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Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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10 Nov 2020, 6:52 pm

Something happened to me, on 9-11-2020
And i need to express it somewhere because im going insane in this box. Plz, humor a humble color blind man with perfect pitch... :idea:

Listening to chromatica album... watching my color shifting light shine through many glass facets and crystal-like structures, piano keys, beveled circular mirror, and a graph of chakras...something clicked in my head...i started thinking only in numbers and trigonometric functions graphed out in 3D. It was too much at once. Math was never my strong point...i stared at the floor, except i saw the floor as many perfect squares, rotating perfect squares, and a triangle...BOOM! My body took control and began to do this incredibly intricate yoga set I could never do before. Muscles i dont usually use began to zap and reintegrate into a full range of motion and then some! My minds eye became ‘outside lookin in’, transported through time and space to witness the moment of creation for organic life. random elements and molecules at the microscopic scale. Sweeping angles, trigonometric functions , arcs , circles, & shift, spheres click click click!! ! At the end of every sequence , I saw the blue eye, a peacock, peacock feathers, a trident, the letter J , blue rain drops and splashes of tri-blue waves...sometimes Id even see glimpses of a male form, dressed in Hindi attire, a HUGE sparkling blue gem in his turban, he was sitting back , covering most of his face as though shy, but i could see him smile through his hands and the dark. The radiance of a single flash from his eyes nearly blinded me. Sometimes he was green, sometimes bright blues, sometimes very dark sparkling blue. Mind u, my conscious mind was still occupied trying to record everything I was seeing in numbers and functions of XYZ.

Some think I was just on drugs or a mental slip... except, this extended awareness never left me. I see more violets and blues and greens now where before I saw reds, blacks, and greys. I now have other skills I never had before...

It seems like I cant shake the blue one...and i dont think i want to...

Has ANYONE experienced a shaktipat type of thing or sudden and spontaneous acquisition of knowledge that was also life changing?

I guess it could have been many factors of that night...but how do I even explain to my family or loved ones who are ALL CHRISTIAN that a Hindi avatar corrected my sight? 8O :jester:
:colors: :batman: :elephant:

Thank you for reading .This ‘new world’ of green and blue is really quite beautiful. I had no idea i was missing so much.

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11 Nov 2020, 3:12 am

cant say that this has ever happened to me.