How to get out of this cycle?

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04 Mar 2024, 1:29 pm

The cycle goes like
1. hate yourself
2. blame it on someone
3. "OH, wHAjjE, yOu're The BEST PErsON eVEr and Your FEet SmeLl LIKE rOSEs AnD BlAh bLaH blAh"
4. "everyone else is fine, what is wrong with me?
5. Repeat from step 1
Is there any way to get out?

thewhajjewhofeeds posted this or something


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04 Mar 2024, 7:57 pm

nobody's perfect.

what i do is remind myself "thin line between love and hate".

instead of changing what i like or hate, or emphasizing the positive instead of negative, i think "thin line between love and hate." love and hate are similar in that when you love or hate something, you waste a lot of time and energy thinking about it, and your actions and statements are less logical and more emotional than they otherwise would have been. for some people, such as myself, making actions and statements based on emotions instead of logic, results in more regrets.

so i try to love and hate fewer things and precious lil "people", and to love and hate them not that much. besides, if you "love" something, that sounds good, but then if something happens to the thing you love, then you have a hard time getting over it.