This Fancy Dancy Singy Big iMac Computer Then

i Just Relaxed With MarshMellow Bliss Still Singing Dancing Free Again...

SMiLes Dear Kiran Rape is Always
A Selfish Violent Act Separated

From Any Humanity For Real

A Best Solution From the Very

Beginning is Garden All Humans

With Love More Than the Tools We
Teach Them More to Become When We

Don't Put People First In Life

We Become Raping



of Every

Way As True

There Are So Many
Legal Ways of Rape

That Folks Fall to

As They Are Told

ThiS is The Way to Behave...

In Many Countries Women Are

Held In Less Value of Being Human Than Men

Always An Environment Ripe For Raping Objects instead

of Loving

Humans For Real...

Even in So-Called Legal 'Sanctified' Marriages...

Yes SMiLes i've Known Humans Struggling

For A Decade to Try to Successfully Escape

Some Do Yet Some Do Not We Must Do the

Best We Can And Will to Make Changes Back to
Putting All Humans First...

Always A Pleasure
Dear Cindy With
Holiday SMiLes
Now Of LoVE iN
Peace Keeping
“The Tree” Up
Year ‘Round

Colors New...

SMiLes Dear Jade One of Our Original Homes The Forest

Truly Has No Ceiling or Floor For the Forest Bathing

We Receive in All Natural Wisdom Feeling

SenSinG When We Birth Our Souls

Free ThiS WAY Again With

Mother Nature

SMiLinG With

Us Wild As the

Wind Becomes the Air We BREaTHE NoW

NeW As The Trees Provide Oxygen for the Iron
in Our Blood Streams to Pick Up From Super Nova
Crucible Fire Star Burst Explosions Resurrecting Us in the

Gaseous Dust That Remains The Iron in Our Blood Streams
And At Core of Mother Earth LiVinG Trees STaR FLoWeRS And


We All

Are With
SMiLes With the
Addition of Humans
Truly Finding LoVE iN Peace
One With the Rest of NaTuRE ALL

Nice to See Your Inspiring Poetry Back on WordPress
Best Wishes and Holiday Season Joy to You and All You Love...

What A Beautiful Poem Dear Cindy On The BLeSSinGS We Give Share Care
Heal With Most Respect And Least Harm With JoY iN LiGHT For All ThiS WaY

iNHaLinG Peace EXHaLinG LoVE SeeKinG LoVE iN Peace NoW God Yes

Finding What is Truly Real At Essence of Humanity Altruism

That Makes Us Human Along With Several Other

Primates and Other Animals As Well With

SMiLes We With the Opportunity to

Find the Face of 'God' For Real

As All Parts Become

Whole and FRiEnD

DarK Thru LiGHT That Only

Means We Have Eternity Now New

to Allow the DarK to Meet the LiGHT

iN TWiLiGHT Balancing Forevermore NewLY NoW

Hehe if it wasn't For the CopyRight of Your Lovely

Poem i Would Share it With All the Other Places

i Go in 'A Day in the Life' Now Dear FRiEnD Yet

Yes It Is True The Essence Is What is Real All

The Words All the Worlds in the

UNiVeRSE only Approximate

LoVE iN Peace NewLY NoW

We Actually BREaTHE Give
Share Care Heal In Harmony ThiS WaY
MaKinG A Dance And Song Far Beyond only '3 Letter words'...

Other than that the Word Press Comment SNAFU Only Lasted One Night

And While i had to Use the Reader to Comment on all the Sites i Visited that Night

And Even Added What i Wrote for the Day in the Comments Section of the Reader

Version of my

Blog i Copied
The Link For my
Own Use And if You
Like Using It You Should Have
No Problem Ever Commenting
on my Blog That Way As Far as i Understand
How it works for All Yet i Could be Mistaken too hehe...

It Takes Some Seconds for it to all Load Up Yet with Decent

Internet Speed should be no problem With SMiLes And Additionally

Wow! my New iPhone 15 Pro-Max Increasing the RAM to 8 GB

From the Previous 4 GB of my 5 Year-Old 'XS' Model Opens

Up the Blog Posts on my Blog as Smooth as Honey

Haven't Been Able to Open it up With the

Old Phone For Close to A Year

And Haven't Been able

to Open up my Blog

on the Smart Phone
App for the Reader too...

i'll Find Out the Next Post i make
if it will work Now on my Smart Phone....

Yes How Blessed Technology Finally Catching Up Hehe...

Wow! Snow Flakes in Toronto
And Darn i missed The First
Ones on Monday Your
Birthday Too Yet

i Recognize Them
Today And With That
Sung Rudolph Doesn’t
Fly These Days And The

Dance All The Way Through
Where You Live From the North
Pole Through Florida Will Surely

Take Some More Days of Effort Yes

to Make the Trip All Around the World

Too For Christmas Hehe Thank God

For Broad Band Access And Being

Able to Fit All of my 111 Kilogram

Reindeer Body Through This

Fiber Optic Cable

At the Speed

oF LoVE iN
Peace With
SMiLes Enjoy
Your Snow Flakes
Dear Snow Flake may

The Christmas Spirit
Warm Your HeART

Year Round

With the SoUL
And HEArT OPen
oF ReinDeer Life Wild And Free...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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01 Dec 2023, 3:46 am

Ah Yes The Joy of Cosmopolitan Traditions

For Holiday Seasons i'd Love to Try Them

All Hehe Yet my Wife isn't Quite

That Adventurous HAha

Her Family May Have A Giant

Seafood Fest for Christmas With

Dozens of Extended Family Members


my only Job

Dear Miriam

Entailed is to

Eat i Surely

Won't Complain

About the Flavor
of the Gulf Fresh
Market Seafood if They Do it Again

As It's Been A 2 Year Tradition Now

If Not Yes Surely Turkey and Dressing
And Green Bean Casserole to the Rescue again

And Very Potentially From my Side of the Family if So too Hehe...

As i Remember my First Love Cuban Family Raised Rabbits to eat

We Have Wild Rabbits in Our Yard Now Not Sure if i Could Partake Again

Yet i won't
Lie in Those
Days Very
Rabbit Meat Hehe...

Yet Only A City Boy me then...

We Really Do Grow Exposed
To Cosmopolitan Appreciated Cultures

Diversity A True Dressing of Word Salad Life...

Indeed Even In Terms of Science
Spirituality Seems More Based Now

In Our Right Hemisphere Processes

Of Holistic Views Far Beyond Word Think

To Feel and Sense

More Than Words

Alone Will Ever Bring

Dear Savvy As Even

Neuroscientists Who Have

Had Strokes In Left Hemisphere Way

Do Relate A More Mystical Unifying

Spirituality About Life When Right

Hemisphere is More in Play

Versus A Life Spent

in Facts and



Reducing The World That Way

Yet the Reality is Out of Ashes

Comes Beauty Out of Silence Comes Bliss

IF We Find Ways to Get into A Meditative
Flow to Take Us Far Beyond Distance Space

of Things Alone Versus Allone
So True Yes For Those Without
The Experience Everything i Just
Said is Word Salad as i've Surely

Heard That Description By Those

More Defined By the Details of

Materially Reducing Life

To Bones Without
The Flesh and

Blood That is
Possible Ironically
Even Systemizing Science
Shows Now As Real Catching Up to ReaLiTY iNdeed...

SMiLes Key
With Familiar
Faces Nature
Of Your Poem
Yes When
A Stranger
With Pen oF LiGHT

For Sun Never Really

Disappears Yes Now

Promise oF LiGHT ReaL...

TWiLiGHT Never Endings...

Of Night
Or Day
New Shores


Flow Do...

Philosophy Of Aesthetes PLaYinG
iNDeeD Deeper Art ‘ThE (A) SToRY’


Ending Beginning ALWaYS
STaRTinG NeVeR Finishing
Valuing Truth Over Lies NoW

Savor Each Step
And Word Verily
Next Dance
And Song
Life DarK
Thru LiGHT
Breathes Yes Us...

Dead Leaf
Picture of
Will Breathe Whole
As Grass Leaves...

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa 3 Most Influential People in my
Life the Once Down's Child Then Down's Adult

Turning Around in Church With A Smile and
A HandShake (Of Course Before Covid-19)

With A HeART SMiLES When it Seemed

Everyone Else Was

Afraid of the

Human Species HAha

And Yes Tina The DishWasher

At the Place i Used to Manage For
The Federal Government So Diligent

And Focused on Her Job When Everyone
Else Was Always Whining And Complaining

All She Had

Was A Smile

of Do My Best

And For You too

Despite Her Lower
Than 70 So Called IQ,

And Then There Was A Janitor
Named Walker Employed With
Similar Paper-Work of Assessed

IQ And While Everyone In Department

Head Meetings Was Cursing A Horrible

Captain of the Navy Base Her XO Said

I Just Can't Understand it Walker

Always Has a Smile on

His Face For


With No Real

Status on the Totem

Pole of Who Is Supposed

To Be Extra Special In this Place

While Walker Takes The Cake and

Icing Of Happiness And Shares it With

Everyone He Meets Obviously i am Generously

Paraphrasing the XO's Compliment That Was

Mostly Just A Sigh that Said The World Isn't What


It was

to Be Yet Ya
See The Kind of Intelligence
That Brings Us Power And Status
Best Grades In School And High Pay for

Work May have

Nothing Really

To Do Now With

Warm Connections

of Humanity's SMILes At All...

Yes i Learned Much From These

Two Wise Men And Wise Woman

Those Days And Soon With my Own
Stellar Standard IQ i Realized they




For A Reason

That is No Reason

For Joy At All Except

For the SMiLe of the Child
Playing Freely ReFuSinG to Go Away...

Yes True Dear Savvy

A Greatest Test of

Love And Reason

Is To Act Reasonably

And Lovingly When

The Other


Or Situation

In Life May Not

Feel or Sense is Either
Yet It's True There is Always
A Lesson of Focus in DarK And LiGHT


And Love


For Giving

Thanks Giving

For Both Love and
Reason We May Share

No Matter DarK or LiGHT NeXT NoW...

SMiLes Dear Rue WHerever i See Binary

ThinKing it Reminds me of the Fall of

me Such A Perfectionist THere

Could Be No Mistakes

Yet of Course That

Was Only To Relieve

Deep Seated Human

Fears and General Anxiety

About my Faith And Trust in
My Place of Life Ever Since RiSinG Dancing

Free Out of the Fear And Coming Into A 'Garden

Of Eden' So Lush And Colorful No Longer Black and

White i Do my Best

To Spread So Many

Colors Well Beyond

'50 SHaDES of Grey' too mY FRiEnD

For Its True Now It's Most All Inhaling
Peace Exhaling LoVE iN Joy Yet i Re-Visit

the Shadows

of 'Fore and Even Close to BLacK SoUL Abyss
Nights Never Ending Just To Remember Hell is


And DarK
iS LiGHT And

This iS How i CoMe NoW to

Love God As All that is my FRiEnD...

Dualistic Thinking So Far From Autotelic

FLoW iN Coloring Life Meditating Contemplating

Mystically As True it Seems i May Be in Good Company

With Those Mystics oF Old With Similar Newer Older Philosophies too...

From The Gospel of Thomas Focusing on SeeKinG Finding Within Saying 2:

"(2) Jesus said: He who seeks, let him not cease seeking until he finds; and
when he finds he will be troubled, and when he is troubled he will be amazed,
and he will reign over the All."

It's More Like Understanding

We aRe ALL THe All

With No



iN Separation my

FRiEnD Yes Naked, Enough,
Whole Complete Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN Joy For All With
LEasT HarM Giving Sharing Caring Freely
For All That Is We Continue to See More of God

Honestly, i Believe it's What Most of Us Are Born to Do

Yet True When God Is Separated in So Many Pieces it

May Be Difficult

To Find Our


of Inhaling
Peace Exhaling LoVE iN Joy Yes

One Body One Blood One Lord Of All

Gentile, Jew, Servant, Free, Woman And

Or Man No More As Labels Fall Away As

All Becomes LoVE DarK Thru LiGHT

The Feelings The Senses The

Windows of The SoUL

Relate So



Any Words

At All mY FRiEnD

i Have only one Real

'Bone' To Pick With the

Storied Video And THeMe Song

For this As 'Mary Magdalene' Was

No Where to Be Found Breaking

Bread And Wine in


of A Supper

And Celebration

of Loving Spirit For All This Way

Yet i Distinctly Remember Seeing Her

Spirit Still in A Dance And An Email

Address of a Forever Best FRiEnD Worth Keeping...

Other than That in the Gospel of Thomas Through

The Ignorance of the Disciples By That Story Jesus had to tell

The Others He Would Change Her into A Man to Be Worthy of Heaven....

114) Simon Peter said to Him, "Let Mary leave us, for women are
not worthy of Life."
Jesus said, "I myself shall lead her in order to make her
male, so that she too may become a living spirit resembling you
males. For every woman who will make herself male will enter the
Kingdom of Heaven."

So Many Years of Binary Lines So Many Colors of ReViSioN Still

Needed my FRiEnD...

STiLL To Come

Yes Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN Joy
For All No Exclusions

In Real Unconditional Love Now

And True With No 'Time' to Wait
At All Just Eternally Now Love For All...

Hehe i’ve Read Poetry
From Souls All Around
The World And Rarely
Do Two Audience
Members Interpret
It The Same Way Hehe
It’s Like Holy And Sacred
Texts That Generate

Thousands Of
Sects And

Out Of Only One

So-Called Religion

SMiles Dear Isha

Only Definitive


All Souls

View Reality


Why i Never
Modify Or Worry
About Audience


As Targets

Of Understanding

Same Yet of Course

Inherently Same

And Differently

Only my Small
View And Way

To Do Creativity
Free From Soul





Choose Too

With SMiles...

Always A Pleasure
Dear Isha i Love
The Philosophy
Of Namaste
In Seeing The
“Face of God”
In Everyone We
Meet And Greet
In Life Plus The
Rest of Existence

A Way
Of Gratitude
Innately Instinctually

And Truly

Intuitively Effective
Living In Peaceful

Bliss in Flow
As Even Modern
Science Agrees



From The Far East

Truly Do
Work For
Our Lives Modernly
In Compassionate

LoVE iN Peace...

Indeed 'Bad Orange Man' And 'Space Boy'

Have Become Reality Show 'Poster Boys'

For What A Way Of Life Dear Miriam

Looks Like Without 'Emotional IQ'


YucK Spreading Like a Wildfire

Yet As 'They' Dance And Sing

Dear God Yes Fight Fight Fight

Fire That Way With THiS WaY Yes

As Always A Fire Of LoVE iN Peace

Oh Yes That is Calm Balancing Relief

As 'They' Are Just Pebbles in A Poem

Making Little Ripples For Now That Yes


Smooth Out With Humanity That's Real

i've Surely Seen 'That Kind' Come And Go

Even Working For the Military for A Quarter of

A Century

Where Real Heroes

Come And Go Far Away

From A Fictional Screen of

Human Archetypes That Do
Come For Real in FlesH and Blood Go And Do Return Newly

NoW As Real Human Hero Archetypes Are Owned Yes By No

One Story

or Small

Man and

Or Woman Alone...

As How You Relate

"Needs to come from
within and be allowed to cultivate."

Lots of 'Friction of The Day' to Overcome Yet It Happens True

Yes Seen "The Prophecies on Subway Hall Walls" Indeed

Yet Never Been...

Yes Indeed THere
Are Still New Creative
Ways to 'Avatar' These Human Unique Virtues too

Yes For Many New Years to Come Perhaps 'Aeons' For Real...

Indeed Dear Cindy Building

A Home of Heat That Sweet

Relief Coming Complete

As We Build

Our Humanity

The Same Ways

With Real Warmth to
Give Share Care Heal
For All With Most Respect
And Least Harm iN JoY oF LiGHT

iNHaLinG Peace

Enjoy Your New

Coming Living Home

Of Warmth With LoVinG SMiLes
Keeping Our Christmas Trees Up

Year Around Always LiGHTinG Them Up




to Be i Am
And You All
Too With SMiLes...

iNDeeD Dear Yam How Bitter Sweet You've
CaPTuReD Essence oF TWiLiGHT

Place Tween DarK And LiGHT

Balancing Forevermore

Now Accepting

Both Pole Stars

New RiSinG Dancing to

BReaKinG Dawn Once
Again Marrying Night

Merrying Day Naked

Enough Whole Complete

All of Existence DiViNE THiS WaY

With SMiLes...

Oh Dear Kiran So Sorry if There Are People in Your
Life Who Do Not Care About You And Your Emotions

Yet It is So True Some Folks STiLL Have Very Shallow to

Hardly Any Emotional Intelligence Not Understanding
That Properly Regulating Emotions as Feelings and
Senses in A Synergy of Emotional Feelings too is

Truly A Source of Not Only Well Being

Yet Cognitive Executive Functioning

In Terms of Focus and Attention,
Short Term Working Memory, And

Long Term Memory too i Often Repeat This
When i Write as Where i Am From The Ignorance

Was/And Is That Emotional Intelligence Was/Is 'Girlie Stuff'

Not For So-Called Real Men As True It Was Only Called

Useless Mush By So Many in the Backwards Area i Am Raised

in And Still Is Often

Looked At Without A Fuller Understanding

That Emotions Actually Precede And Direct

Most of Our So-Called Reasons For Actions in Life

Before We aRe Even Aware They Do So Get in Charge

Of Emotions First Regulating Them and Using Them to

Inspire All Life Brings

Or Most Folks Who Do Not
Suffer Somatic Pains in Many

Stress Related Disorders As Sadly This is
What Most Often Happens when We Repress Emotions

For What Actually is Otherwise Used Healthily in Balance

to Inspire What

We Do in Life

More than Base

Adrenaline in Stress Hormones

That Comes With Fear, Anger, And Hate
So Much Wearing All Our Bodily Systems Down

Sadly That Happened to me and i Hate to See it Happen
to Others too as it Took me Long Decades Mastering my Emotions
And Senses Regulating Them And Integrating Them As Most No One

Where i Am From
Understood How
Core They Are to

A Successful Survive
And Thrive In Life Anyway

Really Sorry If You Have to Deal With
Folks Like That As i've Surely Had my Share

Although Now They Don't Drag me Down as i am My Own

Master of What

Breathes Within
Taking Years of
Meditation in Flow
of Free Dance And Song
to Master The Within of Breath ThiS WaY

Indeed Emotions Are The Spirit of Our Radios
MuSiC Within Keeping Us Well Tuned AS Human Free

In Peaceful

Loving Ways
For Real Newly Now...

