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02 Sep 2008, 4:51 pm

Yes, those are good examples.

A lava light is slightly less complex system, but pleasantly chaotic. I have learned a good deal about weather from watching a lava light in between reading a meteorology text. Packets of air, and frontal systems, for example, behave cohesively just as ascending and descending 'lava' does ... rather than just merging and cancelling each other out, they bump into each other and can create rotation. Hadley cells? Right there in the lava lamp. Adiabatic expansion? 8 inches of lava lamp show what would take thousands of feet in the atmosphere.


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17 Sep 2009, 12:59 pm

Why did this get put in PPR anyway, and why is it still here?

The original post was about the word "Tutemet" being a real Latin word, even though it is the wrong word for its phrase.

In the movie, the phrase Captain John Killpatrick said "Liberate tutemet ex inferis" but the problem is that liberate is the plural imperative of liberare and tutemet is singular.


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17 Sep 2009, 1:44 pm

iamnotaparakeet wrote:
Xelebes wrote:

The Imdb person is incorrect, that's all.

Also seeing if anyone else likes this movie of Event Horizon.

Cual lingua te hablas?

And why is this in PPR?

This needs to be moved to the TV, Film and Video section.

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