Uighur woman reveals truth about China’s genocide

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21 Mar 2021, 3:15 am

‘Horror and torture’: Uighur woman reveals truth about China’s genocide

Human rights activist and escaped Uighur woman Rahima Mahmut has told Sky News of the “unbearable” experiences of the three million people locked in horrific detainment camps.

Ms Mahmut is now the UK Project Director of the World Uighur Conference and an advisor to the Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China.

In February 1997, people of Ms Mahmut’s home town of Ghulja took to the streets demanding cultural and religious freedoms as well as equality, but were met with extreme brute force from the Chinese Communist government.

In an exclusive interview with Sky News, Ms Mahmut detailed the truth of China’s concentration camps where up to three million Uighurs are detained, as well as the cruel life for Uighurs who are not suffering in camps.

“Those who are not detained are not safe or free,” she said.

“No one feels safe”.

Describing life in the concentration camps, Ms Mahmut said it is one of “horror, torture, mass rape, sterilisation” making it utterly “unbearable”.

Having left her town and family in 2000, she said not knowing what has happened to her loved ones has been “really hell”.

The United States has come out against China’s actions in Xinjiang province against the Uighur people, with former secretary of state Mike Pompeo declaring it a genocide in the Trump administration’s final days.

However, many Muslim majority nations have failed to condemn or even recognise the horrific conditions experienced by the Uighur people.

Ms Mahmut said the “absolutely unbearable silence” from Muslim majority nations is “shameful”.

“China has been using its diplomatic power and economic power silencing all these nations.”

https://www.skynews.com.au/details/_624 ... 20genocide

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21 Mar 2021, 3:38 am

Not being pro-China by any means but there is a tendency for separatist movements to cart out a random minority and make claims of torture to the western media. It's happened before with the Tibetan freedom movement, the Chinese Falun Gong, the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka (who sky news used to write false information about on behalf of the Sri Lankan government), the PKU Kurdistan liberation movement, Rakan movement for the Rohingya. All of that didn't work for them.
Turkey still has the Kurds by the balls
Chinese have Falun Gong and Tibetans by the balls
Sri Lanka has the Tamils by the balls
and finally Burma has successfully removed the Rohingya from their country after murdering a lot of them.....

What has anybody done about them....nothing....what is the world going to do about the Uighers....nothing

What amuses me the most is that Saudi Arabia and other Atab despots do business with China and hasn't made a peep for their fellow muslims yet will call for jihad at the drop of a hat when somebody scrawls a cartoon of the prophet mohammed