Right wingers beliefs that are too much for me

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19 Oct 2021, 8:22 pm

In a recent post of mine in the haven, I hinted at making a post here on PPR about some other things I was bothered by. Now here it is. Quite honestly, it bothers me when I hear people express displeasure for vaccine mandates. The vaccine has shown that it can be the way out of the pandemic. Hospitals have filled up, mostly with people who are unvaccinated. It's pretty much them that are spreading the deadliness. There are stories out there of people saying that they wished they had gotten vaccinated while on their death bed. and despite ALL THAT, they are refusing to get vaccinated. Last month, someone my age who went to the same school as me died of COVID. I understand that this is just things I've heard from people who have commented on Facebook posts, but I had mostly heard that she was not vaxxed and that she had family members who spread misinformation. I will just say that one thing I would believe even less there's no way in hell a 21 year old fully vaxxed person would die of COVID. Y'know what I mean?

Things like that are why I support vaccine mandates. Even with those in place, so many people have been willing to give up their jobs and whatever else to avoid getting vaccinated. I don't have anything else to say other than that it just amazes me how far people are willing to go. Unless one has a legit medical reason to not take it, it is in their best interest to just get the damn shot. But no, all this other crazy stuff that so many people believe gets in their way of doing the right thing to protect themselves and others. Even if you are vaxxed, but you support everyone's right to get vaxxed or not, you're pandering to stupidity that could kill those people and the people around them.

Another belief some right wingers have is that they thing the election was stolen from Trump. It only became a thing because Trump started it all and no evidence has ever been found about it. And yet people still believe it. I recently saw a clip of a Trump rally right here in Iowa where people chanted "Trump won". I was embarrased to realize there was many people of that kind in my home state.


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20 Oct 2021, 12:03 pm

you are phrasing things quite rightly as "beliefs". you can't argue beliefs.
you could technically try and explain to people hiw vaccines work - I tried that with my step mother, and it did stump her quite a bit when I phrased it as "preparing the immune system to recognize the virus, giving it a head start, rather than having to wait for the immune system to learn on its own once an actual infection is already happening".

but it merely warded off one of the many points of her gish-galopp, the point of which is of course, to overwhelm the opponent with half-truths and lies that would take days to discredit one by one.
She still asked one family member to put a spoon on the injection site to see if the vaccine really made people magnetic.

my personal opinion is that people need much, much better education in STEM fields, so they can imnediately think up for themselves that "vaccines make peopke super-conducting" implies a bunch of major scientific breakthroughs in physics that are just very, very unlikely.

I guess we need to face the fact that we can't allow people to run around with their personal views on physics and natural science.
My hope is that things would improve by themselves if that were the case.

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20 Oct 2021, 1:56 pm

Fully vaxxed people have died but it is very, very rare and usually there are some underlying conditions involved.

People are choosing to lose their jobs rather than get vaxxed but the amount of people that are getting vaxxed has gone up a lot since the mandates and the cases are going down but they would have probably been going down anyway but probably not as much because the delta variant has peaked.

At this point we need to come to terms with that not everybody will get vaxxed and that the promised herd immunity whereby everything will go back to the way it was is not happening. Even if everybody got vaxxed herd immunity may not have been achieved. Not every vaccine regime is like the polio regime that wiped it out. Flu is still quite here. Either way those refusing to get vaxxed are making it worse for the rest of us by making our options more difficult then necessary.

It is not only right wingers refusing to get vaxxed. Because of horrific experiments done on minorities in the past members of those minorities also have no trust in expertise.

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