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06 Dec 2009, 9:13 am

My watched his next dvd underrated & never faded last night and I realized he's just like me. If you watch the way he acts and they choice of words that he use when doing his comedy that he's seem kinda aspergerish but he's very talented in telling jokes and acting them out to show you a clear picture of what's going on in his body movement & gestures. I think he's putting a visual of how young black autistic people in the urban environment communicate and how they perceived by others but at the same time he makes you laugh. At one point I thought the joke was on me because I've did all the things he mention like riding in the car singing lyrics, asking dumb questions, weird dancing and I felt a little embarrassed but I later saw it from a different perspective at the very end after the credits when he's got the camera filming him doing normal everything things and that's when I realized that he act strange just like me I was like wow he's really an inspiration to me especially me being black and somebody that's like me is living a good life for himself.

here's a sample of it

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