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03 Sep 2020, 5:43 am

cyberdad wrote:
Kraichgauer wrote:
It's a matter of recognizing all races as equal.

It is problematic when you go to a Trump rally anywhere in the US and it looks one has entered a time machine and returned to the 1950s


If these guys really embraced all races then why do only see a sea of white faces at Trump rallies...hmmmmm

Those representative of Trump's politics hardly endorse racial equality.

-Bill, otherwise known as Kraichgauer


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03 Sep 2020, 6:34 am

Kraichgauer wrote:
cyberdad wrote:
Kraichgauer wrote:
It's a matter of recognizing all races as equal.

It is problematic when you go to a Trump rally anywhere in the US and it looks one has entered a time machine and returned to the 1950s


If these guys really embraced all races then why do only see a sea of white faces at Trump rallies...hmmmmm

Those representative of Trump's politics hardly endorse racial equality.

That's what the scientists say as well...


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03 Sep 2020, 7:30 am

The author said nothing about Trump.

Of course there is nothing wrong with being literally anti racist. Of course if you are not literally anti racist you are a racist which is bad.

The author is against an agenda being advocated by some educators. Yes it is bad not to let white teachers point out the achievements of black people. If we follow this logic all of you should throw out your copy of “Neurotribes” because an NT author pointed out good things autistics and people with autistic traits have done therefore unintentionally promoted NT supremacy. If I wrote “whiteness is a cancer” or wrote a book entitled “Aspie fragility” the moderators would rightly take action against me.

Literally being anti racist is a no brainer. That is why using the term is such an effective tool to promote an agenda. Until a month or so ago hardly anybody was discussing “anti racism”. It was so obvious there was no need to. Similar in some ways to “Black Lives Matter” but more effective because there is no “All lives matter” type retort to be had.

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03 Sep 2020, 12:00 pm


Watching 'Bad Boy Cops'
On TV Who are Not 'Real Men'
Snuffing out the Lives of Black
Men Who Are Not Cooperating with
Their Legal Demands; And Additionally
Watching Trump Fans Wearing No Masks
At Any Gathering that Includes Trump

is all indicative
of the same
Issue When
'the Cock

Ignorance Kills
Ignorance Kills

Teach Cops How to
Effectively Defend themselves;
Teach Folks to Always Respect
The Laws; And Yes Teach Other
Folks Just to Be Human Enough Not to
Put their Fellow Human Beings in Danger of Death;

Kills; Get
Educated and Still Breathe;
And Extend that Right to Your Neighbor...

It's a bit more complicated than a 'Golden Rule' indeed...

For Ignorance Will Surely Give Ignorance What Ignorance Is...

Ignorance Kills...

Racism is Skin Deep And Ignorant...
Anti-Racism Is Deeper And Soul Felt...

True, We Need more SmART Souls; Anything
Else is Skin Deep And Anti-Soul.... Invariably,
Dancing and Singing, When Souls Count Black Lives Do Matter...

The Core Problem As Whole in the United States is All Stuff
Related to the Evil of Taking More Than Giving to Get Ahead Consuming

Souls Where Humans
Become the Tools they
Create and Consume
And Humans Consume
Their Souls until all that is left
is A Gun Pressed with A Trigger in Someone's
Back or A Boot Attached To Someone's Neck without a Soul...

Systemic Tools We Become; Systemic Problems We Are As Just Consuming Tools...

Whoever is deemed at the Bottom of the Food Chain Suffers Most in the Aquarium...

Indeed, African Americans Have Been Swimming in that Part of the Aquarium since

They were Forced in that Environment...


Ignorance Kills
Depending even more on Location...

The Real Only Solution is to Build a Better Location...
To Do That Requires Humans With Empathy; Good Luck on
That Where Cars And Guns are Lovers; and God Is a Bigger Home than Love...

If it wasn't
for the 'Garden
of Eden', i Create
As Sub-Culture,
i Will Surely Leave
The 'Wild Wild West' oF iGNorance iN Soul...:)

Other than that Green And Other Colors Flourishing Where i Personally FLoWeR...

Withtout soul

i am Nothing;

Full Stop, Period.

Been THere and
Done that in the
Identical Location;
Indeed, A Vague Solution, Indeed;
Truly only to Be Resolved at the Level of the Individual...

Slinging Pooh in the Zoo; Ain't gonna solve the Problem at all...

'Apes' are Smarter; They Gather and Hug Each Other When 'Humans'

Come closer to the Cage....

it works
the same;
'the other way' too...

Again, a Problem to
Be Resolved at the level of the Individual Soul...

In the United States That Might take Practically 'Forever'...

Sadly, in Reality, the EvenTuality is easy to See in WHAT WILL


Meanwhile i Have
the Privilege of 'A Window Seat'....

You have to understand the Group Think You Live in
to keep that Seat; For Example, as a Public Dancer
Doing a Mix of Graceful Free Ballet and Mixed
Martial Arts all Free Style, all me, no Lesson
only My Style of Breathing Free; i've survived
Doing this in Trump Town
Metro Area otherwise
Known as the Panhandle
of Florida for 7 Years and
13,626 Miles; And So Far Haven't
Been Kicked out of Any Store for doing it;
if you can Imagine; if i didn't look like a Law Enforcement
or Military Dude at 246 Pounds Capable of Hitting a Homerun on
A First Baptist Softball team; no way i could have 'got away with it',
Without the Intelligence Required to Give a Fred Talk of why, where
no one comes back for More of my Special Interest; But really, the way
i survived was by 'Social Distancing Myself from the Group Think'; When
Groups of Young Women Videotape me, i move Out of their Grasp to meet
me and usually am Successful; not all Dudes like to see other Dudes Get the
Attention of Women; Last night, a Walmart Worker who used to Work there asked
me if i was still dancing around Harassing Women; as Obviously, He Blamed me for
Them Approaching me; i wasn't always successful in escaping; Anyway, understanding
Group Think;
i already had
an impeccable
Reputation of
Never Bothering
Anyone as attested to by
1300 Comments by the Metro
Area Community when one of the
Video Voyeur's Facebook Productions went Viral...
i documented all those Comments Just in case some
Old Disgruntled Gentleman ever accused me of giving

Women too much attention they did not Want
And Staying Far Away from Young Women
In Public Stores; although impossible
to Do in a Crowded Dance Hall
That's a Different always
Adult Natured Story too...

In 'Rome', You do whatever it takes
to Survive; You assess the Environment
And Change Accordingly to Adapt the Best
You Can and Will To Remain Free; the reality
Is People are not evolved to Shoot Guns; And
They Do so Much more Harm than Monkeys Slinging Pooh...

There are so many Problems that will be resolved that other
Countries already Have; Just by the Very Nature of Being

Human Nature in Balance...

We are Way out of Balance

We no
And Sing
together; i refuse
Not to Be Human
No Matter what any other tool insists to be....

i can't change them or us; But i'll Dam Sure be me and free...

It Would Be So Much Harder, if i didn't Look like 'The Model Perfect Citizen' now...

Mold Your Self into
'Them' And Remain You;
That's A Challenge to Remain Free
In Essence And Expressing Who You Really Are...

That's A Challenge of Surviving When 'Rome is
Falling'; Make 'the Matrix Zion Dance' Last...

or Alone Yet Always Now
Allone in Clever Loving Will
of Fearless Strength; It's True
in 'The Dance Hall' Where All Are Dancing
Together; There Are rarely any Colors but Joy of Dance...

Not Much Different Than A Bikini Contest at the Beach;

Truly when 'We Bonobo We Free Our Souls'...

This Much
Many Have Forgotten...
Like 99 Percent of the
Older Folks at the Church
i attend; back to the Original
Problem 'Before the Apple'

When Loving Living
is Naturally Good;
Anyway, See ya'll
Later; me and
Eve Got More 'Work' to Do...

She's Cleaning up the 'Garden
of Eden' and i'm just Spreading
Free Love All Around the Rest of the Globe...

Ugh; that Vacuum Cleaner is Loud; only a Door Separating me from Flowers again...

Gotta go; i Am Raised on 'Elm Street', i understand the Value (Lesson) of 'Halloween'

And Being 'Freddy' too...;)


i'm Just "Philosophizing"

Per first Hit on Google Search Definition:

"to speculate or theorize about fundamental
or serious issues, especially in a tedious or pompous way."

"he paused for a while to philosophize on racial equality"

When in Rome, Per Societal Direction that Currently Exists in Documented way:

i believe, i have Fully Achieved this 'Google Proper Definition' of 'Philosophizing' With this Opinion...

Now Carry on; i am interesting in other Points of View; Small, or Even More Tedious and Pompous than this..;)

KATiE MiA FredericK!iI

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