How do you deal with anxiety?

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12 Sep 2016, 9:29 am

My anxiety is VERY BAD! The stress of trying to fix insurance in June my stomach was doing somersaults and I had stomach problems. Today was a NEW doctor same thing ran to the bathroom with stomach problems!! !! Not sure how to deal with this type of anxiety something NEW and I'm doing somersaults stomach has a KNIFE cut through it like stuff pouring out is home I imagine it lol!! !!

Any help tips? Nov. I have some EEG or whatever nerve test so not sure what exactly that is! Been having numbness since Jan. and finally getting into a doctor towards the end of the year FINALLY! :-( MRI and bloodwork seem fine since I've had those tests before.

This doctor anxiety HE was a nice guy so perhaps I shouldn't have had so much anxiety????

I hate having it to the point of stomach problems! UGH! Thanks!