Democrats can't solve the issue of Homelessness

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28 May 2023, 7:15 pm

QuantumChemist wrote:
It would be interesting to ask an advanced AI system what it would recommend. I have a feeling that it would perceive the homeless much like redundant data and treat the problem as such. Unfortunately that question could become a slippery slope as it may come to realize that all life is redundant data in some way. Humanity has a self-destructive tendency that will someday become part of AI (if it has not already).

My thought is that homelessness can be eased (never erased) by programs similar to the Civil Conservation Corps that was done in the US back in the 1930s. It involved paying people to work on beautification programs, such as building parks, dams and yes, permanent housing for such individuals that are capable in rundown areas. Some of my distant relatives had to join the CCC when their farms failed during the Dust Bowl days. Today, their families own their own farms again.

Of course there are rules that will have to be followed (like no drug use), so some of homeless will not want to participate. That is their choice.

I feel like you're overestimating the current ability of AIs. All they can do is absorb a library of text and then spit out a reply in the style of the text in their databanks. At best the proposed solution would be something the AI read in one of the books that was fed into it but it wouldn't be an original idea.

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