Good News for those allergic to cats.

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jimmy m

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11 Aug 2019, 6:06 pm

There's some 'good mews' for cat allergy sufferers. A vaccine has been developed which may put an end to itchy eyes and sniffly noses every time Fluffy graciously gives in to a cuddle. One in 10 humans are believed to be allergic to cats, meaning this breakthrough could be a lifesaver for many struggling to navigate life surrounded by cat-lovers. Scientists have spent close to a decade developing the HypoCat vaccine, which is administered to the pet through an injection, reports the Daily Mail. The vaccine works by neutralising the allergy-causing protein, Fed-d1, which is mainly present in the feline's fur. The protein attaches itself to tiny particles of the cat's shedded dry skin, dander, which can cause a rush of the chemical histamine in allergy-sufferers.

Source: New HypoCat vaccine may stop humans having an allergic reaction to cats

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18 Aug 2019, 4:23 am

i still wish sony would make an AIBO cat.