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28 Jun 2022, 12:06 am

Before I talk about Russian hymn, let me start with some history. So, back in high school, they put me into special ed because of my Asperger. All the classes I took were normal for normal kids. The only special ed service I needed was school psychologist. In other words, I was taking regular classes, for normal kids, but if I misbehaved then instead of sending me to detention room they sent me to school psychologist. In order to be able to do it, I had to be in special ed program.

I was taking university math and community college physics while in high school. I realize that in some European countries "college" is a type of high school, but in America its different. In America "college" refers to university level stuff, and community college is first two years of university. So basically I was ahead of Americans in my age group both in physics and in math, thats why I was taking them in those other places.

In any case, high school classes were every day, while the university and community college classes were every other day. So I had some gaps in my schedule at the days when I didn't have those classes. In America they have a policy that kids can't be just anywhere, someone has to see them. Since I was special ed student, they had me sit in the special ed hallway during those days I had those gaps.

So, as I was sitting in special ed hallway and doing my work, I overheard the way they were teaching special ed kids to use a speech machine. That is, they couldn't talk with their mouth so they were being taught to type on a keyboard and have the machine talk for them. One practice exercize that they used on the machine was the following poem:

I had an apple
Tastes like chicken
I had an apple
Tastes like chicken
The taste was good
Why doesn't everything
Tastes ... Like ... Chicken?

(the dots at the last line indicate pauses, thats how they read it)

Since I heard it so many times, I ended up associating special ed with that poem. Whenever I hear "special ed", I think of that poem.

So this brings me back to the topic of this thread. So I saw a comment to one of the youtube videos where they said that this "special operation" is actually "special ED operation" -- referring to how bad the Russian soldiers are at fighting. And this immediately made me think of this poem. In particular I pictured this poem being a Russian hymn, and hundrids of Russian soldiers standing up in many rows and together reciting that poem in place of that hynm. No, in their case they won't make those pauses. They would have to recite it at a good pace so that they sound like soldiers. But still, it would be funny to picture that. And yes, they would recite it in English rather than Russian. It has to be in English in order to remind me of special ed. Although they might want to replace "I" with "we", since they are supposed to read it together as a group which makes it plural. Since they are both one syllable words, it won't mess it up that much.