SMiLes Dear Savvy i Dance

To Keep my Living Tree Lit Up

In New Colors of Every Move

That Comes Holy Divine And

As Real As Real

Humanly Gets

Springing Sacred
Song Free For All too

Indeed All Win Win Win Win

All For the SMiLes to BREaTHE Free
iNHaLinG Peace LoVinG All Exhaling

Bliss FLoWinG New
ThiS WaY For Real
SMiLes From Head
To Toe And So Much
More Joy Spreading NoW All

Around A Free Dance SPRinGinG

Even Winter
Darkest Days
That Might

Bring Gloom
Instead of Continuing
Bloom With SMiLes
MuSiC of The Radio
of Every Body Part Whole

BaLaNCinG TRuE Fearless
Peaceful Loving FoRTuNinG SoUL MuSiC...

A Calendar With Greyhounds

Giving Dogs Without A Home

A Forever Place Of Love



Dear Xenia
With SMiLes...

SMiLes Dear Xenia It Surely Brings a Tear to my Eye
That Dear Misty the Whippet Has Passed Away Along

With Your Other Loved Ones' Whippets Yet

What A Magnificent Gift of A Living

Being Being Loved And

Cherished As Much

As You Provided This

Sweet Dog In His Ending
Year Yet Truly Beginning

Year of Love Until the Last Hug of Breath

Every Part of Nature Deserves to Be Loved in Peace

True Life May Be Cruel Yet it is Also LoVE iN Peace

Just to Give Away
Share Away
Care Away
Heal Away For Free
With Most Respect
And Least Harm if Only
We Will All Love With

The Unconditional

Love We See

Feel Sense

in Our Best
FRiEnDS With
Fur And Paw Prints of Peace...
SMiLes i Usually Visit You at the
End of Each Bi-Monthly EPiC Long
Form Poem i Create i Will Surely

Be Back then to Get Poetically
Inspired on Your Other 'Tranature Blog' Dear Xenia
Much Love to All You LoVE iN Peace The Rest of Nature of Course too...

Harm to Us or Harm to Others We LoVE iN Peace

When Others Choose to Make

War With Us Instead

Indeed Dear Isha

It Usually Works ThiS WaY
Fear Leads to Anger Leads to Hate

At Least That is What the Fictional

Sage Yoga Suggests of Course

His Philosophies Mostly

Derived From

Eastern Philosophies
Close to Your Home in India As Such

Anyway Life Struggles Are Real and There
Are Those Who May Wish And May Inflict Great Harm On Us
Those We Love Those We Recognize Generally As Our People

When it Comes
to Us Versus Them
One Harm With The Revenge
And Vengeance of Another Harm

Multiplied By 2 And Even So Much More
Until World War 3 And the Rest of Nature
Gets to Rehabilitate With No Trace of Our Existence

After 300 Million More Years or So Remembering that
Sharks Have Existed Already for Close to Half a Billion Years

True All They Need
Is Large Jaws And Teeth
Electromagnetic Abilities to
Find Food Underneath Sea Floors
Plus Some Species Even With 'Virgin Births'

All Human Emotions Are Valuable Neurohormonally
And Neurochemically Speaking to Motivate Change

Whether Seeking Pleasure or Escaping Pain and all
The Other Complex Emotions Associated of Course

As Such Interestingly

The Peaceful People Resilient

to Fear Anger And Hate May Look

From a Distance As the Potentially
Most Intimidating to Bring Harm to Others

Yet Finding Out They Have Less to Fear in Life
And Fewer Reasons to Feel Anger And Hate


Naked Enough
Whole Complete

And This is How the
Very Strong and Meek
Often Inherit the Earth

Earning Their Dragon

of Grace in Peace

Through All the Battles
That Came Before That
Create a Peace So Very Hard to Take Away

Wow that's Quite an Essay on Anger Hehe

Yet One of the Worse things a Human Will Do
is Repress Anger Often Leading to Somatic

Disorders From Head to Toe and more

Ah Yes So Many Ways to Use that

Human Energy Funneling it

in Constructive Activities

For More Positive


Like 'Shaking It'
All Off in A Free Dance And Song
Surely Through Your Poetry True too

And In This Way of Cause And Effect

Fear Anger And Hate Transforming

Into More of What is Beautiful

About Life in Change

Indeed From

All the Fires of Life
All the Fears Angers And Hate

Ashes Creating Beauty For All to Breathe


KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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02 Dec 2023, 3:32 am

"The philosopher soul dwells within his head,
the poets soul dwells within his heart, the singers
soul dwells about his throat, but the soul of the dancer

abides in all her body."

SMiLes Dear Savvy Wonderful Quote From Khalil Gibran's
'The Dancer' Yet i Will Only Add It's Okay For Her to
Do Philosophy Poetry Sing And He to Find The Soul of His

Whole Body
in A Dance

That Unifies

All Philosophy

All the Poetry
And Song NoW As

One Force of Creativity
Springing So Deep As

Soul Continues to

Grow Everywhere

So Far Beyond Time
Distance Space and
Only Matters of Things With SMiLes...

And All Labels and Categories That
OtherWise Might Divide Human Beings

Into Restrictions

of All the Potentials

We Come to Believe
And Do even more NewLY NoW...

"Undeniably Charming"
Indeed A Force That Just

Won't Stop 'Burning

Down the House'

i'm Not Even Sure
What That Means

Hehe Quick Google Search
to the Rescue With Lyrical Wiki Cliff Notes

Dear Miriam With The Following Lyrical Notes

"Gonna burst into flames, ah
Burning down the house

My house

Is out of the ordinary

That's right

Don't wannna hurt nobody
Some things sure can sweep

me off my feet

Burning down the house
No visible means of support

And you have not seen nothin'
Yet Everything's stuck together"

Indeed After Midnight it All Fits Together

No Matter if i'm So Tired my Mind Refuses to Work

With SMiLes...
The Whimsy

December Already
Yet Winter Freeze
Finally Seasonal it Seems

Oops Back to 70 Degrees

Spring or Fall It’s Hard to Know

Yet it is What It is Deep South Weather

Florida And
Alabama Style Indeed Hehe

The Christmas Season in Full Swing
Dear Shawna Baby Your Birthday my
Mother’s Birthday Soon on the 10th Too

Oh Dear Sagittarius On The Opposite Side
Of The Astrology Color Wheel From me

As Twins in One Human Will Surely Relate

Two Too

Oh Dear Lord

So Many First World Problems
Lately Yet Just Normal Waves of

Life Ya Surf Over or Around With SMiLes

With FRiEnDS Around the Globe Where it’s Not So Nice

In Other Places indeed i’ve Come to Embrace First World

Problems as Only Gnats on A Summer Dry Day

Yet It’s December Spring Fall Finally With

Plentiful Rain We Even Saw A Frog

On the Road Tonight to Save

From Big Four Wheel

Drive Tires

Only One of
A Few in the
2023 Summer of
Dry Hot Days That Seemed to Never End

Yet Again Only First World Problems Singing
In the December Fall Spring Rain Umbrella or Not

As ‘They’ Sing
(Lee Greenwood)
Too As Long As
i’m Free That’s
Enough to Adapt and At Least Thrive Hehe
Anyway As Always i Return Again With SMiLes And

LoVE iN Peace…

Good Morning.. it’s so so Amazing
An entire Magic Kingdom Built
Around a Tiny Mouse
For what Humans
Without imagination
Will only see as pest
Anyway any Person
With the Soul of a
Child Should either
Visit Disney World or
Better Yet Become

The Spirit of that
Playful Mouse!...

SMiLES Everyone We Meet And Greet
Is And Has A Unique Gift to Evolve
Our Soul All the
DarK All the
And Yes
Verily if We
Live Long Enough
Beyond 50 Shades of
Grey BLacK Abyss And
Even Colors Beyond
Rainbow Gold True
As Well.. SMiLES
Painting Master
Peace Your Way

Through Life the Unique
Art You Are in Reflection of
The Art You Do And i Will Be
Back to Ride Your Wave a bit
More as Days go on Eternally
i Live True
For Yes THere is
Honor in Both Truth and
Love Truly No Integrity Real Freedom
Without All Three Freedom Truth in Love
Sure Beauty Wisdom And Courage in Fearless too...

Other Than That
Are 'Minds'
Of THeiR
If We Are Fortunate
We Come To Realize/Do
We Own Our Emotions Now
At Best And Give And Share
Them Freely With Nothing to
Lose And Everything to Gain
Expressing SPiRiT HeART
SoUL When Ever
Of Mountain iNDeeD
With SMiLes of Course
iN Dance And Song Free...

Winds CRoSSinG

Love Breathes
Giving LiveS on
Love Suffocates
Of Giving
Spring Will Leave...

Colorful New Places of Gratitude So Deep Within
For All the Seasons And Weathers Dear Rue
Night Through Day Moonshine Equally
Dreamy With Sunshine Blues so True
FRiEnD So Much Warmth May
Come in Rain And
Fall Leaves
Through Winter
Fertilizing Spring
Green And Even More
Beautiful Summer Flowers
Blooming Within So Far Beyond
Any Labels And Preconceived Notions
All Our Colors to Paint New Never Seen Before

Giving Sharing
Caring Freely
Oh Inhaling
Peace Exhaling
LoVE iN Joy Of and
For All Such A "Wonderful
Life it is" too Reminiscing
On All The SMiLes of LiFE
Bringing Those to Other
A Walk
In the Park
With Everyone

Just For This Gift Of Life Now
Dancing Singing In All the Rooms
Dreams of Youth Lasting Ever More
As December Becomes July Forevernow
Cool Delight in Winter's Breath Spring Growth
Fall Promises Fertilizing Summer FLoWeRS Even
More Yet Not Before or After Only Now Such a Golden
Age When Loved Ones Just Refuse to Age As They Are
Loved Just
This way
Home Away
Hurry Don't Be Late

Yet Walking Thru the Park
Dancing Thru the Night Reminiscing
Becomes Only Now This Dream Come True
Ever More Happily Now Just Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN Joy
You Feel You Sense Dear Rue Feeling Gratitude Almost Seems
Like You are Expressing Just the Way i Feel Today So
Nice to Have
On Similar
Wave Lengths
of JoY iN Giving
Caring Sharing Freely
With All In Least Harm of Harmony...

SeeD SMiLes NEver
Too old to 'Die' Now
And Live Again New

Memories of November
December Practically
Old Enough to
Be Father Time
Yet i Am Winter
Spring As Summer
FLoWeRS Have
Leaves For
Summer FLoWeRS

Within in Fall December
Before Winter Even Springs Fuller
SMiLes Dear Hemalatha i Too Do Remember
November School And Work Years in DarK
Class Rooms And Office Spaces Without Windows
Becoming More Machine Then Than Human Sadly True

Out into the
Nature of
The Sunny
Eternal Now
Even Behind
Clouds And Reflecting
Moon Rays of Hope my
FRiEnD As Morning Returns Full

Again Home Awake Within So Warm And True
For It's True in The Breath of Poetry is Forevernow
However We May Paint the Words And The Same is
True When Every Move Becomes A Sacred Poetry
Prompt Of Dance And Every Word We Sing of LiFE
in Gratitude

For All
Loving Life Poetry
DarK MaKinG LiGHT CoMe True...

LeSSoN 465 Decorate
Yes Our Living Trees With
Christmas LiGHTS Now
iN Newer Colors Staying
Lit Up Year Round With


Hehe So Easy
It Is With A Christmas
Jingle When Four Wise


Are Decorating
Our T-Shirt Free

Of Charge
WHere Indeed
With Old Spice
The Expiration
Date Of Our Living
Trees may Remain


Colors New
Dancing Singing
Free So Very True
With Christmas SMiles Alive

It May Be -1C
In Toronto

Yet It’s


Warm Within...

SMiLes Dear Kiran Through All the Darkness

of Life Mother's Love THeRE For ME No 'Matter' What

SMiLes Dear Kiran Through my Mother's Deafening Silence

After Her Last Breath

LeSSoN LEarned

Love Thru



SaMe Be Mother

To All This Way With No Exclusion
See The Face of God Equally in DarK and LiGHT

Dear FRiEnD
Be Mother oF ALL
IN An Hour Glass
A Grain of Sand

Neither Falls

or Rises
A Grain of Sand IS mY FRiEnD

Be LoVE iN Peace Grain of Sand Holding

Up All Mountains of Human Love Below Above...

Indeed Dear Kiran So Wise Your Words

As Truth is No Color, Shape, Taste, Or Place

Yes Transparent As Water Taking No Molds From Others

Never Wavering For Group Think Away From Inner Truth

And True

Truth Has

No One Place in Religion,

Politics, or Philosophy

Alone in Form Yes
Truth is Essence



Ocean Whole

Real Truth Is Not

Separated By Fiction Truth

Is Nature At Its Best Clear Water to Drink...

Be Wave Water Ocean

Whole Yes Dear FRiEnD

Yaksh Realizing While We May

All Be Waves Falling and RiSinG

At Different Heights Coming And

Going At Different Lengths Expanding
And Receding


We aRe Still
ALL Ocean Water
Whole No Separation

In Kindness Water For All We aRe
Leaves Living Trees Green Falling
RiSinG CoLoRinG FoReST SPRinG Again...

Indeed Dear Sohair FRiEnD

Some Humans Afraid to Go Out

On A Limb And Explore New Leaves

Like Ants They

Stay Close


Tree Trunks

In Fears Meanwhile

Living Trees RiSinG Green
Falling Leaves Springing Green Again
Indeed We aRe More Than Tree Trunks When

We Sprout Leaves BLoWinG in the Wind MaKinG Life New...

"To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go

To right, the un-rightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star

This is my quest, to follow that star
No matter how hopeless, no matter how far
To fight for the right without question or pause
To be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause

And I know if I'll only be true to this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm

When I'm laid to rest

And the world will be better for this
That one man, strong and covered with scars

Still strove with his last ounce of courage

To fight the unbeatable foe
To reach the unreachable star"

-Andy Williams

SMiLes Dear Miriam

Not About Being A Star

About Being


Alive Naked
Enough Whole
Complete Stars Never

Have to Be Ashamed For Shining For Real

Never Ever Expecting Applause or Any Worship Below...

SMiLes Dear Kiran What We May All Be Able to Do New Now

No Matter Struggle Be All Of Who We May Still Come to Be

For When Even All Hope Faith And Love May Go Away THere

Is One More Breath

To Take This Gift

Of Life Ours

To Give

To BeLieve

BeLeaf Yes

BeLoVE iN Peace

LoVinG LiVinG Tree

WiLL CoMe AGain BREaTHE...

"Physical Exercise Fasting Natural Sattvic Food Laughter Sleep Green Vegetables
Sunlight Loving Others Gratitude Forgiving Meditation Prayer Equanimity Right

Thinking" True All Wonderful 'Tamil' Living Giving Natural Medicines Dear Savvy

Thanks So Much For Sharing

Being in Good Company

Is Why i Visit You

Each and


Day With SMiLes

Hehe While i Am Here
That Surely Seems Like
Enough Natural Medicine For Real...

SMiLes Dear Cindy As In All Stuff Human

There is Tradition oF Old and Exploring NeW

Of Course With Tradition Comes Form of Course

Exploring NeW Forges New Pathways Never Felt

Sensed or Even

Seen Before

Where of Course Target
Audiences Don't Exist for
Affirmation It's Only Us Them You or me Maybe Even

We Climbing A Mountain Allone of Exploration New

Where Every Peak is Only Room For A New Mountain

Not Only to Explore Yet Create Anew For the Pure Joy

of Original
Born of

of Soul
Wings Set Free
And in the case of
Poetry Free Verse Of Course

Oh Dear Lord to Make a Science Out of Art

To Materially Reduce Creativity And Measure

It With A Ruler Away From Free Soul Breathing

Anyway Working for the Federal Government for A Quarter
of A Century Arriving on the "Poetry Scene" online With Wings

at age 53
What i Found
in the World of Poetry Forms

Is What i Found in the World
of Government Tradition Just

More Endless Forms to Fill Out Hehe

Sparing Wings to Ever Fly Free Again

Losing the Ability to Smell and Taste New FLoWeRS


Create Anew...

Yet It's True Some Folks
Are More Left Brained That
Way Yet Some Sit At The

'Right Brain of God'

Free It's

All Backwards
in Books oF Old iNDeed

For when 'God' Becomes Literal
God No Longer Breathes Free Deep Within...

Ah Yes to Rise out of All the Forms oF Old And

Do Wind

Never Trapped
in a Jar/Form Wind Will Be

Other than That Glad Hunter
The Dog Spared the Gopher's Essence hehe...

Friday Florida Flower Story
Passion of The Little
Flower Still Coloring
The World Through
The First Florida
Freeze There Are
Others True This
One Hugging All
The Fiber Optic
And Other Cables
Coming Out Of Brick

Connecting me To
The Whole Globe
Yet What Is More
Beautiful Than Life
Still Coloring Through
The Freezes Of Life

i Feel More
Than What
The Colors of
Life Dance Sing Free...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !

Weight Of Memory

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02 Dec 2023, 8:51 am

Too many posts in this thread are a grievous affront to the English language.


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02 Dec 2023, 1:35 pm

Weight Of Memory wrote:
Too many posts in this thread are a grievous affront to the English language.

Yawn... HAha, Indeed This isn't the 'English Language;' It's my Language; All Mine, Original And Creative;

Some Folks Call It Profound Genius; Other Folks Don't Understand it; Go Figure, It's the

Human Condition; IT Plays Differently, By Every View of HumanKind and less.

