I wrote a column for CNN: Leave autism out of mass shootings

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25 Dec 2012, 7:21 pm

ArrantPariah wrote:
If the take-home message ends up being "So you had really better not bully us", then the insinuation might end up working to our advantage.
What? No! I can't imagine anyone taking that message from Alex's column, nor do I think it would be helpful.



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25 Dec 2012, 10:28 pm

BlueAbyss wrote:
ArrantPariah wrote:
If the take-home message ends up being "So you had really better not bully us", then the insinuation might end up working to our advantage.
What? No! I can't imagine anyone taking that message from Alex's column, nor do I think it would be helpful.

No, of course I didn't get that from Alex's column.

For myself: I'm fortunately in a position where I can live and don't have to interact with anyone. I leave them alone, and they leave me alone.

I certainly hope that the rest of you do well and prosper in society.


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26 Dec 2012, 1:21 am

Inventor wrote:
No proof of autism, a known nerd, did college work in high school, earned a 3.6 gpa. Any history of behavior would have come out by now. Nothing.

What has come out is his father got away from his wife, so did her older son, and she had a paid for big house and $385,000 a year in alimoney, plus child support, and those were her guns.

He seems to have been getting by in school, but his mother disagrees with the school, pulls him out, and says she will home school him.

Then she wants to have him commited. She has friends, connections, money.

It sounds like she was a person with control issues that drove away her husband and older son, was isolated from family, her sister in law said she had not seen him since he was three.

He was making the grades, no police record, he was university nerd material, he should have been out on his own, they could afford it.

No evidence has come up of professional help, because mom knew what she wanted?

Anyone will strike out if pushed hard enough, her husband divorced her,

He was trapped, she controlled the money, it ended badly.

There are plenty of schools that post ads here, residence for aspergers children, professional staff, good outcomes.

At twenty, he should have not been home with mom being in control of his life. There were a lot of other potential outcomes, control of his life was taken away.

His grades say he should have graduated from high school several years before, mom pulled him out of school. A high school diploma, he could make the grade in a university, which is where he should have been.

Aspergers is what mom told people, we have nothing else.

Her professional backup, a kindergarten principal, and a school psycholigist.

The three were friends, and were going to have him committed?

His high school pictures look like a nerd, the last picture like someone who has been in Abu Greb for a few years.

Everyone who could got away from this woman.

The high school nerd would not have killed twenty children, the prisoner did.

He appears drugged in the last picture, was mom playing Doctor?

In another life he would have never been a problem.

I have know a lot of women who own guns, purse size. I have never know one who owned an assult rifle.

This is probably the best read anyone's done of the facts. I salute your writing ability and fondness for newlines.


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26 Dec 2012, 12:44 pm

Great column Alex. The message was perfect, and needs to be repeated as often as possible. Keep up the great work :D


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27 Dec 2012, 8:00 am

I haven't noticed this thread before. Good work Alex. I hate it when Asperger's becomes a scape goat when rumors get spread around like with this shooting. This message needs to be repeated often.

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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28 Dec 2012, 9:20 am

Poke wrote:
MrXxx wrote:
Poke wrote:
I'm sorry, is the point here something like, this shooting had nothing to do with the fact that the shooter was autistic?

You realize that's absurd, right?

You are entitled to your opinion, no matter how wrong it is. And you are very wrong. It is not absurd. It's a fact supported by the M.E. investigating the crime.

The evidence is overwhelmingly against your opinion, and your voice is but a squeak amongst thousands who know better. If you truly believe Autism had something to do with the shooting, you have either not done enough research, or are simply in denial of the truth.

The delusion on this forum is unreal. I wonder what the news would be reporting if people weren't so concerned about Aspies being stigmatized. The truth, maybe?

I try to understand and learn from everyone,especially if they challenge my thinking.
So help me out. What role do you think Autism played, with the evidence to back your reasoning? Do you think something should have been done differently with him that could have prevented this tragedy?
We need to get this debate off emotions and onto facts. So I ask in all seriousness.

Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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28 Dec 2012, 9:38 am

TheygoMew wrote:
Did anyone else read that the car did not belong to his mom but a man named Christopher Rodia?

Also, why would Adam Lanza destroy his own hard drive if he was a troubled man that knew he was going to commit suicide and homicide? Cover his tracks? How? Makes me wonder if it really were to destroy evidence that could point to someone other than Adam. Wouldn't he want his reasons to be known if let's say he didn't get enough attention from home?

Christopher Rodia has a criminal past and someone in his family is in prison for making illegal machine guns selling them to gangs.

The entire family seems to be criminal, his brother Dennis Rodia, 44, of 1 Gregory Ave., Norwalk, was given charges that included possession of narcotics, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, possession of narcotics within 1,500 feet of a day-care center and possession of narcotics with intent to sell within 1,500 feet of a day-care. Dennis Rodia, 44, and his mother Lilli Rodia, 67, of 1 Gregory Blvd., Norwalk, were charged with possession of narcotics, possession of narcotics with intent to sell, illegal possession of narcotics within 1,500 feet of a school and possession of narcotics with intent to sell within 1,500 feet of a school.

http://www.norwalkcitizenonline.com/new ... z2FquRue6v

http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/policer ... z2FqtYOeSh

Was Adam Lanza framed? Why would he wear a military vest if he were suicidal/homicidal? Why are media reporting the car belonged to his mother when it belongs to Christopher Rodia? Why would Adam carry his brother's ID?

Christopher Rodia and a 19 year old woman were found stealing copper gutters and arrested. Why would he need copper?


http://www.westport-news.com/news/artic ... 744269.php

Something tells me, Adam was framed. These thugs likely shot his mom. Adam was doing computer repairs and maybe that hard drive either was Adam with some evidence against someone else or it was someone else's hard drive with some incriminating evidence. Why would a suicidal/homicidal man whom was likely starved for attention and affection destroy his own thoughts? Wouldn't he want to be heard?

Something about this story doesn't add up.

Other than that. Bravo for standing up for the autistic community. They tried to claim James Holmes was autistic too. They should be ashamed of themselves because all they are doing is showing that they are prejudice and hateful against autistics.

Wow, I just finally had time to research what you said.
So to Alex, the bigger question is why are people in this community on the defensive? You are in media. This is not the only instance of facts being wrongly reported and not presented in the news. The issue is not autism, it's why the media chose autism, rather than post facts easy to find, like tracing ownership of a license plate. Why chose rumors unverified over facts like a license plate?


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28 Dec 2012, 8:32 pm

I've yet to see what I consider to be a definitive diagnosis. From what I have seen as potential symptoms, I see a misdiagnosis at best. I think it would be better to write that he had a speculated diagnosis. Overall, though, it is helpful to at least see something that states autism and these mass killings are not related.


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28 Dec 2012, 11:08 pm

TheygoMew wrote:
Why would Adam carry his brother's ID?

More to the point, how would he have had access to his brother's ID if, as the media are reporting, his brother had not seen him for two years?

If they had been living in the same house he could easily have stolen his brother's ID but if they were living apart and were estranged from one another, how would he have had access to his brother's ID at all? :?

There are a lot of illigical things being stated about this case. I wonder how many "facts" being reported are actually true, and how many are rumours or fabrications.


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29 Dec 2012, 8:45 am

Just FYI and all, there's absolutely no reason to fabricate your own bullet casings and jackets (it's not all that easy either, or better, "cheap"); it's easy enough to buy ammunition in the US legally, and it's easy enough to steal them if your country requires anything more than a driver's license (and you're ineligible from acquiring said documentation).

