SUV rams into front gate at FBI Atlanta headquarters

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01 Apr 2024, 7:00 pm

CBS News

A suspect is in custody after an SUV rammed the front gate of the FBI Atlanta field office shortly after noon on Monday, a law enforcement official told CBS.

The suspect allegedly attempted to get through the security gate, where employees swipe in with their badges, by closely following a vehicle in front of him, the official said. The gate stopped the suspect's vehicle, and the driver got out and ran away before being caught by FBI agents who were nearby, the official said.

The suspect was handcuffed and turned over to Dekalb County Police Department officers, the official said. The department said Monday afternoon it was working to secure arrest warrants for the suspect. The FBI said it was looking into state or federal charges as well.

There were no injuries reported and a bomb squad swept the area and the SUV as a precaution, The FBI Atlanta field office said in a statement.

The suspect, who was not identified but is not associated with the FBI facility, was taken to a local area hospital for evaluation, FBI Atlanta said in a statement. His motives were not immediately known.

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01 Apr 2024, 7:11 pm

My money is on a MAGA/QAnon link.

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