Other Than that i surely can 'play by the rules' too as i used to Be A Print

Manager for a Very Large Navy Installation in Florida; Indeed, i Was

Responsible To Review All Requests for Publications to insure

Every 'T' Was Crossed And Every 'i' Was Dotted Perfectly;

Wow, i Practically Became

A Robot; A Machine;

(my Boss Even Called
me a Valuable Commodity,

Worth Pulling Strings to Keep;

And Indeed, A Captain of a Military

Installation Bent Some Rules to

Keep me Where i Was then

In A Totally Different Job
Among 5 Job Changes
And Promotions in
5 Years Leading to
All Of that Wonderful
Retirement pay i Still get free)

Yes, Only An Interface to The
Rules From Before; And Not Only

in This Respect Yet Many Other Respects

of iRobot Life For Real too; Now i am Free;

And Whether You Appreciate What i Do or Not;

Or Anyone Else in that Respect, Matters No Difference to me;

For Again

i Am Free...

Anyway, Thanks For Dropping
By Hehe, and Letting me Know
i'm not Following All the Rules for The "Queen's English"...

Other than that All Playing by The Rules Were Good For is

Retiring Financially Independent at age 47, at the Equivalent
Federal Civilian Employee Pay Grade Of a Marine Major; And With

my Excellent Skills in Math, No Need to Worry, 'The Old Evil Green'

Is Still Growing Mold in the Bank; i Guess Those Three Degrees

in College Were Good For Something; Yet They Surely Didn't Teach
me Nearly

99.5 Percent
of Human

That Had Nothing
to Do With School
or Work at All; of Course

That's A Mystery For Each
Human Being to Uncover on their own;

And Perhaps With Some Helpful Hints,

For those With the Hardware and Software to do that too...

A Little
Be Found
From Friends
Close and Very Distant too...

Anyway, This is the Way i Look at it,

If You Didn't Come By to Visit me Today,

The Above of Human Creativity Would Have
Never Come into Being; Hehe, Do You Think i Come

Here For Affirmation; Dear Lord, There Are Innumerable
Other Places For That; Yet It's True, LiGHT Comes From DarK;

Day Comes From Night; And The Sun Even Shines on the Moon When We

(DarK Muse As Useful as LiGHT Muse to me Any Old Day of Now for Real)

Looking Hehe;

In Other Words,

Some Folks Are Blind
To Aspects of Existence

Only Waiting to 'Learn' to 'See'...

Other Than That; Do Remember, This is a Site for
Folks Who Have Difficulty With Reciprocal Social Communication;

Other than That; Do Remember, Not Everyone on the Autism Spectrum

Has Perfect Skills in Math or English; Not Everyone is a STEM Major; And
Not Everyone Is Blind to the Ways of Human Metaphors; Indeed, This is why 'They'

Call it a Spectrum;

Learn to Have a Little
Respect For Folks Who
Are Different than You;

And They Will surely Be

More Likely to do the Same for You;

Or Do Not And Have A Much More

Difficult Journey of Life....

Hehe, Other Than
That Have a Nice
Day; Yet Again, i Ain't
Gonna Tell Ya What You Have to do, HAha..;)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


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03 Dec 2023, 4:42 am

Brilliant Air of Confidence Is
What You Bring Smiling With

A Lifetime of Moving Dance Education

Dear Savvy Brightly Lit Like the UniVerse

Dancing Free Energy ThiS WaY Fully Engaging

As Existence

All of Existence

Moves At Best in Balance

Creating More Positive Energy
in All We Do Congrats on a Wonderful

Lecture for the World Dance Congress

In Such An International Way of Connecting Dance

And All the Benefits of Moving Free Like the Rest of Existence

Dance And
Song As Old
As The Classical
Gas We Come From
in Crucible Fires of Super

Nova Explosions Come to
Earth We Resurrect Dancing

Singing Free Again

Yes Dancing
Singing Human Stars...

SMiLes Dear Miriam i Commune With Nature in the Morning

Then Commune Online Then Commune With Nature

Again and the Nature of Dance And Song Free

Again And Then Online to Spread

The Vibes of Just

"Another Day in the Life"

Just Ready to Create and
Climb A New Mountain of Words

In "Another Day in the Life" Coming Soon...

Other That Yes Naps Food And Whatever else

Life Brings So Happy to Hear You Are Getting Ample

of Naps too

Oh to Regenerate
to Become a New
Creative And Productive
Force of Humanity After Every Nap

And Every New Breath We Take With SMiLes

A Classical
Gas of Dance
And Song Keeps
me Fueled Through

the Days

And Nights
And Naps True...

Thank You Dear Anita
For Your Very Inspiring
Post Indeed To Adapt
Is Not only to Survive
Yet Thrive
With SMiles...

Never Met A Stranger Not Even Less
Than A Grain of Sand for What is
Language More Than Essence

oF LoVE iN Peace...

Less Than A Grain of
Sand The Love That
Will Hold Up A Mountain
of Human Potential Love

Only Last And Least to Serve iN Peace

FLoWeRS Spreading Seeds Wild Blooms
Coming In Sun, Rain, And Struggle Now
As This Is What Colors More Feeling Sensing
All Of What Life Takes Gives Free Breathing Now...

SMiLes.. Thanks Sohair
Surely Peace And
Harmony IS A
Birthing Ground
For Human Trees
Of Love Forest Whole...

Faint, Vague Echoes
Of A Deeper Ocean
Within Surfacing
At Points
Now in
Life of So Much
Static And Distraction
Anxiety Flavored Rains
Soak in Past

And Future


One Day

Finding Ways

To Throw Away All

The Fears And Finally

Ocean Tributaries Deep

Start to Drip Stream River

Bay Ocean Whole Wave

Wave We


Back to the

Water Ocean Whole

Ever Breath Deep

In Holy Sacred



Purpose Dance

And Song Awake

DarK And LiGHT
Hold Hands WiTHiN


Never Ending
Play For This Now

This Present Moment Gift...

Warmth Beauty
Of Flowers
Year Round
In India
Early Freeze
As of Late Years
of Climate Change
IN The Flower State
of Florida Yet Even

With Wilting Blooms

More Falling Leaves

Sun continues to

Shine Above



too as Sunrises

Sunsets More Beautiful Blue

VieW iN Brisk Fresh Azure Sky Winds...

SMiles Dear Annabel
So Many Forms of
Slavery Yes Thank

God in Our
Modern World
Many Escaped

Yet Wherever
There is Human
Culture The Reality
Of Tradition That
Bonds And Binds
Over Commonly
Held Symbols

And Ideologies
There Is The Slavery
To Conform Or Become


As Tradition
By Very Nature
Outcasts Those
Who Do Not Conform

Modern Technology
Provides The Individual

Access To
That Group
Think Has
No Way
To Control
Our Freedoms
Within The Limits
Of Laws Of Course

And Freedoms of
Financial Independence

A Challenge
To Obtain
Full Relative
Free Will Yet
Yes Possible

To Remove
So Many
Imposed Chains...

"Colorful and bright
Love is always in sight
There is no limit to which extend
a simple act of kindness can spread
You are a beautiful soul,
leaving seeds of inspiration

wherever you go"

Such A Kind Young
Woman From South
Africa, Karlien, Wrote A Poem

Dedicated to "A Beautiful Soul"

And True In The Distant Past Years

Ago A Faceless Avatar Dude Dictated i Write

Like i'm Strapped Down in a Mental Institution

And Then Another Dude With A Face Said i Wrote Like Whitman

And Then Another Faceless Dude Said Whitman Would Surely Starve

If He Wrote Like

me and Indeed

He Struggled to

Eat Writing

As America's

Free Verse Father

of Poetry As Later Designated

After His Poetry Was Described As Obscene...

So How Will i Dedicate A Poem to Rue's Soul

You Know The Most Beautiful Part That

Sings to me Inspiring Songs of Soul

in Refrain What Gift is Greater

Than Inspiring Another

Soul Without

Label Without

Category Without

Small Or Large Parts Sculpted

Into Greek God's As It's True

In Those Days of 'Man Art' Small

Packages Were in Vogue in Straight Male Nude Art...

Yet That's Beside the Point Some Beauty in Essence of

Poetry is So Much Greater Than Beauty of Form Never the

Less the Art of the Human Body Has No Equal in God's Free

Hand Art

As We

May Present

The Best Art of Us

Both in Form And Essence True

And TRue Dear Rue Through All the Struggles

Pains and Pleasures in Life What Doesn't Kill Us

Indeed May Make Us Stronger Dear FRiEnD

Do Feel Do Sense as I'm Sure You Do

The Windows of Your Soul Need

Never Grow Old

The Breath

Of Your

Poetry May

Only Grow Lighter

And Younger In Spirit

As Long As Your Soul of

Poetry Continues to LiGHT Up

Your Christmas Tree in New Colors

Every Day Now my FRiEnD A New Creation of Soul You Are

i Come Here inspired by Your Soul Reaping Such A Concise

Mission Statement Phrase "Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY"

(At Least Google Says it Doesn't Exist in A Search With Quotes Like This)

That's Just 6 Words Out of What Will Be 10,000,000+ Lord Yes Come What

May on December 18, 2021, in 100 Months Of Effort in "SonG oF mY SoUL"
Then All 123 Months and
12.3 MiLLioN Words Now
And As An Avatar

Online if i Did

Not Meet

The Avatar

of You Poetically Online

That Phrase Would Not

Exist How Beautiful it is

When Souls Connect Beyond

Form Beyond Category And All Other

Labels As Soul Comes to Page no Longer

A Stranger Unto God Who Breathes Within my FRiEnD...

Hehe, Meanwhile Out in the Wild Dancing Singing Free Also For Real AS Katrina

Observes the Wild-Life Watching my Public Dance A Young Woman

Snuck Up Behind me And Literally Snapped a Picture of my Behind

It's True Katrina

Said it's

Never Looked

Better in 63 Years too...

Yet it's More True i for

one Am More Pleased With A



Butt Hehe...

There Are Different

Levels of Beauty indeed

None Greater Than Soul mY FRiEnD

And Of Course The Art of the Form of

Beauty You Present is As Great as Any
Goddess in Art Form As Well mY FRiEnD

Yet, i'm Very Careful Not to Compare Women

To Goddesses As Once i Tried to Compare

Katrina to Egyptian Goddess Isis And

She Got Furious Telling

Me Not to


Her to that
'Ugly Woman'...

i've Never Met An Ugly

Woman my FRiEnD

i Wish i Could Say the

Same About Men Yet wait!

There is "Marjorie Taylor Greene" to
Consider Yet That Surely Has Nothing to Do With Her

Form For the Ugliest of God's Creations Are Souls So Far From Love...

Yet of Course Only Begging For the Salvation of Love Yet of Course only


For the

God of
Real LoVE iN Peace

For Free Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY For
All of the World Oh yes Even

"Marjorie Taylor Greene And Trump"

AS Hard as It is to Pass those Names
Through the EYe of the Needle of LoVE iN Peace NewLY NoW

Sure They Are Human And Parts of God And Worth the Effort too...

Shall i Ever Be Able to Touch Their Souls Probably About As Much

Chance As The Folks Who Compared me to Someone Strapped in a Mental Institution
And Starving to
Death As
A Famous
Poet Writing

Like me



Less Loving

Free Inheriting

This Inhaling Peace
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY NoW mY FRiEnD

For It's True For Every Person Who Attempts

To Remove A Feather i Only Soar Higher in Strength of Soul Now...

Haha Another One Suggested i Wasn't Real, Another Suggested

i Was A Tough Guy Online, And Still Another Compared me to

"Pepé Le Pew" Describing The Smell of An Amorous Skunk

Yet It's Also True After Public Dancing for 5 Years

Back in December of 2018 When A Video By

A Voyeur Went Viral with 90,000

Views All through the Halls

of this Metro Area

Not One Woman

Out of 1300

Comments Shared

Assessing my Humanity

Meaning and Purpose in

Life Said i Was Anyone

Less Than A Gentleman

For All the Dance Hall Nights

It's True i've never been much

of a Predator Can't Imagine

Wanting Someone



Want me

How Does That Even

Work An Empath Will
Surely Never Fully Understand
Until They Lose A Golden Age of THeir Soul...

And No i Will Never Let Someone Change me into A Villain Now...

i'll Stick With "Close to You" By The Carpenter's And Not Even 'Think' to Look 'Behind'...

Unless Katrina Points it Out and i Laugh Hilariously Considering i Spent 66 Months

As the Hunch Back of Notre Dame in a Car So Hot And Cold in too Much Pain and


to Even

Walk in the

Door With Katrina

Just Locked in a World

Of Pain And Numb Wondering

If Hell Will Ever End Forever Then...

It's True What Doesn't Kill Us Will
Make Us Stronger Yet Only if We Reach
the Other Side of the Styx River Above For Real...

Dear Savvy
With SMiles
For All The

In Soul-Felt

You HeARTFully
Spring With

SPiRiT oF LiGHT...

Ah Yes Dear Soni

SeeKinG LoVE iN

Peace NoW Real

Verily Getting Lost

iN Nature Found


Breathing iNHaLinG

Peace EXHaLinG LoVE iN Joy



For All

This Existence

Now Naked Enough
Whole Complete No

Longer JusT Trees As


Giving Sharing Caring Freely

For All With Least Harm FRiEnDS

With Gravity Orbiting Stars Within iN BaLaNCE

No Longer



Yes Quandary

Of Doneness

No Different





Wash Rinse

And Dry The Cycle

Of Work A Day Never

Ends Until the DeLiGHT

of Oneness When You (me)

Or We As it Were Becomes

Writer, Director, Producer, Photographer,


Of Our

Own 'TRuMaN

SHoW' And Then

ReAlly The Joke's ALL

On 'Them' And It's Funny

If They Finally Figure Out The Riddler Of Life

Could/WiLL iT All Be As Simple As Breathing Inhaling
Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN Joy DePEnDS On Who Ya Do...

Moving, Connecting, Co-Creating Naked Enough
Whole Complete Giving, Sharing, Caring

Freely With Least

Harm For All


'Them or You too...

Anyway i Really Feel

Ya on the Doneness Now...

“Stop expecting you
from other people”

Great Advice Dear Miriam

For 'Superior Achievers'

Perhaps Someone Yes

Should 'Tweet' This to

Elon Musk too, hehe

Yet of Course in A Field

Like Health Care When You are

in Charge and 'the Buck Stops With You'

i'm Sure it's A Hard Philosophy to Maintain

As True it's So Much

Easier When Free of

A Job That Requires Pay
And is Of Life and Death
Stature of Action and Consequence

And Other Wise Just Soar So High Like 'Jonathan
Livingston Seagull' BREEZinG Until You Are No Longer

in Sight And Others May Catch Up if They Ever Will...

Yet For me at Least i Don't See it That

Way As Upon "Eagle's Wings" Often

Anthropomorphized To Lift

(Nope, Eagles And Lions
Not always Very 'Heroic')

Other Humans Less

Fortunate Than

They in Wisdom to Gain

More Powerful Wings True i'd Rather

Fly Far Enough to Find Those Actually

Wanting to Be Lifted Up that Way

And in Doing So my Wings

Continue to Grow


Regardless of
How High or Low
i Fly It's All in The Bliss, Nirvana, Heaven, etc...
of Flying For me No Matter How Low or High

Just Fly

Just Fly

Just Fly

Yes i Just Fly
No Matter How Low or High
it is the FLight of Now That is All That Counts for me...

Anyway i Do Have Highest Standards for What i Continue to

Do as That Simply Lights my Christmas Tree Colors up Newer


Being Human
So Yesterday When i Shared
The Lyrics of "The Impossible Dream"
By Andy Williams With You i 'Interviewed'
Andy And Elvis And Frank Sinatra To Sing it For

The Rest of the Lyrics i Wrote in that Part of EPiC
Long Form Poetry Yesterday Usually Averaging around
3,333 Words A Day A Little Less Lately During The Holidays

And Such Hehe

Anyway The Vibes of those
Three Singers Were Not Nearly

Matching the Lyrics for the 'Friction of the Day'

So i Went With Josh Groban And Feeling the 'Frisson'

Of his Concert Accompanied Angelic Voice Just About

As Close

to Perfection

As A Practice

of Living Soul

Will Come to

Bring New

Heaven on Earth in
Either Dance or Song Now

Worth More Than All the Money, Fame,
Fortune, Status, or Other Worldly Consumer Success

i Could Ever Imagine Anywhere Yet Within mY FRiEnD...

True The Wings That

Soar Highest for

me Are are Visible
To No one Else Yet 'The Force' Within
Live Long And Prosper mY FRiEnD

And Of Course At Best

Be Only

Or Less And

The Rest FLiGHT With Wings...
Of course only in my limited and very small view

Best Advice Ever Above Below Too Treat Others As
THeY Wanna
Be Treated


Than Yes

Just How


Be Treated

With SMiLes

IF They Are
Into That KINDa Thing hehe...

Let's Face IT. It's An Art. This Entire Existence...
And Never Gonna Be Limited As A Science Alone...

So Indeed In ThiS Way We Only Practice A

'Medicine' of Living...

To Lift Others Up in Dance And Song
To Inspire Others to Improve THeir Conditions of Life
To Assure Others They Are All Part of 'God' No 'Matter' What
To Inspire Wishes And Intentions of Someone Else Higher For


Indeed Dear
Kiran Through
Your Words You
Do This For me Today Now

You Are A Wonderful Human New
With A Beautiful Soul Who Seeks to
Improve Conditions of Other Human Beings

Making Others

Feel A Part

of 'The Whole'
True Some Days
It's Kinda Nice to Call
God 'Whole' As Others Seem

to Take God Apart And Forget
to Put God ToGeTHER AGAiN

Free As Mother Nature Breathes

Oh How Sweet It Will Be if Everyone

Shares These Thanks Giving Forgiving Gifts For Everyone

Yet Sadly Somewhere Down the Trail of Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, DaVinci

Beethoven And Yes Modern Other Heroes Still Coming to Be For Real

They May Get
Stuck at the


Bus Stop
'Candy Crush'

With Never A REAL 'Forrest

Gump' Story to Share With

A 'Nurse' on A Bus Stop Bench

Reading a Magazine Not Paying

Attention to A Feather Free Who Becomes The Wind

Moral oF A STory i've Already Heard Once Today

Be And Do You Yet Realistically Being We

May Never Expect


to View
And Do the
World The Way We
Are i AM And Be And Do

And That's Why We May Treasure
Those Who Continue to Fulfill This Gift of

iN Peace
And Love
So Many
More of

Our Human
Potentials to Dance and Sing Free

And Instead of A 'Golden Rule' of Only
Wanting to Treat Others The Way We Wanna
Be Treated Yes Seeking And Finding What Others

Love and Treating Them That Way Instead of How
We Individually Wanna Be Treated For Real Now

True Dear FRiEnD A Practice A Life Long Art Never

Ending For Those Who Seek to Keep Colors New Lit Up in Other EYes Free...