It's quite simple to see a disturbed young man do what he did. Seeing no hope, no cure, feeling murderous rage/frustration/hate, feeling that the world and people are to blame for things, that it's not fair, and then taking it out on people close to him (who he might see as part of the problem) and those who'll shock people the most (it worked). You attack that which causes the most grief and shock if your intentions are purely hateful. Throw in social isolation/a social disorder where you can't talk about these things (an inhibiting factor), and there she goes.

There's always a method and rationale to it. Hardly anyone does something this bad "just 'cause", and never anything that's planned.


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29 Dec 2012, 8:57 am

Facts? We dont need no stinking facts, this is News!

Now get a story out in five minutes solving this story. If it bleeds it leads.

Adam was found dead at the school. Gunman kills self as police close in!

Police do not report a shot as they came, the news does.

Just having some piece of ID from his brother does not lead to the second shooter picked up. The police are reporting a second shooter. The brother was picked up, and held till it was proven he could not be the second shooter.

Nerd who fixes computers, somehow becomes, Autism Kills! Still nothing more than buzz words in media. They all got the Autism Awareness packet from Autism Speaks, and saw Rainman.

Still nothing on a Dx, which as a step into media fame, any professional would be on the talk circut the next day.

The Media solved this in the first paragraph, even in the headline.

Autistic, slaughters children, assault weapon.

This is reporting, made up by Media Professionals within seconds of hearing about it, and picked up by others and repeated.

I am suprised it lacked the other news feed, Mayan Doomsday Shooter!

Now the police did act on a second shooter report, the car involved did belong to the town felon family, who were facing felonies relating to selling heroin in a school zone, the kind of things that can lead to life in prison.

The kind of people who might be mad at the town, it's schools, and would set up a revenge killing.

The brothers ID, no one says what. A Library Card?

The car, how it got there, nothing.

So the car goes to Adams house, kills his mother, steals her guns, and a masked gunman breaks into the school, which seemed to have some locked door security. No one reports shots at Adams house.

Lots of people get away, so some time went by, Adam is found dead. The police are sure there was a second shooter, who got away.

Was Adam found masked? Was the mask found?

Adams DNA is being checked, which the press is reporting as Killer DNA found in Autistics.

More likely, Adams DNA is being checked against the weapons, for even a gloved shooter spits, and leaves traces. There was a delay in removing the bodies as the crime scene was secured, Areas like, the shooter stood here, would be taped off, and searched for spit, hair, fibers,

DNA has to be checked against everyone who was there, and Adam, looking for some other, which does not fit. Hair and fibers could be explained away by saying Adam used my car, but Salivia is first person, who had to be there to leave it. The same for finger prints.

Having confirmed the dead were dead, the police pulled back and sealed the crime scene. This one gets the best the State and FBI can offer.

It is not being treated like Adam did it, case closed.

Do Adams fingerprints show up on the steering wheel? Why that car when he had access to his mothers? Why a car that when last stopped by the local police had two people with heroin?

The reports of a second shooter were acted on, the brothers ID was found, but not on Adam? Just laying there on the floor? Someone laying a false trail?

Just finding his brothers ID would not lead to a second shooter report, that had to come from someone who was there, and got away. All eye witnesses were killed.

Maybe Adam acted alone, But that maybe leaves questions.

When it comes to solving crimes, I will wait for the police report, as the Media was not there, and issued a full report in minutes.

As for Autism, it is hard to miss, and would have been in school records. Nothing has come up. No professional involvment, even though the family was rich, and would have sought help. Aspergers is vague, not supported in the record, what came out is an intelligent nerd, did college work in high school, fixed computers.

If that defines Autism, about a third of people are autistic.

The Media Circus will die down, move on to the next misinformation blurbs.

I am looking for the police to process every speck of evidence, and produce a full report for the families involved.

If Adam did it, was Autistic, and alive, I would say hang him. If there was a second shooter, find him and hang him. It is not enough, but all that could be done for families that will live in grief, police who cannot unsee the crime scene, and what we all lost due to new lows in human behavior.