ECT for severe for severe self injury in ASD

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11 Jul 2016, 8:17 am ... /86936752/

ECT is a cash cow for the hospital. You don't just have 1 session, you get them in groups of 7, at least where I live in Michigan.

I think it is an expensive placebo affect, and I would never have it done. I have been threatened once in inpatient psych with it, but luck for me, my father shut the shrink down. I was manic at the time, not depressed.

What blew my mind it is being offered for severe autism self injury (and probably ultra over the top behaviors too).

I don't feel better that the ASD person is "screened" by a shrink. It upsets me it can be used on children. Insurance WILL cover this as a treatment. I have never seen it denied in mental health.

If you live in a group home, and have violent out bursts, can you be court ordered into treatment to get this done? Could a parent force you into this is you are 6ft tall, 300 lbs and have a history of over the top melt downs?

f**k ABA. When s**t gets real from "aggressive" behavior and you are isolating in your room and depressed, guess what threat will be hanging over your head.

I can't believe this got okayed for children, let alone for autism. Hello mental health 1950, so nice to see you again.

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12 Jan 2020, 10:16 pm

In case any of you are dealing with an autistic who self-injures or otherwise show aggression to others, The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism has some really good tips on how to handle that in a way that is compatible with neurodiversity: ... ssive.html


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12 Jan 2020, 10:28 pm

I had ECT to treat severe, treatment-resistant depression with self-harm (making myself bleed) and suicidal thoughts. It did nothing for me but ruin my memory. I was put on an indefinite course of treatments gradually decreasing from once every day to once every other week. My parents finally pulled me out when it hadn't done any good after six months or so.

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12 Jan 2020, 10:37 pm

I had CBT for self-harm issues. It helped me work through the problem.