People That Swear Make Better Friends & Are More Intelligent

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20 Mar 2024, 11:08 am

There are some phrases in Spanish that I’m particularly fond of:

Me cago en Dios/la cruz/la leche/ta puta madre. (I s**t on God/the cross/milk/your…mother.)

¡Hostia! - Hostia literally means, “host”, as in the body of Christ, or the wafers given out during Holy Communion. It’s used in a similar way as “What the hell?!”

¡Que te folle un pez! - similar to “f**k off” but with a fish

Cojones = testicles. There are lots of phrases involving cojones.

Estoy hasta los cojones – “I’ve had it up to here.”

¡No seas gilipollas! - don’t be an as*hole. Gilipollas is a fun word to say.

¡Vete a freír espárragos! - Go fry asparagus! Used in the same way as f**k off.

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22 May 2024, 11:59 pm

i know my oldest brother, who never even raises his voice much less ever swears even weak things like golly or heck or darn, is somewhat more intelligent than i am. i have the same basic swear directed at whatever $#!+ life throws at me, is GDedMFingSOBing$h!++y@$$edBEECH!! ! the worst my older marine brother ever did, despite being surrounded with foulmouthed fellow marines, is hurl a malfunctioning carburetor out the window. but he easily solved rubik's cube and i didn't even know the first step to solving it.


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23 May 2024, 12:10 am

Lost_dragon wrote:
funeralxempire wrote:
BillyTree wrote:
I didn't know that people that swear make better friends, but that they are more intelligent is old news as far as I know. Anecdotally - I have never heard an intelligent person complaining about swearing.

As a kid I often heard a portion of adults observing that people who swore had small vocabularies.

Mind you, they were all adults with smaller vocabularies than I had as a preteen. :nerdy:

People who say such things don't know how to swear creatively. :P

Although you can certainly swear without swearing in corporate speak if you're passive-aggressive enough. :lol:

I did tech support for years, I got very good at what you're describing. :nerdy:

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