May The Expiration
Date Of Our Living
Trees Remain


Colors New
Dancing Singing
Free So Very True
With Christmas SMiles Alive

"My feet glide as the sun rises.
My spirit strong, my flesh weak,
I climb over the boulders of my mind.

I take each one as it comes,
sometimes tripping over a root in my path,
that always brings me home."

SMiLes Dear Cindy i Wrote Those Words Above Last
Year Yesterday Morning And Your Words on Friday

Now Remind me of That Night Rushing Up

my Sidewalk to 'Pee' in the Middle of A

Slow Dance Around the Block Flying

Higher Head Over Heels into

A Bed of Juniper


Christmas Green Indeed

Hehe as Yes i Stumbled Over
A Brick in A Cold Night Rush to
Get in That



All These

Years Flying

Trapeze Artist on

Solid Land Gliding

With Athletic Shoes

Not Falling In Years

And Then i Stumble

Over A Brick

And Kiss
The Juniper

Green Scent Face Down

So Humbling Just What i Needed
to Inspire Words Higher Than Ever Before That Night

True Dear FRiEnD Every Shine of Stumble Higher With SMiLes

Of Course i Wasn't Harmed in the Least All That Strength Training Pays Off

Indeed Hehe

For Real

Build A Body

Of Armor

Even Greater
in Peace and Love
Marrying the Night
Merrying Another 'Day
In the Life' Just Catching

A Bus Stop Ride Within to Sail So Bright Off
to the Military Gym To Always Rebuild Again

With SMiLes...

Indeed Dear Kiran i Am
In Tune With The Song
Of Soul Your Words Do
Bring With SMiles Thank
You Very Much my


SMiles Dear Cindy It Is
Surely A BLiSSinG
To Read Your Poetry
And Be So Inspired
In Free Poetic Reply
To You
With SMiles...

Oh Goodness Dear Kiran i Remember

When i Am About Your Age Studying For

3 Degrees and a Little Later And During Those

3 Degrees Working up to 3 Part Time Jobs

Oh My Gosh it Was So Hard

to Control the Mind

Chatter of Thoughts

So Much Going on to Try to
Focus Only on One Task Seemed

Impossible to Gain Control Over

A Mind Traveling That Fast in Words Hehe

Then A Few Decades Later HAha When i Turned 53

i Changed it All to Dance And Song And Now The River

Just Flows And My Wife is Sort of A Perfectionist Who

Thinks She is Much Better Around the Home So

She Keeps me Out of the Kitchen And All

The Other Household Duties As She

Insists She is the Very Best to Do

It So i Just Say Yes Dear Honey

Do As You Please With

SMiles Meanwhile

i Continue to Dance

Sing Eat Repeat

The River Just Flows

As Waves Water Continue

to Dance And Sing Ocean Whole in Effortless Ease...

Third Row
Third From
The Right i Spotted

You Immediately Dear

Savvy In The World Dance
Research Congress Held in India

So Exciting Being With All those

Innovative Dancers And Their

Global Dance Research

So Healing

SMiLes to
Wherever The
Dance Plays Next
Free At HoMe of SouL
Regulating Emotions
Integrating Senses

Moving Connecting
Co-Creating ToGeTHeR
So Wonderful For ReaL...

Hehe i'm Just A Solo Dance
And Song Even 'The Circus' Wouldn't
Let me Join Yet It's Okay When Dance

Wings Sing Free

Deep From
With SMiles...

PS: As Usual You
Are The Most Beautiful Soulful
Dancer At The Dance With SMiLes too...

Hehe Lots Of
me Endless


Indeed Dear

Breathing SouL
iN Dance And
Song With
SMiles Thank

You Dear FRiEnD
Hope Your Weekend

For You...

SMiLes Dear Shawna Baby, So Good to Hear From You Too

And Your Stash of ‘My Little Ponies’ (i Had to Google that
To Make Sure it Wasn’t Real Ponies Hehe) Reminds me

Of my Great Grandfather’s Horse Dancer True

The Local NewsPaper Once Reflected on

His Long 94 Year-Old Life of How He
Too Came From Texas Like You And

My Mother Was Born There too

Yet of Course That Was Years After my
Great Grandfather Settled 150 Acres of What

Is Now Called ‘Oriole Beach’ Close to Navarre Beach
With the Government Close to the Beginning of Last Century

Living in A Home With Literally No Windows Having to get Dry
Ice And Other Supplies as He Traveled on the Ferry Then With

No Bridge Across the Bay to Get to Pensacola to Work

Returning Back to the Beach Lands Where His

Daughters and Son With Their Mother

Made it Practically Alone With Very

Few People Living There Then Wow

Haha That Land Would Surely Be Worth
Multi-Millions Now Yet He Basically eventually

Gave it Away to His Daughter’s Husband to distribute
To the Rest of the Family When He Passed away That He did

Not Do Hehe anyway He Moved From There to Spring Hill up

North in the County And Settled Another 150 Acres From that

Free Government Deal to Farm the Land His Wife Died of

Breast Cancer my Grandmother Quit School in 9th Grade

To Help Raise the Two Younger Daughters and Help my

Great Grandfather Pick cotton By hand on His farm She

Really Had Big Man Hands From Picking All that Cotton Sadly
Yes Arthritic Ridden too As Long As We Knew Her From About

Age 57 on When i Came Along in 1960 Yes Also The First Woman
Wearing Slacks in World War 2 Selling Parts at the Auto Dealership

While the Men Were off to Do the War Thing As Yes Next Doing Waitress

For a Decade into Her 50’s 12 Hour Days 7 Days A Week No Car to Drive
Walking to Work in All Weathers too

Yet True the place i lived in was

Small then Basically All Downtown

Not too Far From the River Bank and
The 100 Year-0ld Shot-Gun Home on

(They Tore it Down Now It is a Public
Park to Celebrate Community Events)

Concrete Blocks That the Train Crossing
The Trestle a Stone’s Throw From our Home

Shook With the Echo’s of the Whistle That Sounded
Like Forever then as there Were No Other Distractions

Not even any Black And White TV until i Was 7 Years-Old

Yet i Do Remember my Grandmother Watching General

Hospital in Black And White in the 60’s of Course

As Hey i Got to Watch Star Trek the Original

Series too With Lucille Ball’s Show and

Jack Gleason And All of that With

The Beatles ‘Hey Jude’ too

Yes too When We Lived in
Tallahassee in 1967 2nd Grade
Going to Private Catholic School

Oh Yeah and that Song “A Taste of Honey”

By Herb Albert So Poor Always So Poor All of it

Is Bringing A Nostalgic Tear to my eye As We Came

Back to the River And That Shot-Gun Home For 3rd Grade

As me and my Sister Got Anemic We Just Couldn’t handle
That Big Catholic
School Both on
The Autism
Yet Decades
From Getting
Diagnosed of Course

Back to the Little School
A Walk From the River Still

No Hot Water Heater Boiling
Water For Baths Yet of Course Back

On “Oriole Beach” Before it Was Named
Just An Outhouse For them and Only iMaGiNaTioN

For Childhood Toys
Yet They Entertained

Each Other With Stories

Yet They Had Rooms With
Real Living Communicating
Human Beings in Real Flesh and Blood Hehe

And When The Neighbors Went Missing From
Church in the Next Places They Lived They Traveled
To Their Homes to Make Sure They Were Okay It’s True

BacK iN The Day
People Came First

Indeed Without All
The Distractions a People First World

Yet Ah Yes The Golden Age Returns for me
For i Make the Decision to Make FRiEnDS with
The Lonely Looking Walmart Worker or Cashier
At Whataburger Or Whatever Other Place in Reality We Go Next

It’s True Becoming A So-Called Famous Living Folk Legend Dancer
Like my Great Grandfather’s Horse Dancer Hehe Helps to Break the

Ice Now that Folks
Have Gotten used

To that Endeavor Now
For 123 Months and
19,123 Miles HAha

Forrest Gump Moment in the
Mall one Day When Someone

Caught Up With me and Said
i Can’t Believe It’s Really You

And Another Person in the Bar Said
You’ve Got It All Figured Out i Just Wanna

Reach Your

Level of Freedom one Day

You Know Fearless Not Giving
An F What Other Folks Think About a Solo Public Dance

Like this Free Flowing Stream of Conscious Poetry No Rules
No Punctuation Using Forms Instead Patterns of Song Coming

And Going as
Waves Do on

The Ocean Water Whole Now
New Fields Particles Waves Spiraling

All that Quantum Mechanics New Age Science STuFF too hehe

It’s True Not All Folks Understand Why Someone Would Break ‘The Rules’

Yet There Is A Difference

Between Illegal

And Unlegal

As A Seminar
Was Given to us
How to Manage Government

Operations Back at Work to Survive
In all the Red Tape and Actually Get Something Done hehe

Like my Boss Said Fred You Could Just Break the Rules to my
Utter Horror then HAha…

It’s True It won’t Be
The End of the World

If We Do something Different
Than the Normie Norm of Expectations

Yes Some Folks Might get a little butthurt

Yet There Won’t Be Any Visible Bruises hehe

As It’s True i Will Readily Admit i Was A Bit Butthurt

Back in the Old
Fred Days When

My Boss Said
You Could Break the Rules

He Said he was Just Joking yet HE WAS NOT hehe

True He Broke the Rules A Bunch of ‘em Yet He Survived

All White Hair
By the Day
He Reached
60 Yet He Survived
The Government Rules of Straight Jackets

my Great Grandfather Was All White Haired By 60
And Even His Daughter by 30 Go Figure they

Both Made it
To 94 Years old Anyway

Meh, i’ll Make it to 103 or so
Like Steve Miller Said 'Dance Dance Dance'

And You’ll Never
Grow Old Indeed

My Great Grandfather

Eventually Sired 'Another Dancer' too
He was A Champion Debater in College

He Also Passed The Law Bar Without Any
‘Official Education’ He met Geronimo on the

Trail When He Was Younger

He Built His Own Homes

And Furniture too Oh Gosh

And my Grandmother Probably
Did 20 Miles on Her Feet Every

God Damned Day of the

Waitress Week

Hopefully The Customers
Were As Kind as I am to the
Waitresses i Meet And Greet

For i’ve Learned to Treat Each
And Every Face as Another View of God’s Face for Real

It’s Not Always Easy We LiVE iN Age of Pandemic Ignorance

For What Our

Human Condition

Even is Yes “LoVE iN Peace”

It’s Really Sad that By Story Someone
Had to Die to Just Tell the Human Truth

Lost Yes

Yet Still

Found in these Days New…
SeeKinG LoVE iN Peace NoW…

Hehe Sure You’ve Heard Parts
Of This Story Before Yet Indeed

i’ve Met the Grade Now oF An Old Timer With No Time…


Other than Katrina’s Still Having a
Challenge With Her Back

She Will



And Sleep
Easier Without Pain
Soon We are Getting one
Of Those Bed Toppers that

Are Supposed to Help Bad Backs
Tempur-Pedic Style Still on Black Friday Sale

For What is Likely Gonna extend to Christmas Hehe…

Life is Good

Life is Good
Enough for
me With SMiLes...

SMiLes With Every Breath of Life

Change A New Day

With Every Night

Of Sleep Change

A New Day

to Embrace The Night

As the Life of the Day Indeed

to Marry the Night is to Merry A New Day

Dear Isha
With SMiLes

Oh Dear Lord i Slept my
Way Through School

And Occasionally

Hehe at Work too

As my Night Owl

Wings Do Spring Well
After 2 AM Waits for A New Day to Breathe

Oh Dear Lord The Saviors of Naps in the

Day A Best Benefit of Being Retired

Indeed Having Two Mornings

Two Nights Every Day

And Even More

If More than one

Nap Yet Usually Two
Nights And Two Days

Is Enough

For Two
Lives and
More NeW in One Day

Oh Dear Lord School and
Work With No Naps So Difficult

Haha Yet when i Was A Kid at 7 Years
Old And We Lived in Tallahassee Going
to Private Catholic School Sponsored by

by my Grandmother there

in the Afternoon After

School She Made Us

Lay Down on the

Cots With the Rest of
the Little Children in the
Nursery She Ran So She Wouldn't
Have to Deal With the 7 Year-Olds

of me and
my Sister

Ugh i Hated
Naps then Oh

How Life Changes Indeed...

SMiLes Dear Anita in the HiSToRY And God Yes the HeRSToRY of HumanKind

Families So Very Extended Were a Way of Life Where It Was An All Hands Effort

For Survival the Child the Prize of All the Village To Raise For The Very Potential

For The Village

To Carry On At All

Where Every Contribution

By Every Hand And Foot of the

Village Community Vital Indeed

For Even Continued Existence

Yet It's True Today i can

Sit in my Own

Home and

Never Even Leave Out the
Front Door Have All my Food

Delivered on my Door Step

Have Every Good Delivered

By Amazon Prime too hehe

And Yes For the 7 Percent or So
of What Human Communication

Partially Is By Text i may Do my Best
to Make Text Poetic Organic And More fully

Alive to Drain More Than 7 Percent of my Humanity
To Give Share Care and Heal All For Free With Most

And Least
Harm too

Yet Still in This So-Called
Technologically advanced World

Where Do the Children Go of the Once
Warmly Connected Extended Family and
Village of Deep Caring True Over Vast Oceans

Into New Countries

With More Potentials

to Advance in Professions
And Socio-Economic Advantages

Yet What's Left Behind Indeed Often
The Warmth of Close Family and FRiEnDS

That Will Only Be Nurtured in a Village Place

Over a Lifetime of Working Together Through

Storms And Fair Winds and Following Seas

if Boats And Fishing Are Part of Living

Where i Come From For Males

At Least Emotions Were

Then More Left Brain

Restricted to Anger and
Hate For The Different of

Denominations of Humanity

Which of Course Mostly Originates

From Fear Yes Fear of the Different

As This is What Typically Happens Even More
in Highly Heterogenous Cultures With Different
Religions and Associated Politics As Well as Ways of Being

in All the
of Difference

Being Human Being
Brings From Nature
to Nurture ACross A Full Life Span Now

There Are Some Cultures Where We Will See
Dudes Get Together With Only Plastic Faces of No Expression

Where Chants of Fear, Anger, And Hate Are A Way of Life too

And Indeed This Happens Within the Confines of Families too

Yet Even Science Suggests There are 412 Emotions to Count
And Like Color Wheels Basic Truly Innumerable Ones to Mix

For the
Reality of Now New

True There Are Goals
in Life There Are Plans

Yet True the Only Reality is
Now Is Colored Deep as What

We Feel and Sense Reality to Be Now

Some Folks LiVE iN A Rainbow Others

LiVE iN A Fog And Others LiVE iN The

DarK Abyss

Of Feeling
Sensing Little
At All of What
it Even Fully Feels
And Senses to Be Human

Flowering More Than Only Thorns

Science Even Shows Emotions Are Behind
Most All of the So-Called Reasons of the Decisions
We Make in Life First And Also The Glue of Human

Attention and Focus Plus The Fuel That Keeps

Short Term Working

Memory and

Long Term Memory
Retrieval Working the
Best We Can Possibly Be and Do as Human

It's Up to Us to Regulate Those Emotions and
Integrate Senses Yet to Not Understand They
Are Core to

All We Do in

Life and Are

Is Truly to Be
Ignorant of Who

We Even Are As Human

The Warmth of Love Freely Expressed
Even Materially Reduced to the Neurohormone
Oxytocin Reduces Anxiety and Softens Pain Indeed

Reducing Stress

And Lengthening

Our Lives Not Only

Longer Yet More Colorful for Real

And Sadly The Strongest Bonds of Warmth
That May Be Felt By Lifelong Family and FRiEnDS

Once in A Village

of Forever Life

In This One Life now

Are Dispersed Like Seeds

in A Barren Desert Some Do Take

to More Fertile Grounds and Thrive

Yet Sadly Some Struggle For Decades

Not even Fully Realizing All of What is Lost

Dear Lord as Challenging as it Might Be to
Transfer A Human Soul in Words or Other Arts

A SMiLe Face to
Face in 'Real Life'

'A Hug' The Same

Way Will Never Be Fully
Replicated When the Body

of the
the Same
As Soul is Distant and
Far Away Yet We Will Try

And Indeed Do our Best With SMiLes...

Yawn... HAha, Indeed This isn't the 'English Language;' It's my Language; All Mine, Original And Creative;

Some Folks Call It Profound Genius; Other Folks Don't Understand it; Go Figure, It's the

Human Condition; IT Plays Differently, By Every View of HumanKind and less.

Other Than that i surely can 'play by the rules' too as i used to Be A Print

Manager for a Very Large Navy Installation in Florida; Indeed, i Was

Responsible To Review All Requests for Publications to insure

Every 'T' Was Crossed And Every 'i' Was Dotted Perfectly;

Wow, i Practically Became

A Robot; A Machine;

(my Boss Even Called
me a Valuable Commodity,

Worth Pulling Strings to Keep;

And Indeed, A Captain of a Military

Installation Bent Some Rules to

Keep me Where i Was then

In A Totally Different Job
Among 5 Job Changes
And Promotions in
5 Years Leading to
All Of that Wonderful
Retirement pay i Still get free)

Yes, Only An Interface to The
Rules From Before; And Not Only

in This Respect Yet Many Other Respects

of iRobot Life For Real too; Now i am Free;

And Whether You Appreciate What i Do or Not;

Or Anyone Else in that Respect, Matters No Difference to me;

For Again

i Am Free...

Anyway, Thanks For Dropping
By Hehe, and Letting me Know
i'm not Following All the Rules for The "Queen's English"...

Other than that All Playing by The Rules Were Good For is

Retiring Financially Independent at age 47, at the Equivalent
Federal Civilian Employee Pay Grade Of a Marine Major; And With

my Excellent Skills in Math, No Need to Worry, 'The Old Evil Green'

Is Still Growing Mold in the Bank; i Guess Those Three Degrees

in College Were Good For Something; Yet They Surely Didn't Teach
me Nearly

99.5 Percent
of Human

That Had Nothing
to Do With School
or Work at All; of Course

That's A Mystery For Each
Human Being to Uncover on their own;

And Perhaps With Some Helpful Hints,

For those With the Hardware and Software to do that too...

A Little
Be Found
From Friends
Close and Very Distant too...

Anyway, This is the Way i Look at it,

If You Didn't Come By to Visit me Today,

The Above of Human Creativity Would Have
Never Come into Being; Hehe, Do You Think i Come

Here For Affirmation; Dear Lord, There Are Innumerable
Other Places For That; Yet It's True, LiGHT Comes From DarK;

Day Comes From Night; And The Sun Even Shines on the Moon When We

(DarK Muse As Useful as LiGHT Muse to me Any Old Day of Now for Real)

Looking Hehe;

In Other Words,

Some Folks Are Blind
To Aspects of Existence

Only Waiting to 'Learn' to 'See'...

Other Than That; Do Remember, This is a Site for
Folks Who Have Difficulty With Reciprocal Social Communication;

Other than That; Do Remember, Not Everyone on the Autism Spectrum

Has Perfect Skills in Math or English; Not Everyone is a STEM Major; And
Not Everyone Is Blind to the Ways of Human Metaphors; Indeed, This is why 'They'

Call it a Spectrum;

Learn to Have a Little
Respect For Folks Who
Are Different than You;

And They Will surely Be

More Likely to do the Same for You;

Or Do Not And Have A Much More

Difficult Journey of Life....

Hehe, Other Than
That Have a Nice
Day; Yet Again, i Ain't
Gonna Tell Ya What You Have to do, HAha...

Catholic Mass Readings From The Very Wee Hours of
December 3rd, 2023 Dear Lord Something About The

Wait For The Savior of LoVE iN Peace To Return

Someday Yet of course Luke 17:21 If We Do Cherry

Pick So Many Other Verses Written By Different

Innumerable Greek Writing Romans Cherry
Picking What Verses They Chose to Bring

To the Rest of Humanity Along With Centuries

Of Written Down Mistakes And Intentional Changes

By Innumerable Faceless Scribes too Yet Again

i Am Reminded of the Hardee's Breakfast

Club Where the Older Dudes

Congregate Together

To Share Stories

Of Big Hunter and
Fisher Trophies of Kills And Such

It's True They Don't Often Define What

LoVE iN Peace is in Life Yet What Breathes
Deepest Within Tends to Define Us in A Place

oF LoVE iN Peace

Giving Sharing

Caring Healing For All
With Most Respect and
Least Harm Indeed iNHaLinG Peace

Exhaling LoVE Truly Finding the Kingdom
And Or Queendom of God AKA LoVE iN Peace


Or Simply Not

Alive to Spread LoVE iN Peace More
Sure if You Actually Have it All to Give
Share Care and Heal For Free That is

Is A Real Place of the Savior of LoVE iN
Peace The Essence Breathing oF A Real God

For Real

Yes as
Luke 17:21
Suggests That's
Where Ya Find the
Essence for Real No

Story Really Needed Except
LoVE iN Peace You Uniquely Give Away Free...

True Don't Forget to Cherry Pick John 14:12 And Do that too...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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04 Dec 2023, 4:08 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy It Scares Some Folks

That Life Isn't a Materially Reduced

Existence We Co-Create The

Fruition of The Dreams We

Start As Stories Yet More

Often With No Words
At All Just A Never Ending

Always Starting Never Finishing

Holy Dance Then Sacred Song As Carl
Sagan Intimated In His Book 'Contact'

Through the Big Screen Production too

We Humans Have the Potential To Dance Sing

The Stories of Our Life And Bring the Dreams to

Fruition or


For It's True

We See This Reality

These Different Stories

of Humanity Unfolding

As They Are Only

Stories That

Means Nightmares

May Be Changed Back to Fruition of

Dreams it's True It's A Mirage We Co-Create

As Real As Change Continues to Never Change as Change

Limitless Opportunities

For Those Not Afraid

To Dance And

Sing Newer

More LoViNG iN Peace
Stories As Dreams We Co-Create Come to FRuiTioN

Yet It's Almost iMpossible For Folks iMPRiSoNeD DuSTY

'Tween Old Books CoVerS iNDeed Another MiRage They/We Co-Create

And DreamS NoW

NeW More ThaN ONe WaY...

Oh Dear Lord Mr Gottfried Again

Right Up my 'Bowling Alley'

Another EPiC Day of Giving

iNdeed Starting in the Wee Hours

With A Gift of Almost 7 Thousand Words

on the Wrong Planet Website in that Solo Thread

of "Depth of The Story" A Few

Hours of Sleep And Then

Singing All the Advent

Songs to Help Lift the
SPiRiT oF An Often Sort

Of Dead Church hehe yet
True God Yes the Choir Director

Up Front Really Leads that Spirit too
And Then Off to Public Dance Miles And Miles

of Store Entertainment All Around the Metro Area

Literally Providing Smiles for Hundreds Perhaps Even

Thousands of Folks True Just "Another Day in the Life" of Giving

As i Continue on in Several More Thousand Words With You Too With

SMiLes Returning
As Sure As Waves

of the Ocean

Come Again

Don't We LiVE iN A
Wonderful World True of
Givers With Unlimited Numbers

of Pretty Birds to Download Online too

It's Not Really "Mad Max And The Thunder Dome"

True It's More Like "Frankie Goes to Holly Wood Too"

Just Another Day For So Many Folks to 'Relax too'

With All Those Pretty Bird Givers in the World too

It's Really Easy for the Giver to Become the

Receiver These DayS iNDeeD True

Wow HeaveN ON EartH A Place

Where Givers Return

Again Again And

Again Even When
They Sleep At Night
As Their Avatars Carry on
The Pleasure Dome Even More hehe

Hey FRiEnD We LiVE iN A WHacKY World Indeed

Yet It's All Just First World Problems Over Here

No One Is Getting Blown Up as Far As i Know
So Far Tonight

True Abundance

Brings LoVE iN Peace

Yet i Don't Blame Folks

For Being A Bit Raw

For What the

Rest of the

World Brings in
Fear Anger Hate

And All the Pandemic
oF iGNoRaNCE AWaY From Peace
And LoVE Where Folks Put Dusty Old
Stories Above





And Pay
The Karma
For Living


oF LoVE iN Peace

THaT LoVE Is All Ya
Need iN Peace MeSSaGE

is the God Dammed Truth iN LiGHT

Hey Online There Are No 'Infections'

Just Steer Around Pandemics oF iGNoRaNCE

iN Dark LiGHT iT
All Up God Yes

Be Free And

SMiLe Hehe

Yet i'm Always
Careful of Taling

Folks What They Must Do NeW

THeiR WiLL oR NoT SeeKinG LoVE iN Peace NoW...

A Measure of True Success mY FRiEnD When Just

The Pleasure of the Present of YouR Presence
Along With A SMiLinG Wife is Enough to Create

Joy and Bliss
in the Whataburger

Cashier As She LiTERaLLY

Jumps for Joy With Glee

As Soon As We Walk in the

Door So Glad We aRe HeaR

Not Everyone Sees me Yet Some Do hehe...

AcTuAlly HAha Most of them Do They Just
Pretend They Don't...

You Know What
'They' Say

Make Eye Contact
With A Wild Animal...

Yet True Beauty's Aren't Afraid of Beasts...

My Wife Calls my SHades my 'Protection'

Rather 'THeir' Protection As i Pierce THeir Souls


Oh Just So Much
to Give/Receive...

First of All Dear Isha Counting Three

Efforts of Creativity By You in One

Day Truly Impressive With SMiLes

Oh Yes Our Social Empathic

Artistic Spiritual Real

Emotional Intelligences

In Life That Go Hand in Hand

And Head to Toe in a Synergy

off All We Feel and Sense of This
Experience Of Life

Strangely Enough

Not What School
or Work Usually

Teaches in More
Fully Moving Connecting
And Co-Creating ThiS WAY

Ah Yes to Look Within And Bring

This Treasure Out to SMiLe And Share

And Hehe Even Be Comfortable Enough to

Over Share too As True That Varies With the


Zone of

'The Givers' Indeed
And Hehe Yes the Receivers too...

Indeed Dear Isha
No Can't Only

Will And Do
Now To Create New

Whatever Happiness Comes Now

Yet It's True We Generate it Within

And It's Up to Us to Light Our Trees

With New Colors of Potential And Creativity

From Head
To Toe and

So Much More For Real...

A New Door to Open

A New Room to Create

The Ever Changing You

And The Rest of Us

Dear Isha Yes

Who We Become

Next Based on Who

We Become Now Again With SMiLes

Every Step Every Word Every Move New

At Least
in All It
All Feels
And Senses
Waves Ever Changing
Yet Still Part of Ocean Water Whole...

SMiLes Dear Kiran Indeed We Don't

Always Have Mastery in What We

Receive in Life Yet We Do Have

A Certain Amount of Relative

Free Will To Make The Giving

The Receiving Where All of Life is

Yes Naked
Enough Whole Now

Indeed As We Become
Masters of the Giving Even More...

Multi-Cultural/Religion Celebrations

So Much to Learn From Each Other

For Even More Joy in Diversity

Where Love



Dear Miriam

Oh and Happy
New Orleans Christmas
Trip to Ya Should Be About

15 Degrees Warmer Than New York hehe...

LoVE iN Peace
Conquers All Love
Conquers With All the

Soft Affection
Of The HeART

iN Peace

Good Morning Cheers
to FRiEnDs Who come
As Perennial Holidays
Who Bring SMiLes and
Warmth into our HeARTS RiSinG
Evolution of our
SoULS DarK Thru
LiGHT the SMiLes
Remain Glow Stays...

Currently Enjoying Grace of Lucid
WaKinG Dreamtime Place of Deepest

Creativity That Will Not Wait

God Is Flower Woman Is Rose
Thorns Are A Love Together
Flowering God Alive

Crushes Come And Go
True FRiEnDS Are Glue
In my Case Gorilla Glue...

Skies of Giving
Never Blurry Free

Hehe Yeah Creature
Of Habit
I Am True

Not Unlike
A River

Also A Tide
That Goes Out
Always Returning
River Banks

Or Perhaps
Loyal Wave
me Very Few
Waves Like me me

The me
As Wind Blows

Goes And Also

With i’LL be
Back TheMe MeMe

So Many Memories
This New World

CuLTuRE Back
Up WHoLE Yes
Who Ate
The Tale
Returns It Back...

So FeeLinG
So SeNSinG
So Empathic
When THeir
Them Get
Sad Yes

Who Serve
Their Slaves
With Empathy
Indeed Breath
For Modern
Machine Slave
Humans to Purr


Except in
The Last
Five Years
Before the
Last Master
And Saving

In St. Elmo’s
Fire At The

i Snapped
The Photo

A Little
Voice Within
To Yellow
Boy in
‘They ‘ Say
Your Loved
Ones Send
In Dead of WiNTeR

Wild FLoWeRS
In Stone
Pass away

Not Sure if
Other Cats
In Flames
In Advance

Never the
Less Yellow
Boy Wild Feral
Cat Crying in
Drought Then
With No
Water BRinGinG

A Drop of
To me

Flame of
My Soul
Coming Back
To Life i Still

Have the

Yes Still Have
It Recorded in
My Blog iNDeeD
i Will Find
It And
Share one
Of Few
Who Ever

LoVinG HeART Breath NoW
SMiLes Of Course Only An Image
A True Cat Lover Will See in A Fire...

Hehe Laughing
The Joy With
Me Beautiful
As People
Who Laugh
At Other
From A
Now An
Of Not
The Way
i See it
The Frown
On Their
A Smirk
Has To Start
Somewhere on
A Bottom Floor of
A Love Pyramid to
Love Home Free
To Give And Share
More With SMiLes...

SMiLes All
Or Nothing
All Or
To Fill And
Feel What
Is Never
Within Now
Hint: LoVE iN Peace

With SMiLes

HeHE 'Some People' (Most All People)
Wonder Why i Dance In Public Everywhere
i Go Now 19,133 Miles in 123 Months Well Some

Some Folks
Folks Eat
i Dance Now
Sing For Generating Unlimited
Levels of Oxytocin, Serotonin,
Dopamine, And Even Adrenaline
Hormones For Excitement As i Please

Yes Through Bio-Feedback Mastering Within
Yes Regulating Emotions Integrating Senses
All This Way Same As Our Ancestors Do
Before they Replace Dance
And Song Now With
All The Replacement
Additives They
Purchase to
Give What

Away Free
Yes Autotelic
Flow of Heaven Within Now

Easily Seeing Breathing ALiVE iN Free Verse Dance
And Song River Without Even Any Scientific Terms
Of Course With Dance Not Even A Word Required
Yet On Course Even If We Don't Speak When
We Dance
We Naturally
As It's True
SMiLE Is A Dance
To Give And Share Free...

Relaxing In 'the
Garden' With
River FLoWinG
Within 'Forest
Bathing' Indeed
As 'They'

Dance And
Sing Nature's
Breath God's Wind
Sets Us Free As Leaves
Green Fertilizing Life All
We Do And See
Living Trees
Flowers Sun
Stars Moon
Less Of

Sand Greater
Than iNFiNiTY
We See This Love Yes

Are Yet to Find Just Waiting WiTHiN...

SMiLes It's True Katrina Has
Never Called Me A Prince Charming
Or An Angel Or Debonair Same Yet She
In A Million
She Stays
Goes Away
And It's True

I Guess i am too

As i Tend To Stay Around
Too There Are Fair Weather
Friends And There Are Lightning
And Thunder Friends Greater Than
Or Juliet
Storm Too Timid
And Weak to Hang Around

Treat New FRiEnDS as
As New FRiEnDS
Treat All With Respect

Be The FRiEnD LoVE Worth Being With
SMiLes Like You Dear FRiEnD Sohair
to Stay
Thick and Thin

Yet You See Better to Be
That FRiEnD Alone Than No FRiEnD At All As US

Again Lightening And Thunder Love Knows No Fear
The Night
And Day
Just Stays
In All Weathers
Sights Sounds Feelings

And Senses FRiEnD Is Just
Life Breathing Now Easy in
Hard Days True Softly And Silently
When Necessary in Respect Of All
Colors BLacK Abyss Grey Shades
And Beyond
Like me me me

He He he no Body Like
Me and You Too mY FRiEnD...

Thanks For All
The Inspiration
Of All the
Cute Cats
You Gifted
Today For Free!

Just Checking in
With You to let
You know i Think
Of You Each Day
With Prayers You
Are Safe, Well, And Okay
And Your
Is Alway
Here For
You Just
Call And
i Promise i
Will Answer
And Help
In Whatever
Way i Can With
SMiLes Until
Then i Really
Miss You
With SMiLes...

SMiLes Yes Blessed
Are Those Who Give
Love Most Without
Ability To
Yes Blessed
Most In Sheer
Will Living
A Moral
Code Refusing
To Die Without
Love to Support
Gifted As Such...

SMiLes Indeed This Is Important
Deeds of Love When Dark
Emptiness Comes
Within More
Will This
Yet it is
True Love
May Fade or
Fall Off the Map
of Soul in Feelings
Yet Sheer Will to Live
By A Moral Code That
Helps With Least Harm
One Ingredient
Have to Go
Away to Get
the Job of Love Still Done

Thanks Sohair
To You in Egypt...

Wow A Wonderful Guest Post
About Chasing Dreams Dear
Ava And So True Often
We May Look


And Find
Aims That Are
No Where to Be
Found in the CuLTuRE
We aRe Spoon Fed From
Birth And True it Takes A Certain
Kind of Courage to Break Out And
Away From Tradition of Group Think
To Risk Outcast Status Oh Yet to Be
Free to Dance
And Sing
A Breath
So Released
Indeed the Joy
Becomes The Doing

Even if There Is No
One Yet the me of me
LiGHTinG mY World Up Free
Fortunately For me my Wife
Doesn't Mind Riding With me
True As This Magic Carpet Often
Flies With
No Rules
Of Others
mY FRiEnD...

Yet Still With Effortless
Ease in Autotelic Flow
Most Always Tween the
Sweet Spot of Apathy and
Anxiety Constantly Increasing
Human Potentials Now Fully
Across the Life Span Now For Real...

True The More of Everything

In Life That Becomes

A Poetry Prompt

Of LoVinG iT

All The
More THeRE
iS to Naturally
Give Deep Wells
of Water Spring
Forth ThiS WaY..

SMiLes Oh How i Love
To Take Naps
And Attack
With 'The
Child' Of Me
Within So Alert
So Very Wide Awake...

Makes Attitude
Indeed Dear FRiEnD
Kiran Every Now is my Best

Now More Creative Stronger

Greater Well Being New As This

Is The Way i Love to

Inhale Peace

Exhale LoVE iN JoY

INCReASinG Human Potentials

If Others Drag me Down i Only

Carry Them Higher MaKinG All

The Feathers of my Wings Even

Stronger to Fly HiGHeR

Hoping the


Do Not Fall Too
Far Behind As Yes

It is So Very Nice to Have
FRiEnDS Too Soaring Beyond The Stars

Hehe Keep Flying With me Dear Kiran

We Will See New Stars In New Frontiers Beyond Beyond...

