The Amazon and the problem of Darwinian Evolution

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25 Jul 2023, 6:07 pm

First of all its hard to find up to date youtube videos about the Amazon burning, most of them were from 3 years ago then they stopped posting about it. But I think the forest is still burning, so people need to continue posting about it.

I do feel like I'm on the wrong planet, I feel this is some kind of planet of the apes (the original movie, not the new one where the apes are much smarter.) Like how far are people's heads up their arse, people need to stop rainforest destruction.

Like when I was a kid the rainforest destruction was already a problem, I though humans would have fixed it by now, decades later its even worse, humans are acting like a bunch of fools and incompetent moronic imbeciles. I feel like I'm surrounded by idiots. People need to stop jacking off to porn everyday and go do something. You can jack off to all the porn you want after the Amazon is fixed.

We can start creating propaganda posters, that show a picture of modern men and it says "Modern men try to impress hoes, real men secure a better future." And it shows a photo of a decent looking modern man in a mansion, but the photo of the "real men" looks digitally enhanced and far more handsome, and shows the Amazon rainforest burning in the background, and the real man is holding some cool looking weapon, maybe a futuristic gun or something. And in the corner of the poster they direct you to a website about the Amazon rainforest.

I'm aware the slogan isn't that catchy, I haven't thought of a catchier slogan yet. But I've noticed a flaw with darwinian evolution, it rewards the biggest wussies and culls mostly the useful brave people. Like most of the men who go to Brazil and try to save the Amazon, half of them or a quarter of them might die. And this is exactly why we are in this predicament right now with the Amazon in the first place, because of physics and natural selection causing most of the population to be selfish cowards.

Maybe one solution is to have an afterlife such as valhalla or something to reward the valiant

I went to Nasa because I honestly don't actually really know the full story of what's going on with the Amazon. The Nasa search engine seemed like it hasn't been updated since 2006 and there was no way to sort articles by date, so I didn't read the latest news. *picard facepalm*

Anyway, here is a right wing opinion on the matter

Leftists are blaming the right wing guy for it

Personally i think both opinions are probably bs to some extent. For example, Nasa data seems to indicate the amazon rainforest burning is becoming exponential in the last few years