Do you ever think "people can't possibly support violence?"

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Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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22 Dec 2021, 1:54 am

It's almost like I want to constantly lower my opinion of humans... was on this The Sun video (but, of course... still, it's entirely possible violence is a red line...?) - pretty much every comment... they weren't, like, "yeah, smash his face, cut it!" (Although I'm sure out of 10k comments there were some... just not the most upvoted ones (but these latter still supported the violence by calling them "patriots" etc... oh, I guess if that is the standard of patriotism then Bin Laden (who didn't even do it directly) must have been a super-patriot... oh, they don't like him? I don't know what's stronger in them, violence or hypocrisy)... and if I read more than 10 comments I would have went insane)... the Internet should have never existed, I swear... I mean, violence has existed forever... but thousands of people actively supporting it in comments? I doubt that won't further encourage others to be violent...


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22 Dec 2021, 2:16 am

I think there will always be people who support at least some forms of violence but I am biased since I was going to be a Marine Corp Officer agent for a career after college.I never went shot a gun at anybody but as someone who was going to be in the Marines I was mentally prepared to take out aany enemy combatant so I think war is a situation where killing is justifed.However I am not one to be violent or get into physically fight.I think violence is justified sometimes like if someone breaks into your house but most of the time it isnt justified .I think violence in the form of hunting animals even trophy hunting elephants is perfectly fine as long as it is safe and legal and is not poaching.I think it is moral to kill any kind of animal humanely as long as its legal.But violence against other humans is generally horrible.Although I do admit I do feel bad after each time I kill a deer or shoot a jackrabbit.But that deer that I eat had a much better life than a chicken from KFC and I cant afford to buy meat from the grocery store so I think my violence against the deer population is justified.Plus it helps save human lives by cutting down the number of deer hitting cars on the highway.But some people just dont support any kind of violence.I dont even believe in having a permenent military because I want to reduce violence in war and I want save other young American men's life from what I was prepared to face when I was 18.But brawling and getting into fist fights is wrong.I think the world would be a much better place if nobody murdered.But i hate violence and war.