Tarot Reading: Will Trump be president again?

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30 Apr 2024, 11:10 am

I've heard Trump is doing frighteningly well in the polls (which is scary...).

So let's see what my new tarot cards say about this shall we? :nerdy:

As you can see I delibertly placed the King of Pentacles in the very center, in reverse. A King of Pentacles (or Coins/Diamonds) represents money and power. Upright he is a generous ruler but in reverse he is greedy and prone to abusing his power (like Trump).



Surrounding Trump's reversed King of Pentacles we have....

Where Trump was in the past: Upright 6 of Pentacles. A rich merchant giving gold coins to the beggars.

This card seems like a very funny joke. :lol: Trump is clearly not the one giving HIS wealth away, it's the other way around where some of America's poorest are giving all their money away to Trump to help pay his legal fines. :lol:

Where Trump is now: Upright 3 of Pentacles. A clergyman and a merchant employing a carpenter to build a new temple.

I feel that this card is about the bizzarre way Trump has rebuilt American Christiainity and our Government to suit his agenda. For example I hear the Supreme Court might very well grant him presidential immunity to do as he pleases which will essentially make him a dictator.

What is fading away from Trump: The High Priestess upright.

This card in this particular position is a bad sign. It means Donald Trump will undo all the progress we've made as a nation...

What will happen next with Trump: Page of Wands in Reverse.

It means unpredictably and foolishness. I believe a lack of direction and instability awaits our future.

What will Trump's ultimate outcome be: Two of Wands Reversed. The King holding the earth globe in his hand as he stares out at the world over a high wall.

This card seems to be a warning to us all that we need to make a decision and pick a side to be on soon. We need to seriously reconsider what we can do to fight back against him or at least survive in a world at the mercy of a lunatic, but the fact that this card is in reverse means that there is a lot of fear and uncertainity about doing what needs to be done.

It's going to be either war or bowing down and surrendering to a ruthless dictator hell-bent on revenge against his political opponents.

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