day laborers in the litterbox at the slave plantation

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07 Jul 2023, 12:05 pm

Been working at Home Depot as Lot Attendant for 2 years 9 months. About four weeks ago, Home Depot installed code locks on the bathrooms. Associates are not supposed to tell customers the code. Associates have to unlock the bathrooms. Every. Single. Time. A customer. Goes. To. The. Bathroom. Some customers have the nerve to demand that associates in the breakroom, unlock the bathroom for them (the breakroom is right next to the bathroom. The breakroom has a door, but the door is usually open, and the door has no lock on it.) The bathroom has three toilets, two urinals, and two sinks. Other stores, of the same size: four toilets, three urinals, four sinks. Also, the store: in the middle of a homeless encampment. Plenty of day laborers loitering in the parking lot. All day. Every day. And homeless go to the bathrooms. Someone said that the reason why Home Depot put in code locks was because the homeless were bathing in the sinks (not once have I seen that), and that associates are supposed to refuse to unlock the bathroom for anyone that appears homeless (socioeconomic discrimination). As a result, every time someone (such as me) goes in and out of the bathroom, it is necessary to touch the door. (gross).

I have a medical condition, where I have take a lot of bowel movements. Even though I take a bowel movement in my house after breakfast, by the time I get to Home Depot, I usually have to take another bowel movement. Between breakfast and arriving at Home Depot, have not eaten anything. Sometimes bowel movements take a long time. About 15 minutes after breakfast and lunch. About 30 minutes after dinner.


abdominal x-ray, February 2023


HISTORY: r/o constipation
COMPARISON: No prior abdominal imaging received.
TECHNIQUE: Frontal view of the abdomen.

There is a large amount of retained stool in the right and left hemiabdomen
suggesting findings of constipation but the bowel gas pattern is otherwise
nonspecific and unremarkable with no gross bowel dilatation or obstruction.
Present are lower left pelvic vascular calcifications or phleboliths
without otherwise significant abnormal calcification overlying the kidneys
or the course of urinary tract. Bony structures in the partially imaged
lower spine, lower ribs, bony pelvis, and hips appear unremarkable."


Usually, I take a bowel movement at a certain time, before my shift starts. Yesterday, while I was on the toilet, someone had the nerve to kick the door. (The door did not open.) Then he said something in Spanish about "casa" (house). Someone on another toilet answered in Spanish, and the two of them had a long, loud conversation.

Not many of the customers even come to Home Depot often enough for me to recognize them, and not many of the customers go to the bathroom.

My worthless corpse, is paranoid that one (or many) of the day laborers has noticed the frequency, intensity, and duration, of my litterbox pilgrimages.

My worthless corpse, is paranoid that one (or many) of the day laborers are going incur unpaid veterinary bills upon my worthless corpse. Precious lil "people": always physically stronger and faster, and academically smarter, more emotionally resilient, and socially adept, than my worthless corpse.

Day laborers have been screaming "Chino!" @ me. I have been Chinese for 40 years, and only about 20 precious lil "people" have had the nerve to call me "Chino". (A lot more precious lil "people" have had the nerve to call me "fa***t", "b***h", "ass hole", and "n****r".) For 38 of those years, been in United States. Ages 4-18, and 24-current, been living where I live now. The Home Depot store that I work at, is only 3 miles away from Chinatown. Not many employees appear Chinese. Almost all employees appear Latino or black. Plenty of customers appear Chinese.

For a long time, I tried to ignore it when they had the nerve to call me "Chino". (Fear of "whistleblower retaliation"). B/c paranoid that if I tattled on them, the store manager would tell me: (1) "Chino" means "Chinese", not "Chinese". (2) "Chino" is "freedom of speech". (3). the store manager doesn't have the authority to do anything about it, b/c the day laborers don't work for Home Depot (4) when I tattled on them, that's bothering the store manager, who has better things to worry about.

A couple weeks ago, I finally tattled to the ASDS. I asked the ASDS if I could, please, write a letter that says that I don't have to go to the "day laborer area" to push carts (or do other work such as loading) and if someone from Home Depot could, please, sign the letter. The ASDS got the store manager. The store manager told me (in front of the ASDS), to stay out of the "day laborer" area, except when I am the only lot attendant on duty. (The store manager's directions: *make sense*, correct, justified, but not good enough. There is no "day laborer" section. They do not have an office. They are trespassing. Besides, the day laborers, or anyone else, could go to any part of the parking lot. There is no barrier.) (The store manager's directions, reminded me of the Viagra lawsuits. The company decided that it was financially cheaper to pay off the lawsuits, than to fix the underlying problem.) Home Depot has a legal right to ban the day laborers altogether. At least two cops are on standby at all times. The cops have a legal right to write Trespass Warrants for the day laborers. But they do not do so, and I do not have the right to make them do that, or anything else. The day laborers are a disaster waiting to keep happening. There is a videocamera that records the bathroom entrance, but no videocamera inside the bathroom (illegal). But regardless of videotapes, cops, security, and manager, feel so endangered at Home Depot. In constant danger of getting made redundant, physical injury, civil lawsuit, jail, or anything else, subject to imagination. The store manager's directions, were like saying, if a burglar comes to my house and I tattle to 911, the 911 operator tells me "Stay out of the living room, because the burglar is in the living room and might physically injure your worthless corpse." Correct statement, but the burglar could go anywhere inside the house, and staying out of the living room is not good enough. (inadequate).