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19 Sep 2009, 9:07 pm

Recently, my family was evicted from our house in July and now we've been living in hotels off my stepdad's unemployment. On Monday, my mom had to go to the hospital for breathing problems and my family has become carless since it stalled out in the middle of nowhere with expired tags a month ago. Most of the time, I have to stay inside and watch the dogs while my stepdad and stepsisters visit mom at the hospital. Things are starting to look ugly between my stepfamily and I. My sisters (11 and 14) are constantly in my face and they keep telling me that I'll be kicked out of the street and that I'll starve to death if I don't get a job. The worst part is that my stepdad has been talking about kicking me out and it really is devastating me. I'm 20 and I'm scared that I might not make a good impression if I try to get a job. I need someone with me for reassurance. I've been having outbursts daily and I screwed up multiple times, like when I forgot to write down somebody's phone number for my stepdad. I feel like the black sheep of the family and I blame it on my stepfamily. I'm cool with my mom but if I could go back in time and prevent her from meeting Jason, I would. He's very controlling and he just doesn't get me. He tells me that my Asperger's is a lie and that my social skills are perfect. He needs to get a reality check and stop living that foster family mentality. Just because he grew up in a rough foster family doesn't mean he has to make my life a living hell.

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19 Sep 2009, 9:53 pm

Hello KurtmanJP,

And what about your dad?
Can't you go with him some time?

Hope your mum will recover very soon.