Worms Do Not Have Eyes, But An Amazing Sixth Sense

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10 Mar 2024, 5:23 pm

Worms come up when they sense the raindrops because they risk drowning in heavy rain if they stay underground. They know what to do! It is their life!
Seagulls have learned to tap their feet up and down on the soil to trick worms into thinking there is heavy rain, and coming up to the surface.
If worms are able to sense light, they do it for one reason. To avoid going down too deep.
Those of us who have lived in rural areas so we have not lived the sheltered lives that some city folk have done, know full wdll that worms keep to the top couple of feet beneath the surface of the soil, and rarely ever go deeper, which is why those who plant crops and need soil only ever take the top two feet, because the soil below that has no real goodness in it to help the plants grow. This we call "Top soil" for obvious reasons. The worms live in this top soil.
The worms burrows ariate the soil and they also help bring the nutrients up. Moles do the same which is why the ones who grow crops don't normally see moles as pests. Is the ones with dead flat green lawns that don't like moles. While it depends on the crops as moles can occasionally damage roots while looking for worms and grubs, they do actually help by bringing up the loveliest top soil full of nutrients around! (Why molehill soil is saught after by gardeners who live in rural areas. (City gardners who look after dead flat grassy areas may take a different view, but their type of gardening is different, as they are not planting plants to eat). There are some crops where moles can cause issues by disturbing roots, but not many).
Moles, like worms tend to not go that deep. Their food source lives near the surface, and also they live near the surface because if they went deep in some areas, they could drown if heavy rail comes. They too come to, or near the surface in heavy rain!
Some insects that bury underground do eat roots or come up to eat plants, which can be an issue if one is growing plants to eat, but only a few are a problem. Try telling little caterpillers not to munch on ones cabbages! They think "Ooh! Cabbage! YUM!" which is why their Mums lay their eggs near them as they want their little ones to survive! :D

One may ask which end of the worm is its head. Easy! Tickle it in the middle and see which end laughs! :D

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11 Mar 2024, 4:48 pm

Animals are more capable than we humans give credit.
Crows play with each other like small children and are caoable of laughter
Eagles in Australia are capable of using fire and have been filmed carrying firesticks from a bushfire to a dry patch of grass in order to flush out snakes and lizards
Monkeys and apes use tools made of stone and sticks like early humans
Cephalopods like octopi (which go nicely with a salad) are capable of leaving a tank at night catching a fish in another tank and returning to their fish tank like a Bond villain,.