Pycho bus driver tries to kill three

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07 Jun 2020, 10:51 am

Greenfield, Massachusetts
A Franklin regional transit authority driver is being held without bail after purposefully trying to hit a man and two boys by trying to crash into them.

Steven Connelly,38,of Gill, was arraigned in Greenfield district court on Friday and pleaded not guilty to three counts of intent to murder while armed,four counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and a single count of negligent operation of a motor vehicle.And also assault of ambulance personnel.

The police responded to Main and Federal st's at 3:34pm on Thursday after a report of a bus crashing into a stone wall.

According to fire chief Robert Strahan,Connelly chased a black man and the fire chief intervined and stopped the assault.

Connelly said the man had a gun but no gun was found.

Officers who spoke with Connelly and he said the three people he tried to kill with his bus,made hand gestures indicating they had a gun and said he crashed the bus to apprehend the three people.

Connelly was evaluated at a hospital and released to the custody of the Franklin county Sheriff's office where he remains. Greenfield,MA

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