Mary Harrington and Raven Connolly on Reactionary Feminism

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04 May 2021, 1:28 pm

It's a Rebel Wisdom zoom discussion (much like they and The Stoa often have). I'm finding this interesting, the core feature being how the landscape of the fourth industrial revolution and hypercapitalism might both be asserting their own gravitational influences on the outcomes of feminism (such as cheap labor and perpetual consumption = great, whether or not working 60+ hours per weak until 50 is great for most women) and Mary gets into some interesting questions on the social contract between men and women and thoughts on what questions are coming up that may need better redress.

In some ways it's more of a discussion of hypercapitalism and the slow but quickening invasion of human sovereignty by the complex of technology and economy ripping the wheels off of culture and the family structure for men and women both (she brings up toward the end that China's having similar social outcomes without a sexual revolution) but the feminist component is around the questions of whether there are some possible shifts of priority that feminism could take on which would help stop the erosion. It's interesting mostly because they're drilling down on what 2020 looks like and current issues much more than what 1970 or 1980 looked like, which is a cul de sac that I notice a lot of these movements can get locked in if their leadership ages but never ages out.

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