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Should the names of the days and months be generic and not related to any religion?
Yes 14%  14%  [ 3 ]
No 86%  86%  [ 18 ]
Total votes : 21


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21 Apr 2008, 7:39 pm

pandabear wrote:
There have been proposals to make the way we measure time more metric. For example, instead of dividing the day into two units of 12, and then subdividing the hours into units of 60, and then the minutes into units of 60, we would simply divide and the subdivide the day into units of 10.

Then, proceding in the other direction, we would go with a 10-day week instead of 7, etc. Then, we wouldn't get a new "month" until ten weeks had passed.

The second is already metric enough. Other units of time should be prefixes thereof (e.g., the kilosecond or the gigasecond).


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18 May 2008, 7:15 am

Good point, but I still disagree. If there is to be separation of Church and State it should apply to all areas involving the general public.

I'm all for the separation of Church and State, but that ideal, like any ideal, can be taken too far. Renaming the days of the week is just patently absurd, no matter the reason. You're like an anorexic pursuing a perfect body with this PC stuff. Trying to be perfectly politically correct, or PPC, is just very very effed up and retarded for reasons obvious to anyone who is not a scrawny math-loving pimple-faced Aspie geek. :x :x :x