Pfizer slams ‘inaccurate’ ABC report

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14 Jul 2021, 12:40 am

Pfizer slams ‘inaccurate’ ABC report on Kevin Rudd’s vaccine influence

Pfizer has described media reports that Kevin Rudd or any "third party or individual had any role" in bringing forward millions of doses of the vaccine to Australia as "inaccurate".

The pharmaceutical and biotechnology giant told Sky News Australia the only parties involved in the agreement were the Australian Government and Pfizer.

"All agreements and supply arrangements, including dose planning are exclusively made with the Federal Government, and details of the agreement and discussions are confidential," it said in a statement.

"All discussions on supply and procurement with the Federal Government are led by Pfizer representatives in Australia."

This morning former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull congratulated Mr Rudd for "speaking to the Chairman of Pfizer to secure an earlier delivery of vaccines".

In a statement posted to Twitter, Mr Turnbull said he was "staggered the vaccination of Australians was apparently not enough to warrant a call from Scott Morrison or (Health Minister) Greg Hunt to the Pfizer boss". ... yNewscomau

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