how many of you buy into fake stuff? like silicone or makeup

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22 Jul 2009, 4:05 pm

Wow. As a special effects make-up artist who works with silicone (for prosthetics and fake body parts) I was expecting a completely different thread. :)

CleverKitten wrote:
...I do not believe that makeup should be used to make a person more beautiful. Any attempt to do so will surely fail.
If a person is pretty, s/he is pretty with or without makeup. If a person is ugly, s/he is ugly with or without makeup...

As a make-up artist, I absolutely disagree with the thought that any attempt to make a person more beautiful with make-up will surely fail.

It is certainly possible to use make-up to create highlights and shadows which can effectively "sculpt the face." I can change the features of a face (thin or broaden the bridge of the nose, raise cheekbones, etc.) and still give the person a natural look.