Does anyone have religious beliefs viewed as odd by others?

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29 Jan 2012, 9:12 am

Hexagon wrote:
I'm a humanist (which is an ethical system which involves a disbelief in god or gods). Apart from actually supporting the causes that humanism supports, people cant tell me that I dont have morals or ethics because I don't have a religion to follow. I also have problems with much of the morals that the major religions have to offer.

I don't believe in god because its logically impossible and physically unlikely for one to exist. Its also physically impossible for the christian god as the bible paints it to exist, and for some of the events that are described in the bible to have occurred. I believe wholeheartedly in science and reason. I am, however, aware that science doesn't yet know everything, but it will one day and it already knows a hell of a lot more than religion does.

Science doesn't know anything, people know things. Its also been scientifically/mathematically proven that we can not be certain of all things, so know, one day we will not know all things through Science.

Also, if God is physically possible, though unlikely, logically that would mean he is logically possible.

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29 Jan 2012, 3:31 pm

I'm Agnostic and also believe in the supernatural. You kind of HAVE to, with all the psychics on my mum's side of the family.

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01 Feb 2012, 1:53 pm

Daniel59 wrote:
kobi_galon wrote:
Daniel59 wrote:
Haha, I'm orthodox jewish, but am fairly open to all religions. I also believe the big bang to be a valid theory, as well as evolution. I tend to struggle with all religion, including my own because they don't have any scientific evidence to back them up, but I still consider many to be possibilities, and try my best to keep the laws of the Torah, although I will not say my religion is any more or less valid then others.

Well, you should trust it more. Science fails to explain many things. I wouldn't trust it that much. Our human minds are too small to understand things that are more complex than we imagine. We can't even discover once and for all whether drinking coffee is healthy or not. So how can we be so preposterous to think tha WE can tell how the origin of the universe was?

Also, you said that Judaism doesn't have any "scientific" evidence. I think you should reconsider. :)

Yes I am incorrect in saying that, Judaism does have scientific evidence to support it. I dont believe against it. I just have many conflicting thoughts. we do live in a universe of infinite possibilities. 8O

Yes, we do! This universe is so huge and we are so small. Surely there are lots of things we can't comprehend and probably will never comprehend (maybe in the Olam Habo). And I'm sure you don't believe against it. Actually I understand you. I had many conflicting thoughts too, when I was your age (8 years ago only), but you'll see that you'll be ok with it. Just continue keeping the mitsvos (with understanding) and praying with kavoneh. And, yes, dare to question things. But do it with wisdom. :wink:

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