Meanwhile what are the aliens up to?

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17 Apr 2021, 9:27 pm

naturalplastic wrote:
Ive never run across that about Tesla.

I knew that in the 1920s Tesla built an electronic tower topped with a big copper ball in his Colorado backyard to try to pick up and maybe send radio signals to and from folks on...Mars. Even earlier than that back in the 1890s he was in his lab and became convinced one night that he stumbled up radio conversations between Martians while working on his pioneering radio inventions. Back then Mars was where extraterrestrials were supposed to reside (today even UFO fanatics assume that ET comes from somewhere outside our solar system).

If read his interviews he was an extremely spiritual man who (like Oppenheimer and unlike Einstein) was very well read in spiritual texts.He believed he was able to meditate and commune with higher conciousness which gave him the necessary data to create his now famous inventions like the Tesla coils.