Do you think anyone famous uses WP?

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19 Jul 2021, 2:24 am

DeepHour wrote:
Is Simon Baron-Cohen 'famous'?

Maybe marginally so. I once met this guy and had a very interesting interaction indeed with him.

I'd be fascinated to know whether he reads the WP forums.

That's all, folks!


I would say in the circles of Autism, he's famous. Not as famous as his cousin Borta is (or was). But probably more of a jewel to someone on the spectrum. Please describe your interaction with him.


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19 Jul 2021, 8:24 pm

I wonder about that sometimes. No celeb that has come out has mentioned using forums or other online autism spaces that I know about. They either don't need much support or get as much as they need.

It is probably best if no celebrity name checks wrong planet. We would be flooded with people here for reasons other than support and discussing autism with other autistics and NT allies.

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