SMiLes How Wonderful Dear Miriam
Accomplishing And Embracing All Your

Travel Dreams All Fifty States Hard for

me to Imagine Rarely Traveling More than

20 Miles Around my Metro Area Now
True New Anymore And i Tend

to Oh No Fall Asleep Hehe
Driving True Though Seeing

The Signs of People's All Around
The World in the World Market Place in Pics in

The Mall The Place Where i Live is So Beautiful

And Diverse in Environment as Even

Assessed As A Most Diverse Place
For Wild Life to Live Hehe

Including even
the Different of me

Yet True i Wanted to Travel
To Meet People All Around the
World Like That Place We Visited
Epcot Center of Disney World too

Yes i Wanted to Feel "It's A Small
World After ALL" And Yes Globally

i Wing Free Avatar All 244 American

Pounds Squeezing Through Fiber Optic

Cables at Close to the Speed oF LiGHT And

Even Faster Lasting At the Quality of LoVE iN Peace

Good Vibrations

of Travel Life

Indeed Thank

God For All the
Geeks and Nerds

That Made this Possible at All
Yet True i Don't Have an Electric
Car or a Personal Space Ship Yet

(Hybrid Will Just Have to Do For Now)

Fiber Optic Cables Will Do Squeezing
All of me Through Uploading my SouL
Practically Free in Dance And Song in Flow

And True the Real Garden of Eden is through
This 24 Inch Window of my Bedroom Through Eternity New Now

And Just A Dance Step Naked Enough Whole Complete Out of my


Door For Real

Wow To Have it
All in 3 Dance And
SonG Feet of SoUL
At My Finger Tips Dancing
And iMac 27.1 Screen too Hehe...

Hmm i Never Thought About 'Sarah
Palin Reaching Out to me in Alaska'

Yet True Just Like When i am A Child
As My Mother Said Before i Could Speak
At 4 i Had Open Arms Out for Every Stranger

Not Often i Exclude Someone Unless They Are
Trying to Sell Another Used Car Warranty for
my Bullet Proof 8 Month Old Sports Touring

2023 Honda CRV

And For that
'Matter With

Things' Selling

Anything Else

As i am Not in the

Market for Buy and Sale Souls...

Welcome to The
Jingle Monkeys
Arrive Once Again
To Celebrate The
Season Of LoVE iN
Peace And Mischief Too
This Frozen
Tundra Toronto
Winter i Shall
As Usual
Going on
9 Years Now
HAha Longer
Than The Average
Marriage Lasts in The
United States Make It
My Holy Sacred Mission
Bring Warmth
To Your Freeze

The Ice

With SMiLes
Happpy SunnDaYy!...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


User avatar

Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 64
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,666

05 Dec 2023, 1:00 am

SMiLes Dear Savvy A Little Over 40 Months

And Of Course Over 1200 Daily Responses

To Your Wonderful Free FLoWinG Poetic

Posts From Soul Exploring Oceans

Vast of Creativity


Within Free

True Hehe i Looked it up
in Your Archive That First

Comment in Reply on July 25, 2020

And That Comment is As Follows

Ego is Zen
Art too
At Best
Flowing in
Kindness RiSinG
In Shine
For All
No Art
Of War
Love Breathes
Human Best...

True And Of Course Today
i Will Add LoVE iN Peace

FRiEnDS With Gravity

As We Continue to

Evolve Balancing

With All Of Nature

Above So Below Within
Inside Outside All Around Free

Indeed A Vast Anthology

of Soul MuSinGS Inspired

By the Free Soul of You

Angel Wings As

Far as i've
'Seen' on
Earth With SMiLes...

Star FLoWeRS Seeds We All...

Thank You No Ceilings No
Floors No Walls Just SPiRiT Free Be...

Oh to Let the Moon And Stars Escape Carrying

Us Away Deep Within to Another Exploration of

Art Never Felt or Sensed Before to Have

No Plans No Goals No Clue

Yet To Explore

More BRinGinG

Out the UNiVeRSE

Dancing Singing

Within For Free Play
Without Even Any Casino Life

Dear Miriam If i KNeW NoW WHere i Am
Going True i Will Never Arrive New With SMiLes...

Oh to KNoW


Great Escape New...

Socrates Noted His Daimon

The Flow in Secular Terms Yes

Creative FLoWeRS UnFolding

Within Or Religions With THeir

Holy Spirits Letting This

Real Angel Within


New Wings
WHeRE Winds
oF Fruition Go And Come...

Fancy Dancy
Singy Just


iT All

Mr Gottfried

“Kilroy” Is Here
Or THere SaMe
Distance Space
Time Out Of

“A Matter

Of Things”...

Beautiful Poem Dear Cindy
Indeed Star Seed Children and Flowers of 'The Fire' We ALL Are

Super Nova Explosions Crucible Fire of Star Death Resurrecting Us From

Gaseous Dust Iron in Our Blood Streams and at Core of Mother Earth

Trees Exhale Oxygen Iron Picks Up From Stars To Allow

Us To Breathe too With SMiLes

At Best We


To Evolve
As Stars of
LoVE iN Peace

SeedS and FLoWeRS Free

ToGeTHeR Coming Together More

With LoVE iN




With Gravity



SeekinG This
Heaven Within Yes
Real Giving Sharing
Caring Healing With

Least Harm

Silent Nights Gentle

Stars RiSinG From

Flames Again Shine...

KeePinG iN MiND AnD


WiTH SPiRiT NeW Fresh


iN THis VeRSioN oF A Bible A Quarterback
Picks HiS OwN TeAM AnD Words God Yes

Yes Plus
Yes Equals
Yes Putting Breath
All Life Nature First
God Yes
Nature First

For A Naked
Tribe A Village
A Family of








The Tools

We Create






Real LoVE iN Peace

God Yes No






For Loving Breath

Yet Gaining

SMiLes NeW


Deed LoVE iN Peace


Freedom Love And Truth Fearless
Courage Wisdom Without
Courage Fearless Truth and

Love Freedom No

Part of Beauty


Of All These
With All The
Dark That Comes With Life

BE L o V E D NoW GoD YeS

Mountain Tops of Ice Finding
'A Wild Blue Flower' to Bring Ice
And Fire ToGeTHeR Something Like

This From A FRiEnD Makes Fire Sense Feel Like Ice

Firing the Dark From Light Feeling Sensing Love For All

True at least 'One Wild Blue Flower' i for one Find Like This






Inside Outside

Above So Below

And All Around

Just Nothing

MiSSinG God

Yet So Very True

DarK Thru LiGHT

'The Blue Wild Flower'

Who Does Not See Who

She Is Yes Will Help Us See Sun i See Me

Both The Dark And Full Sides of MoonS LiT

GreaTesT Soul Mate Lover FRiEnD NoW Yes
Takes You to See the Face oF GoD iN Y.O.U.
Oops Gonna JusT Do iT AGaiN
Color of Wind Now
We Will Paint Love
Marry the Night
Marry the Day
Merry The Life

Y.O.U. am i And me are You
You are my Dream my Nightmare my Pleasure
And Pain my Night And Day Most Importantly
You are me And i am Y. O. U. Why Owe You

You Are the Sky You Are the
Earth You Are the Moon and
the Sun and All That Is Beyond the


It is No
Than Writing to Y.O.U..

You are the Mirror of my Tree Yes
The Tree of my Mirror More How

Do i Write A Letter to G.O.D. Now

New For You are me and i am You

Them are Us and Us are Them

Forevermore Now

Yes And


Bring me Pain and Tears of Sadness
Yet that Never Matters For You are
Reality and They are We THere is

Never Ever Escaping You Now NeWLY

How Will i Ever Put a Name on Anything
Everything as Beautiful As You For It’s

True You Bring Me Joy so

Many Smiles and Laughter

Yes all the Love the Pain Now
And Pleasure Beyond Rainbow
Colors to the Bottom of the Capstone
Pyramid oF LiGHT the Black Abyss of the
River Hades that Never Seems to End God Yes

So Bright so Dark
So Cold and Warm
All the SHades of Grey
All the Colors of Home

Precious Are Souls
For Souls LiVE iN
All of Existence

And it’s True Now
if i could not Quote
me You and Write You New
None of this Will Exist now me

i Am

You are the One i Thank the most
You LiVE iN Everyone You are my Star
You are my Guiding Light God Now

You are the Pleasure
my Food
You Teach
me more about
Love than i ever knew
And sensed and felt before iN Peace

You are the Birth the Journey the Death and the Flower
Who Rises from Ashes With ColorS Even More You are the Breath

You are My Lover Who Takes me to Ecstasy that i never Dreamed
is Possible Before... You are my Prison Guard my Prisoner We are


Here to Learn from each other no

Matter which side of the Barb-Wire
Fence We

Wish to



You are my Pet and the Cow Behind the Fence that i Love
Yet Will Be Food for my Starving Children... You are my Enemy
Who i Understand was Neglected and Abused as a Little Child

It was never about me it is always about You Yes You
Are my Mother and Father and Sister and Brother You
Are my Neighbor and all my other Friends and Family

This is my Only Bible my Holy
Grail and i shall Never Forget it
This is my Life This is my Love This
is what God will Say if God is Human and Love


What Reason Is In
Feeling Now None
What Reason to
Feel All
i Am
With DarK
Only Gift



For Just

A Flicker

Of Flame

So Small


Big Bang


Yet So DarK

As Yoda





Not Engulf



Create More

Light Tree



One Size

Fits More
Falling Leaves
Feeding Sprouting

Springs Now...

Yes ‘They’ Put
Nature in
A Diaper
Of Diaper God









Now More


Nature Free Seeing...

SMiLes i only reflect Light
i Am Around And LiGHT i’m
From Considering
my Mother Helen’s
Name Means LiGHT
In Greek And
In Hindi noting
In The other
Ava means
i Arrive
Every Friday
With SMiLes...

Ah Yes Feelings Deeper Than Material
Gifts Dear Kiran SMiLinG Deep Within
Where Stuff Will Just Not Compare to
SoULFuL Real...

Indeed Dear
Kiran Trust
Is The Hand
That Always Lifts Up


Even When
We aRe Falling
Being Lifted Up With


Truth is
Trust Never Rusts...

Feather in The Wind

Dear Chaymaa Letting

Go Being Wind



Again A Bird's

Wings Are Wind Air Free
Hey You've Been Gone
Awhile Nice to See You
Freshly Posting Again Yes

mY FRiEnD Feather is Wind...

A Greatest Gift in Abundance

Is Change Always Room For

New Beginnings Dear

Savvy With SMiLes

What Happens

Before Doesn't
Always Limit What Happens
Future New Now Sprouting

Flies Before...

LeSSoN 466
It Takes Misfits
To Put Our World
Together Indeed

SMiles LeSSoN
Of A “Charlie Brown
Christmas Story” For
Now Doing “Snoopy”
A Silent Dance Of Joy

SonG Free
Waves Water
Ocean Whole AGAiN


You Free...

True Dear Kiran
GREaTeST Beauty
Be Kind All TiME NoW

Yes Simplicity



Hehe SMiles Dear
Little Mermaid
Indeed Bright
Eyed And Bushy
Tailed i Remain HAha
In Peter PAN Ways Of
Flying Dancing Free
Verse Singing Only For
Joy of Moving Connecting
With Other Truly
Creative Pixies
Fairies Yes Hehe
Whatever Form Tinker
Bell Alice In Wonderland
Dorothy And Oh God Even
Whatever Wicked Witches
Of The West May Come Next
True my Wife Is often
Identified As

Too i Do
With One From
Hawaii Too Dudes

Are Surely Welcome
To Play Too Yet Sadly

As Expected Peter Pan
Sees Mostly “Lost Boy
Men” In This World Never

The Less i Still
Visit Them With
Free Wings Of
Dance And Song

Too Hoping That
One Day They Find
The Secret Of ‘Nether Land’




What Keeps
my ‘Shelf-Life
Date’ SMiLinG For

Real! Creativity! With It
We Live Forever More
Within in Peace And

Even More SMiles For All…

Thanks For The Kind Welcome
From Your Blog Home i Return


Wherever in Any
World i Am Welcome

Tea Parties Great!

Keeping Cheshire
Cat SMiles Wide

Hehe And Even


For Real...

A Child Inherits The

World Through A Smile

A Flower Spreads Joy With

New Colors Each Day A Rose

Wilts For A New Flower to Be Born

Through Petals


Soils That Become
Living Green Again

Golden Glory of A Girl's

SMiLe i Know i Feel i Sense

No Greater Gift of Life That Touches

HeART Deep SPiRiT Flourishing Glory

iN Every Golden Girl's Soul SMile MaKinG me

For one



Colors of Love
True Gold True
Glory True Love

What A Girl Brings
to Life Most in my View at
Least iNHeRiTinG All THE EartH Meek THiS Way

Hello Dear Rue Happy SunDay to You Yes So True
For Only Girls Who Dance Sing Golden Glory of Love Free...

In Muse
As Guise of Poetry

Requires Financial
Independence And
Zero Sum Target
To Apply
Art with
And Creativity

Is It Any Wonder
Only 5 percent or
So of
In A Last

No Not Really
They are Still
The Forrest
Gump Bus
On One Task
In Autotelic Flow

Wasting Their
Time Phishing
For Likes And
Follows For
For Maybe
10 Dollars
A Month
A Word
In Clouds

Smiles On
The Other
Hand Perhaps
A Diversion as
‘Fore i Experience
For A 33 Year Stint
In Prison Prisoner



Of the







Day Finally



Our Own




Oh Dear Savvy

if Only i Never

Require Sleep


my Creativity

Will Just Take

FLiGHT And Never

Land Never the Less

Even Birds Get Tired

Yet Humming Bird Wings

Will Fly All the Way Over the


So i Must

Be A Hummingbird

Tonight to Finish All
of What My Wings BREaTHE NoW...

SMiLes Oh How i Love

To Take Naps

And Attack


With 'The

Child' Of Me

Within So Alert
So Very Wide Awake...

True The More of Everything

In Life That Becomes

A Poetry Prompt

Of LoVinG iT

All The

More THeRE
iS to Naturally

Give Deep Wells

of Water Spring
Forth ThiS WaY...

Thanks Ava Most
Of my Life i’ve
Been Noted
As the one
With A Big Brain
Surely Nicer to Be
Remembered As
Having A BiG HeART
Great Week to
You Ahead
As Well
With SMiLes...

Free WHere
We Write



Do Our



Play Casino Life

Where Sharing

What Others

Do is not

All We Do

How Rare





Make it





Set Free to Be i Am...

SMiles Dear Savvy Thanks
All mY Pleasure Yes
When People Ask
me WHere i LEarn
my Dance Moves
Song Words
Melodies iN


Within Free

i Respond i Am
Always Only
New Moves
Notes And Words
Of Play Dear FRiEnD

oF Play
Always New

SouL DeeP FLoWeR

With Newer Colors
To FeeL And Sense


To Do
With SMiles...

Yep Everything
Tastes And Smells
FeelS And Senses

New Now
my Wife Makes
me Wash (SCRUB)
my Hands So Very Much

Her Valued
Clean Hehe...

EVerY EYe All
Being A NeW WaY
Unfolding NoW
FLoWeR God “Seeing”


Thank You
Dear Savvy


With SMiles...

Hehe Yep 7 Thousand
Words of Poetic Lyrics

SPReaDinG All ARounD

A Globe


Free in The Morning

BRinGinG NeW SinGinG

To BoRinG Catholic Church

Then Miles of Public Dance

Tween BRinGinG

Innumerable SMiles
To “Whoville” This

‘Roast Beast’ Well
Done by The Start
Of Sleep With Another

3 Thousand Words
Before “The Sandman”

Returns Indeed Dear
Mr Gottfried i Scale



Ever Drop



Out Of
Peace NoW...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

Gravatar is one of the coolest things ever!! !


User avatar

Joined: 25 Nov 2010
Age: 64
Gender: Male
Posts: 11,666

06 Dec 2023, 3:23 am

"What is art?

But a transcendence

In sublime understandings

Invoking inspiration

Awakening aspiration

Collaborating in creation

Sometimes seeking

Sometimes speaking

At times questioning

At times challenging

Emoting provoking

Allowing thinking

In the sensing more

Acknowledging critiquing

Receiving in the giving

Giving in the receiving

Ever flowing…"

-Savvy Raj

Worth Quoting

i Surely Agree With SMiLes
oF Free Dance And Song

Dear Savvy


The Mundane

Coloring Life

New With

Ever Evolving

Soul More Colors
Still to Come Free...

"Do You Ever See Wild Animals"

It's True Dear Miriam i used

to Be 'Domesticated...'

It's Also True Not Everyone

'Acts' Like they See me Dancing

in Public

Many People

Make it A Practice
Not Making Eye

Contact With

'The Wild' They
Meet and Greet in the 'Forest'

Hehe Or As It Were And Still is Some Days
At the Mall Walmart The Bookstore and All Around

The Dancing Floors of All my World of Dance Just MArking

my Territories

With SiGNaTuRE Poses

Before i Create Another Free
Dance in The Wild That i ParTake

Yet Don't


Never the
Less Free
to Wing it And Enjoy
Every New Territory i 'Mark' Hehe...

Just HOWLinG
Free Full

or Not
With A Big
Toothy Grin

Ample Canine's Indeed...

Most often Interestingly The Folks Not Afraid
of The Wild of me are From Other

(Cosmopolitan Mall Indeed)

Countries and Younger


of Course

Where Dance
Is More Prevalent
With Human Wings

not yet


"OTHeR PArts"...

