What is Marines (US and Royal one alike) job?

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06 May 2022, 4:11 am

I used to chat with one of our Polish members of the Polish Marines or Polish Naval Infantry as they say about themselv and they saying that they;re better than US or Royal Marines :), I have Asperger, I was rejected from conscription because of this, this guy is said to have ADHD, but he did not say it during the draft, which is an offense, but the Polish military prosecutor's office is not chasing those soldiers who lied about their health, that they were set as an example by the command of the Polish navy and condemned by the medical corps, but they all give a s**t about doctors :-) this soldier wrote what is the difference between our Polish naval forces and, say, America and Great Britain.

He wrote that the USMC have a good PR team, that the American Marines are a separate type of armed forces, but the Royal Marines or our Polish Marines are under the command of the Navy, in the case of Poland, the Polish Navy, in the case of the UK it is the Royal Navy, that Poland marines are trained primarily to board enemy ships, or to recapture ships if they are occupied by the enemy, and to protect Polish shipping lanes in the Baltic Sea

This man wrote to me that he was gay, but he did not like those flashy colors, rainbows, etc., although he did not hide his homosexuality from his friends, that our navy and armed forces are, contrary to appearances, more tolerant of LGBTQ people than the general public of Poland, especially in Poland. villages, which makes him sad


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06 May 2022, 4:34 am

The US has only three major branches of its armed forces. Army, Navy, and airforce. The Marines are under the rubrick of the Navy (just like with Britain and Poland).


I forgot. Its now four. Trump just recently added something called "the Space Force". Anyway....

But though the U.S. Marines are officially a twig off of the Navy branch they do do a lot more than Polish Marines. They dont just seize ships. They seize beaches, and whole major islands. Basically the job of the marines is to do amphibuous assaults from navy landing craft. Secure the shores. And then let the army invade deeper inland and do its army land warfare thing.