A stoned cat is an easy to comb cat. (at least in this case)

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04 Aug 2009, 10:01 pm

Hey Y'all;

Was doing the supposedly but not actually daily combing of long haired Grumman the lame Wondercat who's probably still shedding his winter coat, and was getting quite a bit of static electricity buildup.
That's gotta be a distracting sensation from the way he's acting. I know I wouldn't like it either.

Okay, what to do? Have a cheap plastic spray bottle, go get it, mist his hair, add moisture, that'll work to kill the static.

Except, Mr. G wasn't real thrilled :evil: about that approach.

Okay, uhh, hmmm . . . AH! :idea:
Let's 'stack the deck' - sprinkle a pinch of catnip in the bottle and shake it good.

Yep! Can't get enough of that!
Happy Cat! :D

Moral of this story - A stoned cat is an easy to comb cat. :lol: (at least in this case)


dang, got enough hair to almost make a kitten :!: 8O

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