Sick and tired of employers wanting superhuman ability

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09 Jun 2010, 5:07 pm

Personally, I feel like giving up in this crummy job world because employers always manage to find a way to stab me in the back. I worked a contract doing data processing work from the start of September until the end of February. My contract was supposed to go until the start of April, but as I had an offer at another company to do the same type of work for the start of March, and the current contract being extended after April was very uncertain, I took the other contract. It was supposed to go until the end of June, but the week of June 4 turned out to be the last because of work shortage. I contacted the agency that placed me in the first position and he says that I have a good chance of going back starting June 21. But now I find out that even though I met their expectations, they want to look at the resumes of other people as well for the position. Two other people that were working there at the same time as me are still there. Their contracts got extended. If I had stayed, I would have been extended too. Now I find out that somebody else may very well get in instead of me. Somebody who hasn't even worked there before. Talk about gratitude! It just goes to prove exactly what I've seen at other jobs: Being good at a job is not enough, you have to be GREAT! Because I only met expectations instead of exceeding them, I'm a piece of disposable garbage. If this is the way employers naturally operate, being second best in this world will never do. If I was to make a list of all the time employers have ever mistreated me, I could get into the record books! In the future, I could very well get a job that I do good at, but if I don't do great, they'll come up with some lame excuse to get rid of me and replace me with somebody better. If people don't stop making life for me endlessly difficult, I just may quit while I'm behind. People reading this will undoubtedly say I'm jumping to negative conclusions because I still have a chance of getting rehired, but I don't have a chance. And the reason I don't have a chance is that I just naturally never have good luck no matter what I do. Anybody reading this who has a job that they're good at, remember, good is not enough. If you're not great, then you are disposable and they just may come up with some stupid reason to get rid of you even if it's a lie and you won't be able to prove otherwise. That's the way people and this world just naturally are. :x :x :x :x :x


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09 Jun 2010, 7:38 pm

I was having the same type of problem at my job, in early March. My female supervisor, sometimes they're the worse, wanted me to be done my sections of whatever parking lots I was assigned for the day, at the same time, that everybody else was done theirs, even though I was already done, half an hour, before the 2 hour shift was up. Well, I'm back at that job, working as fast as ever, obsessed with speed, and the fact that it's a job site, not a stage, or a dressing room, and I can't get away with always being last, so I wear myself out, by being the first, or second one, done their section, trying to be the leader, out of all the newcomers, because I've been there the longest, out of all of them, though they're all naturally faster, than I am.

Well...I've found out that this supervisor of mine will be leaving, in September. I won't have to be the first one done, anymore. I will be able to work at the right pace, for me, while keeping pace, and like Mick Avory, I wouldn't mind being last, without feeling guilty, again. I'll be able to be the slow one, and get away with it, because she won't be there, anymore. :cheers: