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31 Dec 2016, 11:40 pm

Not be as depressed. I'm constantly upset over my life situation as you've seen through WP this past year. Turning 30 wasn't OMG! ya! Thinking I haven't accomplished other milestones such as a boyfriend or any love relationship EVER in life! Or a job! etc. Again! Waiting to get back on disability some time (supposed to be between Feb-Sept!). So there's waiting for that to go through!

But I question what kind of job. What is a job? etc. To me it's more than what you see out in society. I think of my parents stress/depression themselves from there jobs and IMO I don't want that to be MY life. :-) Even missing out on fun things ( so busy working no time for a theatre movie or getting into a good video game too busy with a job!).

So I've been wrestling since turning 30 on WHAT a job IS! and Waiting to hear about SSI etc. Hope I hear something soon!


Don't stress and depress over it as much? Take one day at a time??


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01 Jan 2017, 12:32 am

I just hope it will be my last.

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