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11 Aug 2011, 8:43 am

Noop wrote:
persian85033 wrote:
I like hats that get lots of attention. With really wide brims, flowers and decorations on top, a veil, and especially that tie below the chin. I'm also fond of bonnets.

I wish more people would dress like that...

I suppose your avatar isn't too far off of what you usually look like then?

Unfortunately, it is. The closest I get is a couple of lacy blouses my mom lets me wear. My mom says only old ladies dress like that. She says the taste I have in clothes is that of an old lady. One of my coworker dresses very beautifully, though. She wears long, flowery skirts, and her hair is usually in a braid. She doesn't wear hats, but how I would so love to dress like her.

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Blue Jay
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11 Aug 2011, 4:55 pm

love them , well specificially caps and cricket hats. I just like wearing something tight on my head :D