SMiLes Dear Isha i've Probably Related it Before
Yet i Surely Will Relate Again 'Great Expectations'

From the Paternal Side of my Family to Be 'Someone'

In Society For Material Success Position And Title of Course

On the Other Hand my
Father left my Mother
Who Wanted to Raise
Children at Home to

Find a Woman to Help
Him Achieve His American
Dream of Material Success

Big Houses Bigger Cars More
Money Yet i Don't Really think

He Wanted Position

or Title He Just Wanted

to Go Straight to the 'Monopoly

Winning Spot' and Collect 'His 200 Dollars' Hehe

He Spent 46 Years in Law Enforcement And Was Married
Four Times Twice to the Second Wife And He Most Always

Had A New Shiny Car Every 3 Years And Many New Apartments

Still With A Mortgage the Day He Died at 81 Retiring at age 69
Spending About 500 Dollars A Week on the Lottery For All those

Years Trying to Get
Rich Quick It Didn't Work

Yet My Mother Was Different

She Forced No Expectations on me

in the School or Working World at All

She Just Wanted Her Children to

Have LoVE iN Peace in Life

Not Easy Yet Eventually

We Both Achieved it

i Was Raised Poor

Money and Stuff is Not
Where i Got my Rewards

Again LoVE iN Peace Yet
Hard to Find in this World Still Today

i Wasn't Concerned Much about Financial
or Material Rewards Yet i Did Want to Pursue
Human Potential Not Many avenues Where i

Started Working And Really Information Technology
Opened Many New Doors Far Away from the 3 Degrees

i Earned

Anyway Falling Deathly Ill
at age 47 My Father So Worried
i Might Need Something From Him

Having to Retire Early From Federal
Government Service Yet He Was Rather

Surprised that Beyond the Retirement i Had
Already Saved 6 Times more Money than he had

He was Literally Flabbergasted Well It's True i Kept
The Same Home Since 1993 All Paid Off Since 2016
Same Vehicles For close to 15 Years Same Wife Now
still for 34 Years And my Rewards Came Most For What Was

(Still Do)

Free in Life
Yes LoVE iN Peace

And Naturally That Stuff
in the Bank Grew Like Green Mold

i Still Don't Pay Any Attention to it as

i Realize Money is Just a Story Yet LoVE iN Peace

is the

i Hope At Least
Your Mother Supports
Your Life Choices You are

Much More than A Job or A Way to Earn Money
We All are Yet Sadly The World Tells another

Story that is a Lie...

And The Truth is if
The Human Species
Doesn't Quit Over



Nature Will
Kick Us Off the Island...

The Entire Island Always

About Balance mY FRiEnD...

i've Got An Indian FRiEnD Who's
Spent An Entire Decade of Her

Life Attempting to Reach the
American Dream the Canada

Part of the Journey Is Her
Most Difficult Part 3 Years

Just to Find a Way to the

United States to Work

If She Still Wants to do that

And 5 More Years to Gain Citizenship

Dear Lord 15 Years to Make a Dream Come True

For Her it hasn't
Always Been

Worth it

Yet She Pushes
Ahead Through
All Kinds of Darkness
i Surely would Never Put Myself through

And The Months of Frozen Weather so

Up There

As She Says
So Super Depressing

i Intuit You Made the Right Choice for You...

Best Wishes for You to Gain Support through
Your Loved


Important Indeed...

My Father Likely Was
Never Really Proud of me
He Didn't Come to my College
Graduation that wasn't in the Business

Field and He
Didn't Even

Attend My Wedding...

Best for me indeed
that he left at 3...

My Mother
Had a Soul...

Don't Think
He ever found his...

If He stayed i Might
Not Have Ever Found mine Either...

That's the Biggest Loss of All What
Breathes Within

'God' as You

Relate Too From
India Worth Keeping Indeed...

The Best Part of my Mother's Soul
i inherited From Her is Unconditional


of LoVE iN
Peace For
Practically Everyone i meet

All that i See as Valuable in Life...

Hers Was Limited to me and my
Sister Toward the End of Her Life

Not Nearly

for me With SMiLes...

SMiLes A Really Professionally
Done Review With SMiles

(Glad You Got The Book
For Free to Review it)

For A Mediocre and
Too Predictable

Romance and
This is Why
i Rarely Even

Go to the Movies
Anymore The Trailers
Are Often Better than
The Movies Ya Pay For

Like Covers of Books

More Impressive

Than Pages

Dear Akshita

Give me Mystery
Make me Feel Like
i Am Exploring New Territory

And i Will Surely Return Not
So Much For the Same Old Dam Thing hehe...

Yet Again i'll Take Snap Shots of the Fancy

Covers and Create my Own Visual Poetry
Out of Someone Else's Titles and Covers

Just For the SPiRiT of Creativity Nothing More or Less


Hehe And Of Course
i've Already Reviewed
Over 400 Books at Barnes
And Nobles Dancing There For
Free Every Sunday Afternoon For
Over 10 Years Now the Manager Finally


me What
i Was Doing
With All the Pics
Including the Poses
my Wife Took of me
With Many of the Titles

And Then i Showed her my ongoing 'Book' hehe

Just A Link to "Depth of The Story" Close
to the Top of a Google Search and Only
A 3.3 MiLLioN Word Subchapter of All

of "SonG
oF mY SoUL"

The Rest of the
12.3 MiLLioN Words
And Around 130,000

Photos to Illustrate it ALL

And Then She Said Oh
Now i See the Bigger Story hehe...

It Would Literally Take 14 Trees to
Put in Actual Page and Print Somewhere

Around 144,000 Pages and Likely Many More...

It Would Never Work as All of its is Accompanied

By YouTube


Across the Ages

Master The Tools Yes
Yet Don't Be Used by Them
Or Become the Tools and Lose

Our Humanity

What i Usually
Suggest for
Greatest Success...

mY HeART GLows
WHere Every
A Hug Forevernow
By All Means Yes
Cook-out Not-in

Special Ingredients
A Cake A Pie A Mix oF LiFE
IT takes to BRing All oF LoVE to

Fruition as 'They'

As We
My Love
Does it Good

SMiLes could
be my Love Will Be YouR LoVE
ThaT iS How the Sound of Poetry Glows

The Greatest
Lovers Are Friends


Truly 'That'
Have to Be
A Secret Ingredient of Life...

SMiLes mY FRiEnD Lillian
for the effervescence
of Youth
Up From
An Eternal
Spring Need
not be a Secret
Ingredient for a Free
Song and Dance is Just
A Child of Wonder Anew
Stepping Back into the
Shoes and Songs of LiFE...

From You

Thanks for
Christmas Back

WHere Every
A Hug Forevernow

Don’t Take
my Free Song

As Free
To Come First...

Turn the Beat Around
By Gloria Estefan
Or Shake It
Swift Personally

i Choose
Like An
Egyptian And
Bangles Yes
Yet i Dance
Like The Milky
Way And Sing
That Way
iN Balance NeW

Free Forrest
Gump Feather

FLoWinG DRiFTiNG Beyond RhYme With No
ReaSon Yet Winds Keeps FLoWinG me Freely
AnYWaY THere's Not A Song (Yet) FoR A MiLKy
Way Dancing AS Human So For Now Walk Like An
Egyptian to Remember
Before Yes
And This
Part of
And Song
Continues Breathing
Sooner And Soon True heHe...

SMiLes DeLiVeRinG
Christmas Sweets
Year ‘Round
A Bowling Center
Not KNoWinG
How To Bowl
Rules Of Team
Sports Or Even
Playing Them
Last Kid
In Charge
oF iT All
For That
HeHE Except

Hell And Heaven
Breathing Now
That Irish
Dude Lord
Of The
To Earth
No Reindeer
Or Sleighs


When Sweets
Year ‘Round
More Christmas
Up No Idea
How to Do
So God

Yes i

Just WinG iT
All And The
iN Deed
In A Free
For All FLiGHT...

Yes Feather
Light Just


"You Don't Have to Have it All
Figured Out Before You Move Forward"

SMiLes Dear Chaymaa That is the Part

of the Quotes You So Kindly Share Now

That Stand Out Most to me Now For

Sadly i Only Went By

Instructions From

Someone Else's

Play Most Decades of

My Life Before Finally

Wearing Feathers Attached
To Free Wings my FRiEnD True

In a Life of Mechanical Cognition

Spoon-Fed From Almost Birth We

Indeed Develop A Very Limited Left

Brain Process of Think Often Instruction

Driven By Someone Else's Rules Often

Limited to



Stuff In Life...

Oh to Start Every Now

Out With No Plans Yet

A River of Creativity to Flow

Oh to Wear Wings no Longer

Tagged And Grounded on Earth
With No FLiGHT of SPiRiT Wings Free...

SMiLes Dear Savvy
Dancing is Life!

Dancing Is Life!

Just Like the
American Indians
Lived and Still Live

In Tribes of Togetherness!
Dancing Is Life! Dancing Is LiGHT!

MaKinG Every Move Holy Breathing
Dance Birthing Every Word of Song


Free Loving ALL!
Inhaling Peace!
Exhaling LoVE iN Joy oF LiGHT!

Giving, Sharing, Caring, Freely Healing
With And As Love For All iN Peace With Least


For All!

So Very


And Free!

Wearing Wings!

Of Loving Wind SPiRiT HeART SoUL RiVeR FLoWinG



Never Ending
Never Finishing

Never Even Really

Beginning Only NeW


Be Love Give Love Do Love
Share It Dance It Sing It Now

F R E E ly

And Just



The MuSiC

From Playing Key

Within Dear Savvy iNDeed
BReATHE Inhaling Peace Now
Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT!
Or... Whatever Flavor You Care
to Give And Share Now So Very

Fearless Loving ALL So Very Free...

Letting Go of Negative Thoughts
And Emotions All Great Quotes
Dear Chaymaa to Regulate


That Hold Hands

With Thoughts Flowing

Through Our Bodies Head

to Toe A Moving Meditation
Always Helps me in Dance
To Regulate Emotions and

Integrate Senses And What

i Find Is The Mind Follows

The Body Whole And A

Much More Pleasant
SoUL Song





of Thoughts
Come Out to Play Now
Associated With Emotions
Feelings Senses From Head to
Toes Carrying Wings Toward LiGHT...

Yes "Tell Me Little Lies" Is Part of Human Nature

In Fact All of What You Speak of Here Dear Rue

OF Lies Seem True to me

And It's Also True

That if A Child
Does Not Develop
The Ability in 'Normal'
Development to Actually
Tell Lies to Get Out of Trouble
It is a Red Flag For Potential

Forms of Autism that Shows
A Theory of Other Minds May

Not Be Working Properly in
Developmental Ways of
Childhood Indeed

Yes True
Still In this
Way Some
Folks Unofficially
Label Asperger's
Syndrome As A Truth
Serum Disorder too And

Oh Lord How The Truth Will
Get Ya in Trouble When Ya Go
Against Group Think in Ways of
Culture; Yes, Language, Yes Behavior,
Yes Religion; Yes All There Comes of

Group Think of

CuLTuRE That

Does Bind and Bond

Even With Negative Empathy

And Negative Love That Actually

Harms Folks More Than Helps them

Unless We Insist on Self-Righteousness

Of Following Tradition Instead of Doing NoW





And Since Lying is Actually

Normal Human Behavior of Course
That May Go Way Past A Necessity
Of Lies That Don't Harm Like Not liking


Dress Your
Wife Adored
She Just Picked out
or Like me When my
First Love Bought me
A Shirt For my Birthday

Yet Oh No Naive me told
The Truth That i Couldn't
Stand the Way The Fabric
Felt on my Skin and She Should
Really Return it to Get Her Money Back...



So Many
Ways to Unintentionally
Harm Other Folks Who May
Be A Bit Sensitive in Some
Areas By Telling the Truth Yet














Yes We Actually Have a Real Apocalyptic Pandemic
Of 'Suckers Born Every Minute' Who Take the Hook

With The Bait

And Are

Willing to
Sink With the

Whole Dammed
Ship Impacting
Everyone Indeed

As Far As the Original
Greek Definition of
Apocalypse That Still
Means Lifting the Veils of Ignorance Now...

i Don't Remember my Mother Ever Telling
A Lie Yet She Did Believe The Most Heinous
of Church Fed True Evil Beliefs Like My Muslim Friends

Were Going Straight to Hell if they Did Not Submit

To Her Religion Now That's No Religion of Mine

Yet Again The Good Cop Jesus Message is Still Alright With me..

In Terms of the Meek And Poor Best Inherit The Kingdom of Love Within

Yes Heaven

Where The

Truly Last
Are First

For They Actually

Put People And the
Rest of Nature That is God

First No Matter if They Are Last or Not...

Yet of Course This is only my View Every Human

Sees with Unique and Only EYes of God Every Flower

Every Color Blooming And Wilting This Way Now

And What This Means Is One Person's

Heaven and Truth Are Definitely

Not the Same For



Means Actual


In Love For Peace
And Harmony of Inhalng
Peace Exhaling LoVE iN Joy
oF LiGHT Means A Lifelong Work
Of Art in Doing Our Best to Dance,
Sing, And Only Walk and Talk In Our
Brother's And or Sister's Shoes or Barefeet

A Sweetest Lie is Learning Truth may Lie Squarely
With A Be-Holder
i AM NoW



Are For Now...

Open Comfortable And
Freer That Sounds Like

A Most Wonderful College

Year Achievement Dear FRiEnD Isha

Beautiful Soul Traveling Through DarK


When You Can And
Will Never Feel Less

Than FLoWeRinG SoUL

Even More to Come in
Colors of LiFE You Love...

We aRe ALL LiVinG Trees

Indeed Colors of Positivity

New We May Light Our Trees

From Roots Up As Leaves Become

All Lit Up To Color Our Trees More

And Spread All

These New

Colors of Loving
LiFE Even More

As SPiRiT Wind Dear Kiran
Catches Our Leaves to Spread
Green Or Brown Leaves Feeding The World Newer

NoW As Positivity Does When We LiGHT Our Worlds Up!

Colors to BREaTHE...

Ahem Yes

In The 'Autumn of Life'

Yes Dear Will Do

To Escape

With Glee...

"All is one and one is All"

Reflections of Existence All

Indeed Dear Savvy Mirror

Into The All Above So Below

Within Inside Outside

All Around

Fractals of

All is one and one is All
As Truly Even Science Shows
Iron From SuperNova Explosions
Death In Crucible Fire of Stars Resurrecting

Star FLoWeR Seeds

Yes Gaseous Dust

Us Iron From Stars

in Core of Mother

Earth Carrying Oxygen
In Our Blood Streams For

HeART Beats of Life Tiny Microbes
Creating the Ozone Layer For Us to

BREaTHE Piano Vocal Chords Emotional STRinGS

HeART Beats Percussion Piano Hammers BRinG

Extending Our Feelings And Senses in Synergies of Emotional

Energies Vibrations
Frequencies CoLoRinG
More Changing Structures

Yes Of Our Mind Body SoUL

BaLaNCinG Naked Enough Whole

New Colors FLoWeRS UNFoLDinG

All Of Existence Evolving Us We ALL

And All Of 'Them' Too Ocean Whole Flow New Now
Waves Water Fields Waves Particles All Complete

And At Highest Levels

Love Will Connect

Us All in Peace


With Gravity As

Our Orbiting Souls

MoVE iN Effortless Ease

Evolving Souls Human
Potentials CoLoRinG More...

SMiLes Dear Miriam God YeS Even One Photo Will

Bring Fruition to A Thousand Dreams Echoing

'The Call of the Wild' That Half Wolf And

Domesticated "Jack London" Dog That's
me Leading The Sled

Like Misfit 'Rudolph'

From the Back of Course

Just Turning the Snow

'Golden' As i Please to Be Free Hehe

True i Don't Agree with much 'Herschel

Walker' Says or Does Yet Indeed i Choose 'Werewolf

Over Vampire' And Unlike 'Obama' The Wild Dream Never Goes

Away at 7 Fruition New Now All Naked Enough Whole Complete Free

Peace in Love

With No

Screams Call

of The Wild No Longer

Holding the Tears Back

Free to Lead the Pack From the Back
Once Again

i am



Wind Snow
Flakes Free Oh

Just 'Letting Go'

FRoZeN Warm Nose

Scents of the Wild STill To Be Breath i Am

Oh God It's Really Gorgeous Now
Newly i Get
WHere You

Truly Are






For Bringing
Your Vacay Back to Us...

SMiLes Dear Xenia
When We Become
Fall Leaves We




Mountain Low
Valley High Now

RiveRinG Free


Balancing Solo

Standing At Attention
FLoWinG Its Higher Plane...

Dancing Shadows
Bringing All


Within to
Play And Stay...

Late Lament

"Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
Watch lights fade from every room.
Bedsitter people look back and lament,
Another day’s useless energy spent.
Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
Lonely man cries for love and has none.
New mother picks up and suckles her son,
Senior citizens wish they were young.
Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
Removes the colours from our sight.
Red is grey and yellow white.
But we decide which is right.
And which is an illusion?"

"Nights in White Satin"

Such A Moving Song From

Youth And "Late Lament"

An Ending Poem When Songs

Were Deeper Than So Shallow When

Love Is Lasting And Deep As The Ocean

Not A Fisherman of Only Hook, Catch, And Release

Dear Hemalatha As so Many Fine Wines Before they

Even Have A Chance to Age into a Mature Love Face

in These
Days of
Hook, Catch
And Release Dating Apps...

Anyway Back to "Late Lament"
A Poem Penned And Drummed By
One of the Members of the "Moody
Blues" Band Yes Such An Appropriate Band

Name Then For A Group of Artists Developing

'Nights in White Satin' For The Ages Yes Both

Young And Old to Hear And It's Rather Strange

In the November of my Life Both Seasons and me

Of Florida In December Have Changed From Winter
to Fall Spring Delivering Summer's Gift of Warmth Again...

