An Ingenious New Process Could Make Computers 2x Faster—With

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20 Mar 2024, 1:35 pm

An Ingenious New Process Could Make Computers 2x Faster—Without a Hardware Upgrade ... wice-fast/

Interesting, but tbh I’m surprised this hasn’t been done already. Pretty basic constraint management stuff.. the theory has been around since at least 1984 when “The Goal,” was first published. Chances are pretty solid that the theory of constraints had been known and applied in various disciplines prior to that as well - but the book made it much more widely known.

Kinda nuts to me that it’s only Now being applied to multiple computer processors & their bottlenecks under heavy load. Better late than never, I suppose. Also, it may be that we Needed advances in AI before it could be made to work anyways.. but still - this should have been the standard since more than one processor were used in anything.

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