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30 Jun 2006, 2:00 pm

Save the Vicunas!!

It are a fact
I know because of my learnings.


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30 Jun 2006, 2:23 pm

ethamin wrote:
It has always been difficult for me to open myself to human animals, so my parents gave me anlmals to play and communicate with. I understand animals and insects better than homo erectus.
Holy crap! You've seen Homo erectus! We could make millions off of that.</sar chasm>

I've always felt a better connection to fish than I have to people. I also understand sharks alot better than most people.


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01 Jul 2006, 12:37 pm

Amongst others, I'm a fan of:
-Kittens (natures fuzzy little death balls)
-Penguins (even before one became the Linux Mascot)
-Squirrels (those things are smart)
-Bees and Ants

I also have mixed feelings about Snakes and Spiders. Damn they're cool, but they still freak me out a little. We generally release spiders outside rather then just squishing them. And on a related not for awhile there was a mouse getting into our place, and we set up some traps which I did not like (it didn't help that I made eye contact with it at one point. The cute animals are always the hardest to kill). But fortunatly, it seemed to stop coming in after the traps where put in (I wouldn't be surprised if a cat got it)