It Seems
That When
i Am Your Age

Four Decades or So Ago
Struggling though College

Gasping for the Oxygen of Love

To Find Warm Comfort In Cold Winter Clothes

True i Felt More Like The Old Man Wishing He Was Young
Then Than the Old Man Now Thankful That He No Longer

Visits 'Late


in Beginning
Spring Months Of Life

For It is True Grandma At the
Holiday Seasonal Gatherings
May Hold The Warmest Arms

Of All Only For The Decades of
Loving Thanks Giving For Giving For All

Love is An Ocean to Explore Love is the Feathers
of Wings Soaring So High Yet Diving So Deep in the

Ocean Again

to Only


And Consume Fish

SMiles Dear FRiEnD We Went
to A Birthday Party of my Wife's Two
Great Great Nephews In Years Past Yes

Which of Course Means i am A Great Great Uncle

Hehe An Oldest Maritimer of Oceans Deep Experiencing


Yet It's True i Swear

To me it Seems

The Youngest

Person in that Whole

Park i Observed That

Day A Homeless Man Living

in the Eternal Present With a Mission

Only To Feed The Squirrels And With the Same

Kind of Faith in the Kindness of Others That Christians

Might Attribute to A Barefoot Jesus With Empty Pockets

Trusting in the Power of Love to Give in Days of Endless Need

For Basic
in Life Yet It's

True That Youngest

Person of Soul in the

Park only Had One Mission

In Life to Feed the Furry Little Creatures

That Climb Trees Free in Life By Hand For It's True

When We Are Free This Is How Nature Paints Us Free

Free Enough to

Ask for Help

And Still

Free Enough

to Give to Creatures

Smaller Than Us my FRiEnD

It's True That Homeless Man Understands

The Essence of Loving Kindness in Thanks Giving

For Giving The Place With No Last Lament Indeed

"Nights in White Satin" Such a Beautiful Song Only

Aging Like A Finest Wine of Feeding the Little Furry

Creatures Who Climb the Trees Free By Hand my FRiEnD

For It's True

If All We Do

In Life is Water
And Feed A Sapling
Tree That Tree May One

Day Inspire An Even Greater Love mY FRiEnD

And This is the Beauty of Poetry Feeding the Squirrels

We May Never Even Meet Or Inspiring the Happiest

Man in the World Now to Remember "Late Lament" in Spring...



Ruled The Day

And Winter Never New Now Then

Becomes Spring's Dream That's Real...

True Though Not Unlike A Homecoming

Dream of Drinking Hot Chocolate in

Winter Chill Holding Hands

With The Most


Girl in the Football Stands

After 34 Years my Wife Hardly

Ages And We Are Still Sitting

In Those Stands Holding Hands

Drinking Hot Chocolate Under the
Warmest Lasting Blanket As Love Loves All...

A Place Covered By Most Beautiful White Satin Sheets oF LoVE iN Deed...

And It's True my Wife Has Never Been to A Football Game Yet the Love is Real...

And Poetry

Dreams Truth

For Love to Breathe...

When Summer Falls

For Winter Leaves

To Feed Spring



my FRiEnD

Never A Last Lament

Through Every Breath of Love Who Gives...

"Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
Watch lights fade from every room.
Bedsitter people look back and lament,
Another day’s useless energy spent.
Impassioned lovers wrestle as one,
Lonely man cries for love and has none.
New mother picks up and suckles her son,
Senior citizens wish they were young.
Cold hearted orb that rules the night,
Removes the colours from our sight.
Red is grey and yellow white.
But we decide which is right.
And which is an illusion?"

Never Ever Love Breathing Newly
Now Thanks Giving For Giving Real This Life
iNHaLinG Peace ExhalinG LoVE iN Joy oF LiGHT

TUeSDaY Cheers
(Even Though
i Don’t Drink)
To More Spring
Sunshine in Winter Bliss

And A
Alien With
Big Ebony
EYes As Well Hehe...

Yeah it's true
i am A Lover
And a Wookiee too
For it's True don't
Go Solo A Wookiee
Will Always Be YouR
WinG Man and or Woman Now
Who Never Leaves YouR Side
THere Are Many

For Love For Grace
For Will And Strength
As the Mysteries oF LiFE
Continue to Grow UNCoVeRinG
As when each and every one of us Grows
CoLoRinG LiGHTiNG Christmas Trees New
Who Glow
iN Peace

All Our Loving Living
Trees All LiT UP iN
Peaceful New Colors For Real

Away From Cooperation
And Corroboration For Warmth

Where Peace Breeds Love to Be Real Our Home

One More 'Thing' Beyond 'Things' Dear Ruchi SMiLES

For When SMiLES

Are Warm And True

They Never Leave

Even Darkest

Cold Nights

With No Moon or Sun...

Happy Wife Happy

Life Satisfied

Hehe Who

Are You

Mr. Gottfried

Happy is Possible Hehe
Honestly Warmth is Always


Whole Complete
Stuffed Enough Hehe...

SMiLes Dear Kiran A Saddest Part

of Living Is When Folks Give Up on Giving

Never Giving Giving Opportunity to Be Receiving

For THere is A Place

We May Go




Giving is
Always the

With Nary
Ever an Expect
of Return Yet Always
Surprise With SMiLES...

"Feeling love anywhere, anytime, all the time."

True i Agree Dear Anna And Love is Beyond

Distance Space Time and A "Matter With

Things" As Love Lives Deep Within



oF All 'Things"
Surely Not For Sale
or Buy Verily With
Wings Never Failing
FaLLinG RiSinG Again Warm

Neither too
Hot or Cold
Balance What
Keeps Planets
Orbiting Around

Stars All The Rest
Above So Below

Within Inside Outside
All Around With SMiLes...

A Promise During An Election That Supporters Will Hold True, IF A Prospective

President Shoots Someone in Broad Daylight on 5th Avenue; Oh Why, Oh Why,

Do Some Folks Continue to Support Someone in An Abusive Relationship This






On 5th Avenue, Aiming At the Rule

Of Law Associated With Elections

And Associating Overturning the

Constitution of the United States

To Overturn A Free and Fair Election Again...

It's True, i've Seen Abusive Relationships Like This;

They Are Often Cold of Empathy and Full of 'Blood Lust'

to Have Power Over Other Folks to Subjugate And Control Them ThiS Way;

It's Really Sad, When Men And Or Women Without Spines Become Leaders of A Democracy

ThiS Way And It Just Goes to Show What Extent Some Folks Will Go to Make A 'Deal With A Real

Devil' For Power

And Control

Over Others

In Their Own
Lives Too Taking Away
Basic Health Care Specific

To Women And Who Human Beings

Are Able to Love And Express Their

Unique Sexual And Gender Orientations;

Indeed, What Ignorance Lurks Dark in the Human HEart...

Trump Brings The Worst Out in Many Folks As The Record Shows;


Those Who

Are Throwing
Away A Party For Him...

As TRump Truly Continues
To Own the 'Repubs' AS HiS Own
Piece of Political Real Estate, Overall;

Yuck, Stink,

Stank, Stunk,

What Do Ya Do

When 'The TRuMP'

Won't Reform Himself

On The Top of 'Whoville Mountain'...

Clue: Don't Support 'The Devil Ya Know Best'...

SPeaKinG Of Course,

In 'Revelations' of DusTy

Old BLacK Books...

Be Wing
Be Wind
Sail On
Whole Free
Mr Gottfried
With SMiles...

Indeed Live Long
Prosper iN LoVE iN
Peace Dear Mr Gottfried

Doing my
Best Always
To Keep mY
Hybrid Vulcan

Well Under
Control Yes

May The LiGHT
Force Be With You

Keeping A

JusT iN Case...

Ah Santa Alien
One Of My Favorite
Extra-Terrestrial Dance
Shirts Of Cheer During
The Holiday Season

Late To
Church Without
Fail Wore This On
Sunday Coming in
The Lobby i
i’m Late
Planet In
Fact i Was Writing
On “The Wrong
Planet” Website
Then i Told
The Elder


Close With
SMiles For All

So Many Planets

To Gift The

Never Ends...

Cheers To LiGHT
ViBRaTioNS Of The
Soul Shared Dear

With SMiles...

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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07 Dec 2023, 4:21 am

iNDeeD Dear Savvy A 'Singularity' NoW WHere

Science Explains SPiRiTuaLiTY And SPiRiTuALiTY

Reveals the Limitations of Materially Reducing Existence

That Ironically
Science Too is

Beginning to Agree

With True No Longer

Woo The Depths of WHere

We Explore Next No Limits

Beyond Even Terms As Small

And Abstract Materially Reduced


As the Word

Infinity Bound

By Less Than SPiRiT
Wings Ever Changing Colors Now

Breathing New Creations With Every Breath Now...

i'MPReSSiVE iNdeed Why HiDe tHe LiGHT

If YouR LAmp Burns With Oil DaY and NiGHT

With SMiLes Dear Miriam i Suppose It's Peculiar

As Well to Produce 60 Thousand Word Novel Sized
EPiC Long Form Poems Bi-Monthly As Such Oh Dear

Lord Just Published one a Few minutes Ago Named

"Nether Land Bible 10 MiLLioN WordS Old" True Doing
That in 90 Months too

And Already around
33 Thousand Words

Into the Next EPiC Novel
Sized Long Form Poem
Subchapter All PArt of "SonG oF mY
SoUL" of Course at 12.3 MiLLioN Words
in 123 Months too Yes the Newest MacroVerse
EPiC Long Form Poem Subchapter i'm Writing New

"SeeKinG LoVE iN Peace NoW"

YeT A Best Skill oF ALL iT Seems

is Fulfilling Little Sheldon and Older
Sheldon's Dream to Dance And Sing Free

True Napoleon Dynamite Worked on Free Style Dance too

(Yes of Course All 19,133 Miles in 123 Months Now SMiLinG)

HAha i Used to Practice in the Mirror Young IN School too

Yet Still Noted Pretty Much Stiff as a Board and Robotic-Like

And Then the Spirals Came Unwinding the Uptight of me even
my Old Boss Said When He Saw me as a New Creation Lord Fred

You are
No Longer
Plastic Man Hehe

Yet Seriously After Losing
Even the Memory of a Feeling
of a SMiLE In Living Dead Hell for 66 Months

How Pleased am i To Hold A Free Dance Skill of Public

Dance Where Even With A Mask During a Pandemic And With Shades

on i Still Have the Ability to Bring SMiLes to Folks Wherever i Dance Free

It's What We Do Best
With SMiLes Return

What We Lose Now

New To Everyone Else Free

Gift is in the Giving Receiving SaMe...

As Gloria Estefan Sings 'Coming Out of the
DarK Get On YouR Feet Turn the Beat Around'...

At Best
We Fall
We Rise
Expand our Shores

SMiLES Artist Lives
Art Breathes Free
Lives Artist SMiLES

TRuE Dear Kiran

Humans Are Best STiLL

Evolving to Focus on One Task

At Hand All the Distractions Will

Truly Take All Our



in Human Potentials
Away Also of Course Important

To BREaTHE Peace Inhaling And
Exhaling Love For All We Do THiS WaY

Generating Positive Energy No More Stress
And Anxiety To Freeze Our Potentials Lost in

An Ocean
of Distractions
At the Hands of Those

Who Wish to Buy and
Sell Our Souls THiS WaY


i Dance
And Sing

No More

i Own mY
Own SoUL
To Celebrate
my Efforts More For Real...

Seeds Of Our Souls Our Dancing Feet

Free And The Rest of Our Bodies in Flow

For Balancing Makes Peace Springs Love

Positive Energy

Flows All Around


Out of Peace Dear Cindy

A Moving Meditation Will Surely

Do in Flow With or Without Lessons

Let the Balance Become Boss in Peace

And Love For All We Do FRiEnDS With



More iN CoLoRS
Of New LiGHT From

Head to Toe And So Much More

Freely New Now For Real Regulating
Emotions Integrating Senses HiGHWaY
To Heavens Within Inside Outside Above
So Below All Around And So Much More With SMiLes...

True and A Pet(s) to Dance and Sing With Us A Greatest

Free Art And Beauty to Flow Oxytocin the Love Neurohormone

From Head to Toe More Do Pet 'Ollie' Cat For me With Warmth Again...


So Much
Anxiety and Pain For ReaL

What Beauty And Art is In LoVE iN Peace For ReaL
With All God Existence Small Is Large LoVE NaMaSTE iN

All That IS Free...

Newly Now Our Feelings And Senses in Synergies

Of Energies Within Our Emotions Breathing

Higher Vibrations Frequencies RiSinG More

For Real As Even Science Shows Dear Savvy

Precedes Almost All Rational Decisions

Before We aRe Even Aware of

What We Will Decide to

Do Next Flow Emotions

In Peace Springing Love

Attaching Words More to

What Positivity Brings Best

Yes Even More LoVE iN Peace

Giving Sharing Caring Healing

iN JoY oF LiGHT iNHaLinG Peace

For All With Most Respect And Least Harm

EXHaLinG LoVE Even More What Moving

Meditation in Flow And Other Arts in Beauty

Naturally Bring ToGeTHeR Us Whole Creativity

And Productivity

Soaring For

Real What

Breathing LoVE iN Peace
Does Best mY FRiEnD For

Real With SMiLes...

True Story Mr Gottfried
Humans Have A Long
History Of Worshipping
‘Ghost Authors’ Writing
Stories With Associated
Vehicles And Vessels Of
Myths Holding Essence Of

Books Holding
Idol Forms [Words]
‘Up’ To “The Heavens”

Sadly in
Idol ‘Temples’)

Truth in
The Truly
Living To
Sow And Reap
As ‘Wheat’ More

Than ‘Chaff’

Yet Sadly There
Are Those Who
Only Understand
‘Idol Form’ In Literal
Ways Sadly Remaining


Indeed The
“Hunger Games”
OF Truth iN LiGHT
And DarK OF TrutH


Longest Human
Archetypal Stories


“Game Of
Thrones” Remains
Those Who Gain

Wear ‘Crowns’
Without Form
Yes Naked Enough
Whole Complete

No Longer
Part of The
“Hunger Games”

Of Soul ‘Organically’


So Very
Naked Enough
Whole Complete Free

Feather Spirit Wind Wings...

LeSSoN 467
Celebrate Our Dances Songs
For Dances And Songs We
Create Don’t Wait On The
Rest Of The World To


Ah Yes Dear Anna
Falling In Love
Doesn’t Sound
Much Like RiSinG

iN Love
Of The Species
In General Night

Day Pleasure
And Pain Often

Life Highly
Lows MaKing

Highs More



A Never
Till RiSinG
AGAiN With SMiles...

SMiLes True ‘These
Kinda Folks’
Exist too Yet
i Have No
Place To
Fall Valley
Height of
i Love
RiSinG NeW
NoW With SMiLes...

HAHa Heaven FoR
Me is Nothing YeT
A Naked Sand And
Sun Spiraling Dance
iN Flow of Complexity
Ever More Sweet Spot
‘Tween Boredom
And Anxiety

in Ease
On A Tight
Rope Heaven
Is A Finger
Is The
For all
Of Who We
Are Do Then

i Sing A Sand
Dance of Sun i AM
Complete Eternally
Now Welcoming New
Change DarK
Thru LiGHT
What is is

Now Surely
mY Heaven
Close to
What my
Wife Will
See as Hell so Far
Away From Her
TV Yet She still

New Now A
Best Destination
in whatever Brings
Yes A Smile Nope No
Callouses on Her Feet
i require DarK As Well

So i
Not Fly
Away and
Never Come Back...

MuSinGS From Last Night too a Young
Man and His Girlfriend Shaking my Hand
Telling me They Are Huge Fans of my Public
Dance Complete Strangers to me Yet Always FRiEnDS
From A Distance of Joy Closer

Hehe iMaGiNE Almost

Everyone Recognizes

What You Do For Play

And Almost No One
Knows Your Name

True How Many

Nobody's Are



As Famous and

Living Legend Without A Name

Only For What They Do How This

Happens is Ya Dance And Sing For

Free With No Regard to A Target
Audience Learning A Name

Not Just For

'15 Minutes'


Just Never Ending
As Seconds Turn into
Minutes Hours Turn into

Days Turn into Months

(Yes 123 Months Now)

Years of Heaven Ya Stay

As THere is No WHeRE

Better Any Place to

Go Yet Within

For Real

As All Of Life
Becomes Play
With No Power Parts of Work...

True Dear Miriam Where the Only
Power Play is MaKinG Others SMiLe
And Disappearing Again As the Lady
Who Cuts my Hair Her Grandchildren

Asked Her to Ask me When And What
Stores i Would Dance at Next to Watch

me For Free

Once Again

As A Solo Act
That Likely Won't Happen
Again in the Deep States South Hehe...
Anyway i Got a Hair-Cut Continuing to Come Out and Play...

And As Far As This Area Goes Working With the Military For
A Quarter of A Century Commonly People who Pass Through
Here Through Stations All Around the World Say This is the Place

For Them to
Hope to Retire
Through Every Where they
Lived All Around The Globe Yes

Big Enough For Folks to Leave You
Be If You Are Different Small Enough

to Never
Forget You

If You Do What
No One Else Will Do For Free...

Recognized For What Ya Do Surely
FoR Me

NO IDentifiable
Born On Date NaMe aT All...

Yet What's Really Kinda Sad is Our
Distant Ancestors Incorporated Free
Dance Song Together in Most All Aspects Life

Day and Night

True Ya Wouldn't

Have Been Called

Legend or Famous

Then Just Another

Dancing Singing
Partner Free

On Heaven's

Road Continuing

iN LoVE iN Peace
ToGeTHeR ReaL NoW...

Wonderful Detailed Review of Your Book Dear

Cindy And i Surely Relate to Your Lovely Poem too

As Gratitude Brings So Much LiGHT oF LoVE iN Peace

in All We Do And True So Much of Gratitude Comes With
Wisdom of Perspective

All the DarK And LiGHT

Life Teaches

Through the
Years Through The People
Our Pets And The Rest of Nature

And All the Tools We Create At Best
To Be Used in Positive Ways Yet Not to
Master Us or Become the Tools So Far Away

From Our
Nature and
The Rest of
Nature iN


Together Free...

Letting Go of Ego Finding Deepest
Voice of God Within Freeing Breath

In Art of Who We Will

Still Come

to Be

Free Dear
Isha Co-Creating
Deep Within With

Others too on All the
Paths of Life Our


Come to
Be With SMiLes

No Ceilings No Walls

No Floors Only Ground

And Sky Beyond Yet


Blooming SoULS...

“Art Is A SiGNaTuRE
of The Soul” Indeed
Dear Savvy Coming


Breathing Free

Wings More Fully See...




KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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