Help!! ! Rabbit emergency in Georgia

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30 Apr 2010, 7:45 am

Tragically my husband has developed a life threatening allergy to rabbits. He's also allergic to cats, but it won't kill him so we can keep those.

My youngest son is obsessed with rabbits and has one. The rabbit is sick and the local vets haven't been able to help him much. We've tried to figure out the right treatments and have ordered meds from the interenet for him. We have used topical antibiotics on him and know not to give him oral antibiotics as that would kill him. He's had some infections that have left his face a little disfigured and he has a case of skin mites that haven't responded to treatment. I can't really give him away in this condition, but I thought if there were an Aspie out there who loves rabbits like we do and would be willing to help him. The rabbit needs to go right away as my husband is having serious problems just having him in the house at all. I can put him outside but we have foxes and it's getting to be too hot for him to surive out there.

We are in Georgia, near Macon.

Is there anyone who can help save this rabbit?