Are there any scientifically valid online tests?

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12 Apr 2010, 5:07 pm

It seems that for every test I find online, there is something about it that makes it not very scientifically valid. The online stuff seems to be either self-assessment (very general questions about the aspects of your personality) or specific questions that are not always scientifically accurate.

I would like to find some scientifically valid online quizzes that pertain to emotional IQ, face memory, body language, or anything else directly or indirectly related to autism. I question the validity of the Aspie quiz because a lot of people on the introvert forum got a score in the aspie range. Again, because of the self-assessment nature of this quiz, the questions usually ask "what do you do in this situation" or "do you like doing this or that" which is too general because one may have different experiences in a similar situations at different points in their life.

The AQ test seems to be more accurate, for some reason, but I also saw someone say that the test seems to be asking questions about the "classic geek qualities". There's more to Asperger's than being geeky, and not all aspies are geeks. Also, there were quite a few people on the INTJ forum who got a high score on the AQ test, and most of these people are undiagnosed. I really don't believe that there actually are that many people with Asperger's. I've only met some because I was actually looking for them.

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12 Apr 2010, 5:18 pm

Most proper psychometric tests are holed up only to be found through a clinician, a degree or a large sum of money.