Footprints Discovered in New Mexico Rewrite American History

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22 May 2024, 9:33 pm

Wow. Its almost like having a few feet of home movies from that age. The footprints show people doing mundane stuff...some of it we still today like carry babies well as "a group of hunters stalking a giant sloth"...hunting the unimaginably BIG now extinct animals of that time that are hard to even imagine today.

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23 May 2024, 9:12 am

Actually this makes a bit of sense. Let us say that around 13,000 years ago more or less, the Earth was in the depths of an ice age. Much of the Northern regions of the U.S. was under a mile think layer of ice. The weight of this ice sheet drove the land down to near or below sea level in many northern states. But a large comet struck the Earth near Canada. This large comet broke apart into nearly a thousand pieces and these pieces came down a thousand miles in all directions. But because the region was covered in think ice, the pieces drove deep into the ice and the energy of the impact melted massive amounts of ice causing a great flood event. As a result, the ocean sea levels immediately rose 400 feet. Most of the human population on Earth, lived near the seas and as the oceans rose they were drowned in a great flood.

The event is documented in two ancient books. These are (1) the dialogs of Plato [360 B.C.] which provide an ancient account of Atlantis, and (2) the Great Flood described in the Bible.

At the time Plato described this story [360 B.C.], the story was said to have occurred around 9,000 years earlier. Both ancient accounts describe the same event from many different locations in the Northern Hemisphere of Earth.

So this thread describes human footprints found in New Mexico that dated from around 23,000 years ago. It makes a lot of sense to me.

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