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19 Feb 2024, 8:13 pm

I recently received this in my email: From Oscar Ganer Day Trading Reports

I get the distinct odor of a scam run by the Uber rich to deprive us of our money, without even opening the video.

Any takers to prove me wrong? I just saw the first few seconds and shut it down. I just got out of the hospital after falling out of bed 3 times, as well as retching up and having diarrhea.

Note: Good luck trying to open this. It will only open up a browser in Gmail.


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19 Feb 2024, 9:54 pm

Pretty sure Peter Coyne is a scam artist.

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19 Feb 2024, 10:28 pm

Well, first of all, the name in the link -- "The Control Plan" -- reeks of something fishy.

Second, my anti-virus protection flagged the website as dangerous.

Finally, my sources tell me that this is a scam that targets mostly pro-Trump conservatives.

So, if you are anti-Trump, block it or ignore it.

But if you are pro-Trump, ignore everything else I have just said.


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20 Feb 2024, 1:20 am

MuddRM -

I hope you're feeling better.

-Bill, otherwise known as Kraichgauer