Palaszczuk's comments 'don't reflect medical advice'

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02 Sep 2021, 7:01 pm

Treasurer Frydenberg says Palaszczuk's 'deeply disappointing' border comments 'don't reflect medical advice'

Zoe Zaczek
Digital Reporter

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg was asked about the Queensland Premier's claims children under 12 would be at COVID-19 risk if she opened the state's border.

Mr Frydenberg appeared on AM Agenda on Thursday morning after the Queensland Premier made the controversial assertion during question time in the Parliament of Queensland on Wednesday.

“You open up this state and you let the virus in here, and every child under 12 is vulnerable, every single child,” she told parliament.

“If anyone has any children under 12 to zero is vulnerable because they are the unvaccinated.”

Sky News Australia host Laura Jayes said Ms Palaszczuk’s comments “raised a lot of eyebrows” as she asked the Treasurer whether he could do anything about her planned continuous border closure amid coronavirus outbreaks in New South Wales and Victoria.

Mr Frydenberg said "in terms of opening up their borders, that will be a decision that they will need to take. In terms of easing the restrictions, they’ll do so under their own public health orders.”

“But the deeply disappointing comments from the Queensland Premier, they don’t reflect the medical advice that’s available to us.

“No country around the world is vaccinating those very young children. What we are doing, based on the medical advice is vaccinating the 12 to 15-year-old cohort.” ... yNewscomau

This woman is a disgrace and an embarrassment to Australian politics.

Will the Queenslanders tolerate another term of this self-serving two-bit politician?
Well, that depends on whether or not if there is a competent opposition leader.
Conservatives simply have to get their collective arses in gear.

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