So I contacted some lawyers yesterday!

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09 Mar 2020, 8:43 pm

It seems they charge over £200 for an hour of their time. One person quoted £250 to me yesterday. He asked if I was working, and I said I don't work, but I receive benefits.

How come you cannot just apply to get a court hearing for free if you just want something removed without a lengthy trial? I know I wouldn't win a case like that anyway, due to how biased they are. This all came about after I had frequent issues with peopIe.

I contacted the court and was told about downloading a summary application. It's probably only free if you decide you don't want to hire a solicitor. In that case, maybe I'll just have to say 'screw it' and face the court alone. It could be my only option, since my current lawyer wouldn't get legal aid to cover this kind of court action.

That's bogus, though. I wanted to take action because people slandered me with film producers, took my money via donations for "rewards", and I have also got charges from the past for various stupid reasons. And I am not in the mood for anybody to say it's my fault. There's always two sides to every story and by this point, I find it pointless to talk about my version of what happened when nobody listens. I think I have put up with this for long enough. I also got a stupid email the other day, from somebody using the nickname, Anon Anon.